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[18 May 2009|05:03pm]

Who: Young Logan and Young SylarGabriel
Where: Their high school in Brooklyn
When: Thirteen Years Ago
What: A nervous Logan arrives at a new school in Brooklyn her Sophomore year of school and meets a cute, shy boy named Gabriel
Rating/Warning: G, for now.

The Start Of Something. )

REOPEN [09 May 2009|06:52pm]

We Will ReOpen on Monday May 18th, 2009!!

[16 Mar 2009|10:59pm]

WHO: Molly & OPEN.
WHEN: May 16th, 3:00 PM.
WHERE: Playground.
WHAT: Molly's babysitter, much to the clairvoyant's delight, decides to take Molly to the park to blow off her unlimited energy.
RATING: PG, probably.

The name was a work in progress. )
(Evolve | 4 Heroes)

[16 Mar 2009|04:45pm]

WHO: Daphne & OPEN
WHEN: May 16th, noon
WHERE: close to Ditko Messenger Service
WHAT: Daphne is lunching and stressing
RATING: pg13?

Nervous? Oh yes, most definitely. )

Voice Mail to Noah Bennet. May 16th, 4:34pm [16 Mar 2009|04:34pm]

Noah, it's Angela again. I have some things I need to discuss with you. And Claire should really spend some time at home before she decides which college she wants. Can you come up this weekend? Call me back when you have a moment.
(Evolve | 2 Heroes)

Text to Hiro. May 16th, 4:31p. [16 Mar 2009|04:31pm]

I kno ur workin rite now, but u wana go out 2nite?
(Evolve | 2 Heroes)

05-15-2007 to 05-21-2007 [15 Mar 2009|05:32pm]

In-Game Dates for this week are Sunday May 15th, 2007 to Saturday May 21st, 2007

Feel free to post anything threads that would happen between these dates between now and next Saturday (03/21/09), including phone calls, text messages, etc. Does not have to be in order, but make sure to title ALL threads with date & time. Also, please tag threads in the main community. Thanks!

Contact the mods on aim (alicia: shadowboxrrbaby; hanne: zachondigital; rick: xparselxmouthx) if you have any questions!

Text Message to Mohinder, May 10 [14 Mar 2009|04:36pm]

Mohinder? Why the hell didn't you tell me you were back in NY? Why are you getting a new place? Oh, and I'm coming over tomorrow to see you and Molly, and bringing a friend, ok?
(Evolve | 6 Heroes)

Text message to Mohinder Suresh May 13, 2007: In which she is really amused by text messaging :D [13 Mar 2009|11:32pm]

Hi Mohinder! :)
(Evolve | 4 Heroes)

[13 Mar 2009|12:43am]
WHO: Caitlin & Peter
WHEN: Tuesday, March 10th, at 11:00am
WHERE: The hospital Caitlin was brought to.
WHAT: Peter visits her the next morning.

Destiny had a really terrible way of screwing with him. )
(Evolve | 3 Heroes)

Text to Matt. May 10th, 4:40pm [10 Mar 2009|06:21pm]

(Evolve | 13 Heroes)

Voice Mail to Noah Bennet. May 12th, 1:30pm [10 Mar 2009|05:48pm]

Noah, it's Angela. I need to talk to you. And Claire misses Sandra. Why don't you come up and get her next weekend. She can rest at home and talk with Sandra about colleges. And then maybe we can see about getting her around to see the colleges she likes. Best to get things back to normal for Claire. Call me soon, Noah.

Texts between Charlie & Kimiko in Japanese. May 10th, 11AM [10 Mar 2009|05:33pm]

CHARLIE: I know you said to let you know if I needed anything and I think I do.
KIMIKO: Sure. What's up?
CHARLIE: You know about your parents and your brother right? About the quest?
KIMIKO: About the abilities, you mean? Of course I do. I'm not completely oblivious. Father had a lot of funds for some Company tied up with Yamagato. It's all stuff I have to sort out now. What do you need?
CHARLIE: Did Hiro tell you about my blood clot? I was wondering if there was anything you could do? You know, with that Company your dad was running.
KIMIKO: I'll have a look and call you later. I think there are some files at the Yamagato Fellowship.

Text message to Matt Parkman on May 10th, Noon EST [10 Mar 2009|12:00pm]

It's Molly. I'm in New York with Mohinder. Thought you should know.
(Evolve | 9 Heroes)

[10 Mar 2009|12:01am]

Who: Heidi Petrelli, OPEN
When: Monday, May 10th, Lunchtime
What: Mom took the kids to the park!
Where: Central Park
Rating: G

She had missed New York )

Cross Country Travel [08 Mar 2009|04:26am]

Who: Claude, the Haitian (&open)
8 May 2007
What: Claude is on a intelligence hunt and headed for Primatech Odessa, Texas.(no telling whom he might bump into)
Where: A Texas Motel on the way to Odessa, Texas
Rating: PG

(Evolve | 38 Heroes)

[07 Mar 2009|11:53pm]

WHO: Caitlin & Peter
WHEN: Tue 5/10/7 @ 6pm
WHAT: Caitlin is in an accident and Peter's ambulance comes to her rescue
RATING: pg13

Read more... )
(Evolve | 6 Heroes)

Voice Mail Left to Nathan's Phone, May 9th, 1:30pm [07 Mar 2009|10:20pm]
The following message is left after five unanswered calls, spread across May 8th and May 9th )
(Evolve | 10 Heroes)

[07 Mar 2009|12:44pm]

Who: Mohinder Suresh & Gabriel Gray
When: May 7th, Saturday. Approximately 7.15pm
What: Mohinder is curious about the paintings Gabriel keeps mentioning, and requests to see them.
Where: Central Park, New York City
Rating: Maybe PG-13ish?

He was her hero... so why did he feel like such a villain? )
(Evolve | 14 Heroes)

Text message to Claire Bennet on May 7th, Noon EST [07 Mar 2009|12:09pm]

Hello Claire. This is Hiro Nakamura, from Japan. I hope this finds you doing well, please keep me updated as to how things are going. I've been talking with Peter and i'm not sure what is happening.
(Evolve | 2 Heroes)

MEMORY!! [06 Mar 2009|05:12pm]

WHO: Angela & Adam
WHEN: About 30 Years Ago; Mid-70s
WHERE: Petrelli home
WHAT: Angela was never really faithful to Arthur...
RATING: probably high

Arthur leaves his wife home alone far too often. )
(Evolve | 22 Heroes)

A call to arms? [06 Mar 2009|02:52pm]

Who: Audrey Hanson, Nathan Petrelli, possibly Danko?
Where: From Los Angeles to New York, stopping at the Senator's office.
When: May 4th, about 10am.
What: Audrey gets on an airplane and flies to her new assignment. At first, she thinks its another joke from her coworkers.
Rating: PG-13 at most.

The letter was left haphazardly on her desk, blending in with the rest of the paperwork. )
(Evolve | 12 Heroes)

Text to Peter Petrelli on Thursday, May 6th @ 1:30 pm [06 Mar 2009|01:31pm]


Peter - I know I'm probably the last person you want to hear from, but I need your help. 


(Evolve | 15 Heroes)

[05 Mar 2009|11:56pm]

Who: Mohinder and Molly
Where: The Suresh household, India; Mohinder's new apartment in NYC eventually
When: May 6th, afternoon.
What: Cryptic messages from Gabriel that Mohinder can only decipher as 'sh*t is going to hit the fan' has him deciding in an (irrational) instant to go get Molly and bring her back to keep her safe.
Rating: PG?

Something wrenched in his gut. It wasn't right, and he had to save Molly and his mother because he knew borders wouldn't keep them at bay. Who 'they' were though, Mohinder couldn't be sure. )
(Evolve | 16 Heroes)

[05 Mar 2009|04:15pm]

Who: Elle, and Gabriel/Sylar
Where: Their apartment
When: Thursday May 5th, early afternoon
What: Elle has big news for Gabriel
Rating: PG-13, possibly R for swearing. We'll see how it goes.

(Evolve | 20 Heroes)

[03 Mar 2009|11:04pm]
Who: Peter, Adam, and anyone else who lives in the Petrelli mansion who will overhear the fighting soon to follow
Where: Petrelli Mansion
When: May 3rd, 4pm
What: Peter finally finds Adam in his mother's house. Chaos ensues. (Meant to post this earlier. Oh well.)
Rating: PG-13, at most.

How does one go weeks without noticing someone living there? )
(Evolve | 5 Heroes)

Voice Mail for Heidi Petrelli on Tue May 3 @ 3pm [03 Mar 2009|09:53pm]

Hello, it's grandma. I just wanted to let you know I've got the packets for summer camp if the boys are still interested. Their trust funds will cover it, thanks to the clause grandpa put in there. Let me know when's a good time to stop by and drop them off. Tell the boys I love them. Call me when you have a moment.
(Evolve | 5 Heroes)

Text to Elle Bishop on Tue May 3 @ 2:14pm [03 Mar 2009|09:48pm]

I'm bored. Want to do something?

Text Message to Peter Petrelli on May 3rd, around 10:15 Est American Time [03 Mar 2009|10:14am]

Peter..i'm not even sure if this is still your number or not. It was the last number Ando had for you from a long time ago. If you do get this Thankyou. I'm thanking you for something you didn't even do yet, but something I can never repay you for. You returned Charlie to me, and I will always be indebted to you.

~Hiro Nakamura
(Evolve | 4 Heroes)

[02 Mar 2009|07:46pm]

Who: Caitlin
When: Sunday May 1st, 2007. 3pm
Where: NYC docks
What: Caitlin is frustrated and taking it out at work
Rating: pg13?

Read more... )

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