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A Caller in the Storm - Team Fanon

Title: A Caller in the Storm
Team: Fanon
Author: [info]me_midget
Prompt: The Hermit
Wordcount: 8,200
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: Harry has left the Wizarding World for good and is living in a hut in Lake District. Life is calm and good, and Harry thinks he finally has everything he needs, but a caller in storm that rages one night might change everything.
Author's Note: I'd like to thank the amazing Team FANON. Special thanks goes to F (I wouldn't have managed to do this without you!) and to Y, who was wonderful beta-reader!

A Caller in the Storm )


To the Sheer Love of Madness - Team EWE

Title: To the Sheer Love of Madness
Team: Epilogue, What Epilogue?
Author: [info]winnett
Prompt: The Hermit
Wordcount: 23,000
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Summary: Voldemort was gone. The Death Eaters were gone. Unfortunately, Harry Potter's mind was gone as well.
Author's Note: The Hermit signifies that each person must find his own way and own truth, governing the search for self and identity. Thanks so much to my betas and Team EWE!

To the Sheer Love of Madness )


Equal Vows - Team Epilogue

Title: Equal Vows
Team: Team Epilogue
Author: [info]lesyeuxverts00
Prompt: The Hermit
Wordcount: 21k
Rating: hard R
Warnings: infidelity, forced bonding (of a sort)
Summary: Harry learns to act without Dumbledore's guidance. Draco is lost without Snape, and will do anything to get his mentor back.
Author's Note: I used the literal meaning of the prompt and the Tarot interpretation, the hermit as a guide or mentor. Huge thanks to my betas, who made all the difference.

Equal Vows )


The Hermit - Team Canon

Title: The Hermit
Team: Canon
Author: [info]ravenna_c_tan
Prompt: The Hermit
Wordcount: 16,000
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Warnings: Explicit sex
Author's Note: The Hermit: "Withdrawal, acting alone... Difficulty connecting with the world or other people," i.e. 6th year Draco, carried forward into this story, while Harry is reversed: integral to his society

The Hermit )

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