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October 4th, 2013

[info]rosenburgwillow in [info]halloweening

I don't remember reading anything about this when I was researching the Accession. Usually the books are fairly accurate. Does anyone have any information that could be helpful?

[info]mortalways in [info]halloweening

Could someone [...] Could someone please help me?

I'm afraid I've become lost. I'm quite frightened.

[info]nobleprince in [info]halloweening

While D's catching a bat nap (get it?) I'm taking over and introducing myself.

Yeah, I'm a talking hand. Go ahead. Take that fact and run with it.

[info]megaparsec in [info]halloweening

WHO: Meg Murry and R
WHEN: Early Evening, 10/4
WHERE: Near Town Center
WHAT: meeting in person
STATUS: In Progress

Candy corn fuels the fight. )

[info]wrappedup in [info]halloweening

Marvelous place, absolutely marvelous. I do apologize if anyone has come to see me during the day, but I haven't quite figured out how to be alive at that time. I do apologize for any inconvenience.

[info]dontgiveashit in [info]halloweening

Does this place have waffles? Because I'll be really sad if there isn't any waffles.

[info]undeadprada in [info]halloweening

backdated to thursday

Half those black and white flyin' witch wannabes have no chance at winning the race that's going on in town. Watching them fly by in slow motion's barely worth waking the tits up for with no skin in the game. I like a little skin. Maybe you're psychic, maybe you're a seer, maybe you just like to get the blood flowing in your veins before you get it sucked out of you at Hemogoblin, or maybe you want to make some quick bucks. Maybe you just like gambling. So here's how it goes, cock suckers and muffin divers. You think you can call the shots? Put your money where your balls are.

Step into the ring and cock fight. That's right, if you want to make a bet, I'm your gal.

[OOC: odds on whoever is participating... feel free to comment if your character is/what the odds should be on them.]
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[info]smother in [info]halloweening

Now who let all the freaks in?