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    Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
    7:16 pm
    hi, new here :D
    Hi, new here :d
    joined ij a few weeks ago.

    i have many fandoms. not really into Lost, HP and all that though.
    i saw The Bill in the interests on the info page and that's one of my faves :) & i don't know many people who like it except for my folks who are big fans :}

    *one* of my fandoms atm is Summer Heights High.
    it's done by the same guy who created WeCan Be Heroes, Chris Lilley.
    it's so funny, and with it being set in a high school, all 3 characters he plays remind me somewhat of someone when i was at school. Especialy Jonah. it's very clever. :)

    Current Mood: blah
    Monday, August 20th, 2007
    6:00 am
    Hello there. Hope this is okay. Basically, I'm a huge Boosh fan and I'm lonely here on IJ. Hello! Where are the other Booshites?

    So I just created a new asylum, [info]themightyboosh

    So far, there's nothing on it, but feel free to post. There's a new IT Crowd starting this Friday (UK, Channel 4) and the third series of The Mighty Boosh is in filming and due to hit our TVs some time this autumn, so there's lots coming up.
    Friday, August 10th, 2007
    6:52 pm
    The Pirate Movie
    There's been so many things I've wanted to tell you about/squee about but haven't felt like actually bothering to type out recently. So, I thought that today, I'd better do one of them! I was reminded of this movie this morning. I haven't seen it for about a year, but I just found some clips and was laughing at some quotes, so it's on my mind! I should see if I can get it on dvd sometime, it's pretty cheap.
    It's not like my 'favourite movie ever' and I doubt I'd write fanfiction for it to be honest, but it itself is like fanfiction in a way, as it's a parody thing. Even without it being a 'favourite', I really enjoy it. And I quite happily squee about it. It's a bit of a love/hate movie for some though!

    This entry WILL contain spoilers. But, I don't think it'll ruin your enjoyment of it any.

    Okay so! The Pirate Movie was made in the 80s, is Australian (or at least was filmed in Australia and heaps of the actors and crew were Australian), and is a parody of the Pirates of Penzance musical by Gilbert and Sullivan. It has the guy from The Blue Lagoon in it, and also a very famous 80s Australian actor, who I really do admire, Garry McDonald, who was in Mother and Son and the Norman Gunstan show. I'm sure there's other famous people in it too.

    It's camp and hilarious.

    It combines remakes of the Pirates of Penzance songs (often with lyrics changed) with 'modern' songs, which now sound 'horribly' 80s, but I don't really care. It's FULL of innuendo and sight gags and parodies as well.

    huge post and clips )
    6:51 pm
    In April's Blockbuster magazine, they have a little thing of 'Top Five! Bunny movies of all time'.
    They list "Night of the Lepus" (not seen it but it sounds funny!) "Watership Down" (read it, don't want to see it... I'm a sook!) "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (Haven't seen it, but it's often mentioned isn't it! I'm still not quite sure what it's about other than an animated rabbit), "Donnie Darko" (Is it spelt Donny or Donnie? They spelt it Donny but I was sure it was Donnie... anyway, seen it, enjoyed it!) and "Wallace and Grommit in the Curse of the Were- Rabbit", which I haven't seen yet but I'd like to.

    I was a bit disappointed that they didn't list Harvey on there... but no one ever lists Harvey. So, I'm going to talk about it here for a bit! :) I *love* this movie. I was 'forced' to watch it in school, and I just fell in love with it. It's made in 1949/1950  (came out in 1950 I think, though it could have been 1951), it's black and white, and it stars James Stewart. Let's hope I can explain it properly.

    James Stewart plays a man called Elwood P. Dowd, who is incredibly nice and friendly, always willing to help, always getting sidetracked and enjoying life, and is also an alcoholic... but not in the sense that he walks around constantly tipsy. And he has a friend... who is a 6 foot something (I always forget the exact height) tall white rabbit, that only he can see. His name is Harvey. Does he actually exist, or is Elwood just crazy? Elwood's sister is fed up with Elwood and Harvey... mainly because Elwood embarrasses her, but also because every now and then she can see Harvey out of the corner of her eye, and it terrifies her. So, she decides that she has to get Elwood put into a mental hospital, and given an injection to make him give up his imaginings...
    It's a slow movie, but it's got some comedy in it, and I just find it amazingly sweet and lovely and without fail I get a shiver up my spine at the end...
    It explores the validity of sticking only to reality and normality.
    It's also just a lovely piece of post war romanticism. It was based on a play, which I'd now love to see.
    Under the cut are some quotes!
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    6:48 pm
    Hello everyone, and welcome to the InsaneJournal version of the LJ of the same name. I've created it for those of you who have evacuated over here after the LJ fiasco. And hopefully we'll get some new members too. :) Feel free to start posting whenever you like, and dual membership, and double posting between the comms is acceptable as well.
    To introduce myself, I'm a 22 year old Australian woman, and I like lots of obscure and less mainstream tv shows. It's really hard, because there's usually very few people to talk about them with. So, that's what this group is for!
    Please make sure you read the rules/guidelines.
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