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[25 September]


This is a redux of our original intro post, y'all. Comment with an intro for each of your characters to tell us what they've been doing for the last fourteen months and then comment on intros from others! Yay! We're back!
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[16 July]

Hi guys! I'm sorry to announce that Margaret has also decided to leave the game due to real life commitments. I know we all loved having her and her characters around and that we wish her the best! She said she'd had a lot of fun playing with all of us and that she'd miss us.

You can run the button now or wait until the next batch of characters is added (which should be soon).
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[12 July]

Hey guys, sorry to nag, but if you could find a few minutes to reply to my intro posts (if you haven't already), that would be great! I'm feeling a little lost about getting my new girls into game (especially a big canon character like Ginny) without knowing more about their established relationships! Thanks!
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[9 July]

Feel free to run the button again, if you'd like, as Lari officially departs the game.
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[6 July]

So, Ginny is... Ginny. I like to think my version is pretty true to the canon version (except that mine does not become Harry Potter's brood mare because, you know, not all high school relationships last forever).

She's feisty and brave and a pain in the ass, but she's also thoughtful and kind a good deal of the time. She feels things very deeply and she's not very easy to boss around or ignore. She stands up for herself, but she stands up for other people even more often. She believes in good and evil, black and white, light and dark, and she always tries to stay on the right side of those lines. She triumphs mightily or fucks up spectacularly and often feels like she's never somewhere in between (even though she is, because we all are). She loves her family and her friends (including Harry) and would do anything in her power to keep them safe and happy. She once fell in love with a boy named Tom Riddle because he seemed lonely and beautiful and knew just what to say. And she loved a boy named Harry at first because he was supposed to be a hero but later because he so obviously needed someone to save him.

She's just Ginny. Somewhere I have a twenty page app where I analyzed and examined every action she made in canon and every action in my personal headcanon since then, but I'll spare you.

She plays Reserve Chaser for Holyhead and she's going to come to town soon to stay. Plot with me.

tl;dr Becca has a lot of feelings about Ginny, let's plot.
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[6 July]

I'm going to do mine seperately for my own sanity.

This is Amelia Higgs, little sister to Terence and best friend to Portia. She is the Vice President of Marketing at Higgs Industries, which is really just a fancy way of saying she helps her parents run their business empire. Many of you will remember her from Goblet, I think. She's quite cranky and easily irritated. Plus, she doesn't pull many punches.

Amy is a terrible sleeper because of her Sight which manifests mostly as prophetic dreams. No, she doesn't want to talk about that. Annnd, she's currently dating Roger Davies again after dumping him during her 5th year (and having him promptly go panting after Fleur). She's going to buy Stephen and Mandy's old building for dirt cheap and renovate it to suit her standards.

You can read a bit more about her on her profile. Friends? Enemies? People she finds mostly or barely tolerable?
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[6 July]

Yes, it's true. Christian Cavanaugh is coming to town! Well, after killing off Blaise and having crazypants Stephen incarcerated, it seemed only right to find a replacement.

Christian, or Chris to his friends, is a former WADA professor from Northern Ireland who is currently playing Raul opposite Stella and Portia in The Curl & the Flame.

His full profile is here and if you're interested in his professional career, you'll want to check this out.

Plots, etc.?
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[5 July]

Hey darlings, run the button as three new characters join the game! First, Natasha beefs up her depleted character stores with Mandy's reward Christian Cavanaugh ([info]vocalisation). And then because I am Becca, Player of Little Sisters, I add Ginny Weasley ([info]ginnysaharpy) and Amelia Higgs ([info]stillmisshiggs)!

I know there are still a few more new characters waiting out there! Finish those apps, I want 'em in game! :P
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[2 July]

july plot post! )
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[1 July]

Hey all! Just a little post-murder house-keeping. The app has been changed for any and all future characters (and I know there are a number waiting in the wings). You will no longer have to provide a position on Calliope Heights/Motive, instead you get to give me five random facts about your character!

Happy apping!
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[30 June]

I guess everyone can go back to calling her Poor Mandy now....
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[27 June]

Hi chickadees!

As you know, the end of our murder plot is drawing nigh. Madness. I can hardly believe that it is going to finally happen! WE WILL ALL FINALLY KNOW WHO THE CRAY-CRAY PERSON AMONG US IS. (Besides me, of coure. Ha. Beat you to it.)

More than half the players in the game have expressed to me that they want HH to continue past this point... and I am happy to oblige! I reckon we'll need a month or two of reacting and processing. Plus there will be a trial to deal with. No lack of plotty things.

What I'm wondering is whether you have interest in another overarching game plot? If so, what kind? We could always just focus on small town life, but I have a hard time imagining life in HH as anything but crazy! Let me know!
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[31 May]

june plot post! )
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[22 May]

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[22 May]

Hi folks,

With the World Cup coming up (football and Quidditch!) and as your self-designated Quidditch coordinator, here's how the tournament's going to work (with Becca's blessing):

Basically, to save me making up scores and results, we're going to let the real World Cup fixtures/results stand for the Quidditch World Cup. Great! The only snag is that all the nations we're interested in aren't competing, so I've had to rig it a bit. I've taken all the favourites for the Cup and replaced those countries with the home countries, so hopefully some of our fans/players will get some glory!

and because the real England don't have great odds, SPAIN is now ENGLAND
and football!England will now stand for Quidditch!Brazil.

So the tournament will still be in Brazil, and every other nation will stay the same.
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[14 May]

Hi guys, sorry I've been absent. I've been disgustingly ill. Still curled up in my bed, but I'm going to try to catch up on things/backdate a few entries today. ♥
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[12 May]

Hi! I'm going to go on a mini-hiatus until the 20th. If you need me email me, I'm traveling and just sort of generally busy but I always have my phone. xoxo
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[1 May]

in memoriam )
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[29 April]

may plot post! )
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[21 April]

I actually set myself a calendar alarm so that I would remember to post about this... Today Is the anniversary of the day that the Montgomerys' little brother was attacked by Greyback and Wednesday is the anniversary of the day he died. So, if your character is close to a Montgomery they might know this and either way they might find the sisters are a bit more fragile than usual this week :(
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