October 2013




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Oct. 15th, 2013


Oh! I've been around a lot of dead people, but I've never seen any that were quite this mean. Is there any way to put them back to rest without getting hurt?

Oct. 13th, 2013


Who: Ed Elric, Chuck Charles
What: Ed needs help putting his automail limbs back on
When: October 13
Where: Asylum
Status: In progress
Warnings: Probably none

... )


Uh, sorry. Can someone help me put my arm and leg back on?

Oct. 7th, 2013



Oh dear. The snake seems to have followed me home.


I'm terribly sorry to report this, but I'm afraid that inter-Town travel is officially closed to all residents (current and temporary) of Halloween Town. It seems that several of you found the Enchanted Glen with all the doors taking you to different Towns - your ambition is to be commended! - but unfortunately, the leaders of the other Towns would prefer you to stay here in Halloween Town until we figure out the best way to send you back home.

I'm terribly sorry! I know very well myself how wonderful it is to see a different side of life. But we've sealed the doors for now.

On happier notes - tonight is the annual Pumpkin Selection! I hope to see everyone there. They say the pumpkin that chooses you indicates how the rest of your year will go. May everyone have good luck, and orange tidings!

Oct. 4th, 2013


Now who let all the freaks in?

Oct. 2nd, 2013


To get it straight: this is absolutely not Purgatory. That has far more cages and doors and general bureaucracy. Probably not heaven,either, because it'd be a crap heaven, wouldn't it.
God, though, this place. It's quite interesting, isn't it? Like stepping into a kid's movie. I wonder if we're animated now. I wonder if we'd even know.

Anyway, if anyone needs an extra coffin, I don't sleep, so you're welcome to it.
I don't understand how you'd sleep in a bloody coffin, anyway. Bit chilling to think about, if you weren't dead anyway. Creepy. But hey,hello, everyone else here. I'm Annie.


Who else is helping to cook up the feast? I had to find something to do to take my mind off this crazy. For the record, I ain't cookin' nothin' that used to be human. Or human-like.

I'm Lafayette, by the way. And I see dead people.

Oct. 1st, 2013


My shop is not here and there are a lot of dead things and I think I accidentally killed and then brought back to life and then killed again a whole lot of pumpkins and what is this place I think Chuck is here Chuck I need you!

....I'm Ned. What is this place?


I know the maps of Oz, and I know this isn't part.

It must be a trap.


Oh, wow. This is a very interesting place, isn't it? Not where I'm supposed to be, but very... interesting. I just said that twice, didn't I.

Is there something I'm supposed to be doing here? Someone I'm supposed to see? Something to investigate? Otherwise I'd like to get back to my aunts, if you don't mind.

Aug. 30th, 2013