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rorytakesqueen or customs [POSTED ON January 19, 2012 @ 9:10 am]

Lately I've been itching to learn how to play a new instrument. More like dying to learn how to play a new instrument because I'm getting quite bored with what I have. However, I'm not quite sure if I want to learn the banjo or the bagpipes. The banjo might not take as long to pick up, but having enough lung capacity to play the pipes for an extended period of time is going to be quite the challenge. Decisions, decisions.

I'm Rory. Tell me Boston, what frivolous decisions are you sorting through your mind ?

almost atley or customs [POSTED ON January 11, 2012 @ 10:31 pm]
Hey y'all my names Atley but most of my friends call me Carson, so y'all can feel free to call that as well. I'm not a stranger to these parts much but it's been me a damn long time since I been along the East, nice to be around again. This might be awfully forward of me but I work in Construction and am looking for any kind of work so if anyone has somethin that needs a fixin that I'd be happy to do the job for a reasonable price. I guess that's it for now, I dunno I'm horrible at these sort of things.

gibbsmethat && Customs [POSTED ON January 10, 2012 @ 12:15 am]

My name is Dolan and it's late. I'm not new to this, just lazy. Some of you probably remember me, maybe not. If I owe anyone a cup of coffee or a conversation now is the time to bring it up.
Or message me.

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