Oct. 3rd, 2008


(untitled), FF XII, Basch/Ashe

Author: [info]jlsigman
Rating: G
Warnings: Game spoilers
Word count: 571
Prompts: Basch/Ashe, 03. distraction, 93. Future fic - "Fancy meeting you here"
A/N: Set 25ish years after Final Fantasy XII. Sorry it's late.

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Sep. 26th, 2008


"The Night of the Dance", Final Fantasy VIII, Seifer/Quistis

Title: The Night of the Dance
Author: [info]jlsigman
Rating: R
Warnings: semi-graphic sex
Word count: 528
Prompt: Seifer/Quistis: 17. initiation - 83. the fireworks were literal

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Jul. 25th, 2008


What Fate Might Have In Store [Final Fantasy VI, Celes/Setzer, R]

Title: What Fate Might Have In Store
Author: [info]jlsigman
Rating: R
Warnings: beginnings of oral sex
Word count: 947
Prompt: Final Fantasy VI, Celes/Setzer: 10. Sex with (almost?) all their clothes on - 64. intoxicated as much by each other's skin as by the champagne
A/N: Title is part of the lyrics from the opera “Draco and Maria”. Set post-game.

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