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    Monday, May 19th, 2008
    7:03 pm
    FIC: Genus Immortalis, Henry Fitzroy/Adam Pierson, NC-17
    Title: Genus Immortalis
    Author: elmyraemilie
    Fandoms: Blood Ties/Highlander
    Spoilers: none
    Pairings: Henry/Adam Pierson (Methos)
    Rating: NC-17; no warnings
    Word count: 6300+
    Disclaimer: Written out of love, lust and a sense of challenge; I will make no money from the writing and posting of this story
    Summary: In the genus Immortalis, there are a number of species, among them Immortalis vampirus and Immortalis immortalis.
    A/N: Thanks to my invaluable betas, [info]sara_merry99 and [info]elistaire who have saved you from inconsistency, inaccuracy and a terrible death by commas. Dedicated with a grin to the "Crossovers" panel at Tribal Forces this past month, where it first occurred to me that Methos and Henry were practically neighbors. It was intended to be fluffy, but...yeah, angsty. Even Adam thinks so.

    Genus Immortalis )

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