October 2013



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October 3rd, 2013

[info]screamforus in [info]halloweening

Single men, ages 17-19, report in. Beacon Hills boys need not apply.

[info]hearthwoman in [info]halloweening

Just out of curiosity -- how many people came here in the middle of their own world's Apocalypse? Maybe we can find a way to help each other out. Trade tips or something.

[info]kingofscares in [info]halloweening

Hello, guests! I hope everyone's settled in. Isn't Halloween Town beautiful this time of year? The falling leaves, the blood-red sunsets, the spider webs shining so beautifully in the moonlight!

I have an exciting announcement to make, if you'll care to lend an ear! Every year, the residents of Halloween Town have a broom race, and this year, the residents have kindly agreed to open up participation to you. Just let me know here if you're interested; while we'll allow anyone to sign up, it's not a simple course! Last year alone there were three beheadings - crazy! So I suggest that if you don't have experience with brooms, it might be best to cheer your friends on from the ground.

Brooms will be provided, of course! The race is next week. Make sure you practice, practice, practice! Oh! And before I forget - please let me know if you have any medical experience. We usually need that!

Only 28 days left until Halloween!

[ Warded to Lock, Shock, and Barrel ]

And I would hope this goes without saying, but I want none of your usual troublemaking this year! We're not going to have a repeat of last year's mess, do you understand? You behave, and make sure Oogie's bugs behave as well!

[ /Ward ]

[info]nomadically in [info]halloweening

Who knew being a "lawman" would be so easy. There's a talking cat around here, right? Can you get stuck up a tree so I have something to do?

[info]forgedbullet in [info]halloweening

I think I broke Harry Potter

Okay, so besides the whole displacement thing, this place is actually pretty freaking cool. There's a lot of interesting people to meet, so hi, everyone. I'm Allison Argent. Pretty much a normal human; lacking any sort of supernatural powers, but really good with a bow and arrow when the need arises.

Anyway, it's nice to meet any/all of you.

[info]thevanhelsing in [info]halloweening

Name's Van Helsing.

Don't make any trouble while you're here.

[info]lockofthetrio in [info]halloweening

[Locked to the Trio]

Jack says he wants us to be very helpful and kindhearted this year.

Giving them extended tours of the deepest part of the forest and letting them find their way back is helpful, right?

[info]metronome in [info]halloweening

Oh, the Mortuary is just lovely. I find I'm quite enjoying this location change.

For those I did not yet meet, my name is Emily.

[info]planahead in [info]halloweening

Isaac. Forest. Darach - confirmed via latest entry.
Derek. _____. ????.
Allison. Forest. Darach - unconfirmed, but likely going by flirting.
Lydia. Mortuary. Darach - unconfirmed.
Erica. _____. Pre-death, bank vault - confirmed via latest entry.
Boyd. Forest. ????.
Jackson. Asylum. ????. Werewolf/Kanima/Teenage Asshole - unconfirmed. Must confirm.

Scott, Stilinski, Cora, Argent, Darach, Deucalion, Deaton, Kali's toenails, Ed and Adam Evan and Allen Dumb and Dumber, Gerard, Actual Psychopath Argent

[info]irecycle in [info]halloweening

Who: Sam & Ruby
What: meeting up.
When: eh, let's just say it's today.
Where: the Mansion on the Hill
Warnings: TBD

... )

[info]hungryforlife in [info]halloweening

Well isn't this interesting.

[info]sofulloflight in [info]halloweening

Alright...after a little exploring I decided it might not be horrible. It's not Mystic Falls but that might be a good thing.