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Oct. 3rd, 2008


(untitled), FF XII, Basch/Ashe

Author: [info]jlsigman
Rating: G
Warnings: Game spoilers
Word count: 571
Prompts: Basch/Ashe, 03. distraction, 93. Future fic - "Fancy meeting you here"
A/N: Set 25ish years after Final Fantasy XII. Sorry it's late.

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Sep. 30th, 2008


"Too Drunk to Fuck," FFXII, Fran/Balthier

Title: Too Drunk to Fuck
Author/Artist: [info]threewalls
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Fran/Balthier
Rating: PG
Request: Fran/Balthier, 'the bed is messy'.
WC: 591

Summary: Nono would titter to catch them so once more, wringing his hands at their reckless youth, their wastrel predilections, and so they hide these occasional liquid indulgences.

Too Drunk to Fuck )

Sep. 29th, 2008


ownership [ffxii, balthier/fran, nono]

Fandom: FFXII
Title: Ownership
Characters/Pairings: Balthier/Fran
Ratings/Warnings: NC-17 (overall), anal, fisting, bisexuality, same-sexuality, implied gang-rape
Other: for het_challenge prompt: 'Balthier/Fran, tell me about your uterus.'

. one . two . three .

Sep. 5th, 2008


how to go on not looking [ffxii, balthier/ashe]

~I don’t know whether to be proud or horrified.
~I apologise for Basch, but, er......

~Apologies also for the link. Apparently 17100 words is not a happy size for LJ.

Fandom: FFXII 
Author: logistika_nyx
Title: How To Go On Not Looking
Pairing: Balthier/Ashe
Characters: minor Basch daydreaming over Balthier, assorted Dalmascans
Ratings/Warnings: R, post-game, non-linear timeline (dated), sex, life
Prompt: “…they buried her alive in 1945.”


Not to look back, Ffamran wrote, I’ve learned that lesson well.


Aug. 11th, 2008


In Memory of Guilt [Reddas/Ashe]

Title: In Memory of Guilt
Author: [info]wei_jiangling
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Reddas/Ashe
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers through the Pharos.
Request: FFXII, Reddas/Ashe: 57. Things deliberately unspoken.

Ashe recounts the time she knew him. )

Aug. 7th, 2008


Humming [Balthier/Penelo, 73]

Title: Humming
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Characters/Pairing: Balthier/Penelo, a little bit of Fran
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 805
Prompt: Balthier/Penelo, 73. Music in the night.

Balthier awoke to a strange noise. )

May. 19th, 2008


"Perfect Likeness", FFXII Gabranth/Drace

Title: Perfect likeness
Artist: [info]mahokiwi
Fandom: FFXII
Pairing: Gabranth/Drace
Rating: worksafe
Request:Final Fantasy XII, Gabranth/Drace - something playful, out of armour? Maybe a festival or the beach or something - playing in the ocean? :)
Notes: oh gosh, I'm so sorry this is so late. I had a hard time with it! But I'm happy with the final product, and hope the idea is clear enough ^^;

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May. 13th, 2008


"A Warmer Welcome" (Final Fantasy XII, Balthier/Ashe)

Title: A Warmer Welcome
Author: Lassarina Aoibhell (ficjournal: [info]angharad)
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Balthier/Ashe
Rating: PG
Warnings: Ending spoilers
Request: Final Fantasy XII, Ashe/Balthier - Something a few years post-game, where he has something she wants (an artifact? his services?). Negotations, where all the power should be on her side but it isn't, quite. Sex is great if you're up for it. :-)
Summary: She has need of a pirate, for this sort of errand; it is her particular curse that the one best-suited for it is so gods-cursedly difficult.

A Warmer Welcome )

May. 4th, 2008


"as a solution, it seems too simple," Final Fantasy XII, Fran/Gabranth

Author: [info]sheffiesharpe
Title: as a solution, it seems too simple
Pairing: Fran/Gabranth
Rating: NSFW (so very not)
Length: 3100
Warnings: Blood play.
A/N: Roughly 10 years pre-game, not canon-contrary. Riddle referenced is this one, from the Exeter Book.
Request: Final Fantasy XII - Fran/Gabranth - His night off and her (k)night out, and really, what's a girl supposed to do? She has to entertain herself somehow, yeah. Bonus points for knife-play.

as a solution, it seems so simple )

Feb. 18th, 2008


[Final Fantasy XII] [Balthier/Fran] Pirates Without A Sky

Title: Pirates Without A Sky
Author: Lassarina Aoibhell ([info]lassarina/ficjournal: [info]angharad)
Fandom and Pairing: Balthier/Fran, Final Fantasy XII
Rating: PG
Recipient: [info]w00bliette
Wordcount: 1030
Summary: They make plans while they recover.
Warnings: Spoilers for the game as a whole, and some hints and ties to FF Tactics.
Notes: I hope you enjoy this! I truly meant to post it earlier, but I made the mistake of turning on Lost Odyssey for "just a few minutes" first, and it ate my brain. Oops.

Pirates Without A Sky )

Feb. 16th, 2008


You Can't Go Home Again (FFXII, Balthier/Fran)

Title: You Can't Go Home Again
Author: [info]puella_nerdii
Fandom: FFXII
Pairing: Balthier/Fran
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 3450
Recipient: [info]lanerose
Summary:Postgame. Balthier and Fran rob a wedding - and as happens so often with weddings, Balthier runs into a guest he'd rather not encounter.
A/N: I'm so sorry this is late. RL kicked my ass. But hopefully this still satisfies.

You Can't Go Home Again )

Feb. 15th, 2008


"Her Own," FFXII, Vossler/Ashe

Title: Her Own
Author: Laylah
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Vossler/Ashe
Rating: G
Recipient: [info]lassarina
Wordcount: 400 -- a little something to tide you over, until your real gift arrives ♥
Summary: He reaches out, as though he would touch her, and stops himself in time. Three months ago he would not have reached out at all.

Her Own )


The Theory of the Sky (Final Fantasy XII, Fran/Balthier)

Title: The Freedom of the Sky
Author: [info]lassarina
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Fran/Balthier
Rating: G
Recipient: [info]w00bliette
Wordcount: 100
Summary: Strange how one's perceptions alter.

The Theory of the Sky )


Final Fantasy XII - Open Air - Balthier/Fran

Title: Open Air
Author: [info]lassarina
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Balthier/Fran
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers through Golmore, and tooth-rotting fluff.
Recipient: [info]lanerose
Wordcount: 400
Summary: They've their own rhythm.
Note: This is a tide-you-over sort of gift. I hope you like it. :)

Open Air )

Feb. 14th, 2008


Requiescat in Pace [Final Fantasy XII, Ashe/Basch/Vossler]

Title: Requiescat in Pace
Author: [info]lassarina
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Ashe/Basch/Vossler
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers through Miriam
Recipient: [info]mithrigil
Wordcount: 2100
Summary: Paramina is both alike and unlike to Dalmasca.

Requiescat in Pace )

Feb. 13th, 2008


"Smoke," Final Fantasy XII (Basch/Fran)

Title: Smoke
Author: [info]sheffiesharpe
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Basch/Fran
Rating: NC-17
Length: 4700
Warnings: Presence of narcotics?
Recipient: [info]laylah, most excellent of mods

Smoke )

Feb. 8th, 2008


Title: Cruzada
Author: [info]sugared
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Fran/Vossler
Rating: R.
Warnings: None in particular.
Recipient: [info]sheffiesharpe

My thanks to Sheffie for creating such a delightful sandbox, and for allowing me to nod to Tango thus.

She is a predator )

Oct. 17th, 2007


Old Gods (FFXII, Gabranth/Drace)

Title: Old Gods
Author: [info]puella_nerdii
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 4,230
Warnings: Spoilers through second visit to Mt. Bur-Omnisace.
Prompt: resurrection: killed in canon, A is brought back in fic (possibly through B's extraordinary efforts
Summary: When he was Noah, he was religious.
A/N: Cliche has been subverted. You have been warned. Also, sorryforthelatenessaugh. Big thanks to [info]threewalls, [info]lassarina, [info]sheffiesharpe, and [info]sugared for giving me a hand with research.

Old Gods )

Oct. 16th, 2007


Innocent Vows (Basch/Penelo, FFXII)

Author: [info]sarasa_cat
Title: Innocent Vows
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Basch/Penelo (inclues additional Larsa->Penelo?)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 5600 words
Prompt: A and B must pretend to be a couple when they're not -- only the pretense goes better than they expect
Optional prompt: "Lie to me baby/Tell me that you love me."

Innocent Vows )

Oct. 14th, 2007


"Squire" (Final Fantasy XII, Basch/Ashe)

Author: [info]laylah
Title: Squire
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Basch/Ashe
Rating: R
Warnings: Het pairing; queer sex. End-game spoilers.
Summary: "I feel ridiculous," Ashe says. "Like a child playing at pirates." Her voice is muffled, the complaint in it more wry than sincere.

Squire )

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