Jan. 21st, 2009


Mod Post: Mergers and Aquisitions!

First off, let me say welcome to our new co-mod, Peja! You are joining a wonderful asylum!

Now, on to what this means for you, my pretties. Peja is starting her collection of asylums here on InsaneJournal. As part of that, I have asked her to be co-mod of this asylum. She runs several successful collections of fic groups and communities else where, and has for several years.


Affiliates: Heroes_fiction is now an affiliate of several new asylums, with more cropping up soon. To get in on this action, simply reply to this post with your asylum and we would be happy to affiliate with you.

Archiving: We now belong to the collective that funnels our work to the WWOMB archive. All our fic can now have a home off IJ for other people to read and comment on. You do not have to join in this function if you do not want to. Simply put in a clear place "Do Not Archive" on your fic post and we won't.

Challenges: From time to time, Peja may add challenges to our asylum that appear in her other asylums. The only difference from past challenges is that these may not be fandom specific (not like the others ever have been).

Complaints: Two moderators, no waiting! There are now two of us, any complaints you have will likely be answered timely. Since there has never been a complaint, I am not sure how this will be effected.

Now, put your keyboards together and welcome our wonderful new Co-Mod, Peja! Thank you for joining us!

Jul. 23rd, 2008



Welcome to Heroes FanFiction.

This is an asylum for all your Heroes fic. From general to the steamiest smut. The few rules are posted on our info page, please adhere to them. Use the tags, they're there for a reason.

A weekly Challenge will be issued sometime on Saturday. The time limit is until the next weekly challenge is posted.

You may now begin posting.

Thank you.