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8/18/09 08:53 pm - [info]24601 - Chad I. Ginsburg

Why is this man so hilarious?

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3/20/09 03:04 pm - [info]24601 - Chad I. Ginsburg

Trufax, I bought Where the Fuck is Santa? just for Chad Ginsburg, and the fact that he was in this movie for more than 30 seconds made the $8 I spent on it worth it. That, and Andy McCoy. He was an awesome bonus.

Also, NEW CKY ALBUM ON MAY 19TH. This has very little to do with the post, but stfu and leave me to my excitement.

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1/8/09 01:34 am - [info]24601 - Chad I. Ginsburg

He's so adorkably weird and cute and Ilhim. And I've had these banners of him sitting on my computer for ages because I thought I posted them a long, long time ago, and I kept making more. Har. I'm a bright one.

I also just realized that there are a couple pictures that are doubles from other posts, but... oh well. It's not like that's never happened before.

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3/12/08 03:46 am - [info]24601 - Chad I. Ginsburg

Most people have normal celebrity crushes. I have Brandon Dicamillo and Chad Ginsburg (who, by the way, sounds like Jack Nicholson). I love my world. All capped from the Chopped & Sliced tour footage, and seriously, I fucking love this man. With faces like these, how could I not? I also really like this set, if only because, since it's all tour footage, there are some pretty awesome shots of him on stage and playing. The man's a rock star.

And no, [info]macguffin, there are no icons of him blue this time, so I'm not suggesting him for a member of the Blue Man Group.

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3/10/08 02:56 pm - [info]24601 - Chad I. Ginsburg

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3/10/08 02:36 pm - [info]24601 - Chad I. Ginsburg

I love this man. He's just this tiny little G.G. Allin obsessed pothead who's occasionally an ass, more than occasionally an idiot, and make's the world's best faces. And he very nearly died making the Escape From Hellview video. He wrecks himself for rock and roll, what's not to love?

My previous Chad icons can be found here!

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