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[04 Jul 2012|05:14pm]

Finding Mason )
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[23 Jun 2012|08:00pm]

Oh, the things Amy knows... )
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[06 Nov 2011|07:17pm]

This Never Ends Well. )
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[08 May 2011|04:11pm]

Visitor )
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[12 Apr 2011|05:20pm]

Unhappy Mama Wolf )
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[22 Feb 2011|11:33pm]

Back. )
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[21 Feb 2011|08:58pm]

Six. )
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[19 Dec 2010|09:50pm]

A Changed Man
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[02 Sep 2010|11:44pm]

What had to happen. )
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[23 Aug 2010|01:49am]

After so many years of living among them, Liam had little trouble blending into the crowd. Most people just ignored him, and those who did pay him attention didn't always make it to the next morning. Humans were weak creatures, never able to defend themselves when it came down to it. Some screamed. There were some delicious moments where he so vividly remembered the thrill of the chase, the games of mouse and tiger, and the ultimate moment of bliss where the bloodlust faded to a dull roar in the back of his head.

Liam Avery lived in the shadows. No one knew him, and it was easier that way. He was free to wander about the globe, tasting and experiencing anything and everyone. Still, after one hundred and fifty years of wandering, Liam was alone. There had been experiments, of course, all of which ended in bloodsoaked chaos.

The club tonight looked like a thousand other clubs. They all sold the same drinks to the same clientele with the same loud music thumping ridiculously in the background. While Liam sat alone in the corner, skulking about in the shadows, there were moments when he longed for the days back when music was truly worth listening to. He could so clearly recall the last concert he'd been drug to, the first performance of Serenade No. 2 in A major by Johannes Brahms in Hamburg. The trip had been long, but worth it, according to certain members of the family. At the time, Liam had been bored, spending the time eyeing the audience instead. Now, he longed for the once-familiar sounds of that music now called classical.

There were the usual types that you found in places like this. The women with no self-respect and the men drowning their sorrows. The dealers and sellers and buyers. Those longing for a moment where they felt connected with someone else in the middle of a sweaty dancefloor. All of them ignored Liam as he watched them. In the shadows like he was, he appeared harmless and average. He squeezed a gloved fist, then straightened it out to run a hand back through his mass of dark curls.

Finally, someone caught his attention. It was a group of men by the bar, each downing a pint while chatting and laughing with each other. There was one who looked a mile away, a handsome blonde with his face buried in his drink. Liam sat forward, running his tongue over his fangs while keeping a steady eye on the bloke. He might have just found his next meal.
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[23 Aug 2010|12:27am]

Rules of our vampirism:

1) To turn someone into a vamp, you must first drain them, then they must feed from you.

2) It is possible to feed without killing, but it is very very difficult to do. Usually the bloodlust takes over.

3) Vampires do not sparkle.

3a) However, they CAN go out in the sun. But get inside while dawn is coming, stick to dark shadows of tall buildings, better to just stay inside if at all possible. Clothes could be worn to block. If exposed for too long, etc, fire first then dust~

4) Of course, vampires are very fast and very strong and can hear really well and smell blood really well, but even vampires have their limits. They also can heal fast. Hours instead of days for most injuries. Serious ones could take longer.

5) People do not know about them. Of course, there are legends and myths, but their existence is kept as quiet as possible.

6) Vampires can die in the following ways: Beheading, sunlight, fire, wooden stake through heart. The following are myths: garlic, not having a reflection, holy water/crosses, silver.

7) Vampires do not age.

8) A vampire must be invited into a house to enter. Once invited, always invited unless a new door, lock, residence, etc.

9) Generally speaking, vampires are loners. There are no real governing bodies or support systems. However, there are some ultra secret sympathizers/etc who do what they can when needed.

10) Obviously, vampires drink blood. It is possible to sustain yourself for short periods of time (a month, maybe two, if you're an older vamp) with animal blood, but human blood will keep a vampire from becoming gaunt/weak/etc.

11) Vampires CAN change their appearance, such as cutting their hair or growing beards. However, anything like tattoos or piercings wouldn't work, as they are essentially wounds and would heal.

12) For the record, werewolves exist also. Mostly the two just try to avoid each other. However, there are some factions who try to make a rivalry exist. Generally, the two species distrust each other.

13) Vampires do not sleep in coffins. How ridiculous.

14) In general, lust is heightened in all aspects of the vampire's life.
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