October 2013




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Oct. 4th, 2013


Could someone [...] Could someone please help me?

I'm afraid I've become lost. I'm quite frightened.

Oct. 2nd, 2013


There's a group of businesses looking to hire people in the square with the guillotine, if you're interested. I'm going to be guarding a scarecrow field. They made a big deal about there being no "hazard pay" so. Uh. Keep on, creeping on, I guess.

How was everyone's first night? The asylum's pretty much just like you'd expect. Aslyum-y. I woke up and there was a straightjacket on my bed that definitely wasn't there last night, and it was absolutely freezing this morning, but I survived the night. Anya's cheeses smell worse than the plumbing. It could always be worse.

I'm so worried about Dawn I don't know what to

I haven't said who I was. My name's Buffy Summers. I'm a vampire slayer. I'm not looking to start anything; I know there are always... exceptions. But I'm not going to stand by while innocent people are hurt. If you think you're in trouble, come to me. Trouble and I are BFF.

Oct. 1st, 2013


♪♫ Was I so base, that I might not aspire
Unto those high joys which she holds from me?
As they are high, so high is my desire
If she this deny, what can granted be? ♫♪

It is no use. I find no joy in singing to a book. All of this foolishness is far too distracting, in any regard. Quiet, the lot of you, lest you wish to join my merry band of goblins. I could certainly put you to work.


The only thing that could make this better would be seeing my vampire buddies react to sleeping in coffins. Cassandra's eye twitch is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

'sup? My name is Adam and this is definitely more interesting than the convention I was supposed to attend this week.