October 2013



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October 7th, 2013

[info]howlingmoony in [info]halloweening

backdated to the 6th

the leprechaun kicked me out.

i wanted to stay.

[info]howlingmoony in [info]halloweening

Who: Remus Lupin and Sirius Black
What: A very slow conversation about the circle of doors Remus found and St. Patrick's Day Town
Where: The Forest
When: After he's been kicked out of St. Patrick's Day Town
Warning: Drunkness?

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[info]isthebadslayer in [info]halloweening

I think I'm still drunk.

And what the hell is with these random doors.

Green isn't my color.

[info]rosenburgwillow in [info]halloweening

October 5th

I've been here a day and I think I've already been stalked. I didn't see him... He was there though. Some sort of ghost maybe but I don't know for sure. He left presents for me around the place too. It was kind of creepy....

[info]kingofscares in [info]halloweening

I'm terribly sorry to report this, but I'm afraid that inter-Town travel is officially closed to all residents (current and temporary) of Halloween Town. It seems that several of you found the Enchanted Glen with all the doors taking you to different Towns - your ambition is to be commended! - but unfortunately, the leaders of the other Towns would prefer you to stay here in Halloween Town until we figure out the best way to send you back home.

I'm terribly sorry! I know very well myself how wonderful it is to see a different side of life. But we've sealed the doors for now.

On happier notes - tonight is the annual Pumpkin Selection! I hope to see everyone there. They say the pumpkin that chooses you indicates how the rest of your year will go. May everyone have good luck, and orange tidings!

[info]kingofscares in [info]halloweening

Who: Anyone & Everyone
What: Pumpkin Picking
Where: The pumpkin and squash patch outside of Town Proper on the edge of the terrifying Scarecrow Fields
Status: N/A
Warnings: Nothing yet!

The Pumpkin Ceremony )

[info]normanpara in [info]halloweening

That thing about rotten pumpkins is just a superstition, right? Like stepping on cracks? That mummy was just

[info]claustrophia in [info]halloweening

I made pumpkin pie! Who wants some?

[info]chuckzilla in [info]halloweening


Oh dear. The snake seems to have followed me home.

[info]christmasfuture in [info]halloweening

I thought the pumpkin ceremony was quite lovely. Solemn, but not unduly grim. An appropriate frame of mind for All Hallow's Eve.

I have a little white pumpkin. It is very nice. It looks like a proper pumpkin had a puppy, and that makes me happy.

I am not in the habit of being happy. My Calling leaves me satisfied, or content, and when I am not Working I am part of the joy that is being one with the Eternal, but those are very different than simply being happy as men are happy.

I am glad I came here. I like my small pumpkin.

[info]kingofghosts in [info]halloweening

WHO: Nico di Angelo and open to multiple
WHERE: Pumpkin Patch
WHEN: Backdated to last week
WHAT: Guarding the pumpkins
RATING: PG-13 to be safe?
STATUS: In progress

Waiting wasn't for him; he almost wished something would happen. )