October 2013



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October 9th, 2013

[info]senseandjustice in [info]halloweening

As it appears we are not to be returned to whence we came anytime soon, I suppose I should finally introduce myself. My name is Constable Ichabod Crane.

[info]notonedrop in [info]halloweening

Thread: Murder most foul!

Who: Sally von Humpeding, Lydia Martin, Kurama [late and lamented], open to reactions or help from passersby or other lawman or -woman types!
What: Lydia's found a corpse, or at least parts of one; Constable Sally is on the case, though she rather wishes she weren't.
When: The evening of Tuesday, 8 October.
Where: In the streets of Halloweentown, behind Belle's Books and Candles.
Status: In progress.
Warnings: A dead body, plenty of blood. Probably some language, too.

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[info]notonedrop in [info]halloweening

[Written late October 8th, after this.]

Private to law-enforcement types )

Private to Otto von Chriek )

Attention: there may be an armed criminal on the loose in town. Please be wary in approaching anyone you don't know, and if you happen to see anyone carrying a sword or other blade, get to a safe location and contact one of the lawmen or -women as quickly as possible. Thank you.

[info]foxtales in [info]halloweening

Dying once was more than enough. I had no plans on tying Yuusuke's record for repeat performances so soon, though at the moment, he still has me beaten for number of times resurrected.

My sincerest apologies to those who have been dealing with the aftermath in my absence. I am sorry to have troubled you. By all rights, no one should have been able to get close enough to kill me in such a manner.

[info]squamate in [info]halloweening

WHO: Jackson Whittemore
WHAT: Jackson hear sa strange, persistent dragging noise outside of his room.
WHEN: Evening, Tuesday the 8th.
WHERE: The Asylum

The noise continued.  )

[info]rosenburgwillow in [info]halloweening

Does anyone know if there's anywhere less creepy... These nurses and doctors creep me out and I can't find a spell that will keep them away...

Can we go out?

[info]stormstrength in [info]halloweening

Who: Katrina Van Tassel, Jyuushiro Ukitake
What: The ash is making it difficult for Ukitake to breathe, but Katrina comes to the rescue.
When: October 8th, Tuesday evening
Where: A few streets over from Belle's Books and Candles.
Status: In progress
Warnings: Severe chronic illness. Coughing blood. Possible mention of the murder.

He tried to ignore it at first, although he knew the warning signs. )

[info]claustrophia in [info]halloweening

It's totally a witch's superstition, I know, but
It's stupid
There's no way that crushing a damn pumpkin could really

Has anyone else seen random lights in the forest?

[info]abetterversion in [info]halloweening

Well, that was fun. Note to self, no more winding up in strange mazes in the woods.

( Caroline and Bonnie )
You guys are still seriously crazy for coming after me. But thanks. We rock the teamwork thing. You're the best.

And if I never see another maze again, I won't complain.

( Jareth )
I really should leave well enough alone So...what's the deal with the whole maze thing, anyway?

[info]stucklikeagirl in [info]halloweening

This place really isn't so bad...apart from the occasional completely mental things.

I mean, don't get me wrong. I definitely miss home, but it's nice...getting to see people and talk to them. Not just watching the world go by.

( Tom and Hal )
It's brilliant! I can walk around and everyone can see me. It's like being alive, except I can still do ghost things. And I can't eat, or change clothes, but still! It's fantastic.

We should go exploring. I mean...I am, with or without you, but you should come. It'll be fun. Come on.