May. 11th, 2009



Road to Eden is a webcomic by Bobbi Franklin. Avaricia is the name of the forum associated with her webcomic.
All the artwork used in these brushes are hers. I'm just making brushes out of her work.
Note: All brushes should work in GIMP. Also, you MUST credit me as the creator of these brushes, and Bobbi Franklin as the creator of the original artwork. Xan #3 is shown as an example.

Road to Eden
Alien cats, Blip and Bleep
Xan #1
Xan #2
Xan #3



Icons! Banners!

Random Icons and all banners made prior to the creation of this journal by me

Icons! Banners! )



All Batman the Animated Series and Batman Comics Icons I have made, prior to the creation of this journal (numbers 3 and 4 were based on icons made by agent0fchaos)

They are hiding under the cut )



All Batman Begins/The Dark Knight Icons I have ever made, prior to the creation of this journal

There's a lot...and they are under this cut! )


Credits: Multiple Resources

~More stuff I didn't make but use in my artwork!~


Credits: Fonts, Icon Tutorials, Icon Tables, Sceencaps/Blanks

~More Stuff I use that I didn't make!~

Arkham Graffiti by blackdahlia
Angerthas Runes by dcleadboot
Ancient Stargate by apollonik
Dick Lucas by null-pointer
Dear Diary Font by squishymellows
Elvish Tengwar by dcleadboot
Theban Alphabet by fagertveit
Whatever by null-pointer

Icon Tutorials
An Icon Making Guide by dtissagirl

Icon Tables
Icon Table Generator
HTML Tables Tutorial by pookage

Screencapture and Movie Clip Sites by icon_tutorial
lisbuff sometimes lets me use her blanks if I ask nicely


Credits: Brushes

~All Brushes I use but did not make!~

#080716: 12 border brushes by ecenoci on lj (account deleted)
10 Decorative Brushes by defective_story on lj (account deleted)
18 Text Brushes by nutty_musings
Axes, knives, saws brush set by x-cerberus-x
Brush Strokes Brushes by cheapescape
Brush Set #4: Evidence by memorycharm
Border Brushes 01 by lilyrach
Brushes Cross the line by lilbrokenangel
Banner Brushes No 14 by mutsie
Brushes by rainharbor on lj (account deleted)
Brushes Cute Tiny Text by lilbrokenangel
Chasing Cars Lyrical Brushes by greyeyedgirl
Dragon Brushes Set 1 by kaiprincess
Elvish Writing Brushes by eledhwen-girl
GIMP Gotta Find You by illyera
GIMP 1000 Words by illyera
GIMP knife 2 brushes by feniksas4
GIMP Hair Brushes by project-gimpbc
Going Under by nemesisdivina666
Hieroglyph Letters Brushes by project-gimpbc
Icon Things by m0nica by kowaresou
Icon Text Brushes Set 01 by preada58
Joker Defacing Brushes by fwicked
Laws of Attraction by spikesbint
Lyrical Mask Brushes by kalina-blue
Large polaroid brushes by sanami276
lorienmaiden's Tiny Deco Text by pstogimpbrushes
Miscell Mask Brushes No 70 by mutsie
Mix set lyrics brushes nro 3 by starpollo
Photo Negative Brush Set by emelody
Random Textbrushes Number 13 by mata80
Rune Circles II PS Brushes by vcbd on dA (link broken)
Splatter and Smear Brushes by nevyrmore
Small Text Brushes by lydia-distracted
The Joker 2 by nik89
The Joker batman by nik89
The Joker Quote Brushes by harlequiiin
Tiny Text Brushes by coy-dreamer
Twilight OST icon brushes by redapollo
Twilight Quotes Textbrushes by kalina-blue
TextbrushLP LeaveOutAllTheRest by kalina-blue
Textual by Rilla
Tiny Text Brushes by holdingontonight
t e x t b r u s h e s by inucdw
Why so serious Brushes by orevalc
Warriors Brushes Set 2 by breaking-bella-stock on dA (link broken)