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    Friday, May 2nd, 2008
    7:22 pm
    Kiwi music month
    Having created this asylum, I then was off sick for three days and didn't listen to any radio at all.

    I returned to the fold on May 1st for the beginning on NZ music month. This has been great so far with tracks from great bands like Shihad and Zed with some great classics like Dominion Road thrown in.

    It shows that we need Kiwi music month as normally, while Hauraki do play some Kiwi music its usually old staples like Hello Sailor, The Dudes and Split Enz and Shihad despite having a large number of really good and radion suitable tracks get ignored.

    Personally I love Kiwi rock and I go out of my way to buy Kiwi albums (I try to get one a month) to support local talent.

    Current Mood: tired
    Sunday, April 27th, 2008
    5:35 pm
    Welcome to the unofficial Hauraki asylum. Myself I'm a typical workday listener starting to listen when I get in the car at 7am and finishing when I get home at 6pm. I know that means I miss most of the best stuff (Mike Curry's Think Pink and Led before Bed and Alice Cooper's show) but I live in the wop wop where I have a poor FM signal and not enough broad band (due to distance from exchange) to comfortably stream and surf the web at the same time.

    Current Mood: drained
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