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January 2015



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Nov. 10th, 2014



[No Subject]

Right so here is a list of my muses as of late.

If you like to see them, play with them, let me know below and I will added them.

Also looking for new and different things, crossovers, AU's, anything out of the norm to not be stuck in the same rut of repeating the same line over and over, I need to branch out.

2 broke girls - Max Black
Age of X series - Mae Koskinen
Angel & Faith comics - Faith Lehane
Arrow - Laurel Lance (my main muse, she has like 50+ jourals and I have a buttload of AU's ideas for her), Thea Queen, Shado, Ray Palmer
Bitten - Elena Michaels (read the series as well)
Chicago PD - Erin Lindsay
DC - Dinah Lance, Harley Quinn, Helena Wayne, Starfire (Young as well),
Dresden Files - Molly Carpenter, Ivy (older too), Inari Raith, Lacuna, Maggie Angelica (older as well), Lara Raith
Heroes - Elle Bishop
Hunger Games - Annie Cresta-Odair
Lost Girls - Mackenzie Malikov
Lorien Legacies series - Six
The Lunar Chronicles series - Cinder
Marvel - Natasha Romanoff, Kate Bishop, Skye (against a Ward), Bobbi, Virginia "Pepper" Potts, too many to list
One Tree Hill - Brooke Davis
The Originals - Hayley Marshal
NCIS LA - Kensi
The Secret Circle - Faye Chamberlain
Teen Wolf - Braeden (Also have a crossover where she is John's little sister in Arrow)
Teen Wolf - Malia Tate
TVD - Liv Parker
TWD - Beth Greene

New muses

The 100 - Clarke (show and book) Octavia (tv), Raven (tv), Glass (book)
These Broken Stars - Lilac LaRoux
Daughters of Lilith series - Braedyn
The Selection series - America Singer
Flash - Iris West or Caitlin Snow (more her)
Dark Swan series - Eugenie Markham

Any of them interest you?