Aug. 30th, 2008


FFIX, Zidane/Dagger, "By the Book"

Title: By the Book
Author/Artist: volte_face
Fandom: FFIX
Pairing: Zidane/Garnet
33. Costume/drag kink
97. playful banter
Rating: PG
Warnings: This is the kind of thing I should be duly ashamed for, but am not. Vague crossover, I suppose

“Th’art no lady” )


Mononoke, Medicine Seller/Kayo, "A Life in Ink"

Title: A Life in Ink
Author/Artist: volte_face
Fandom: Mononoke
Pairing: Medicine Seller/Kayo
30. Body calligraphy/painting
77. it's like love, only not
Rating: PG-13+
Warnings: I have an inability to be sexy for more than two paragraphs at a time

“What does it say?” )