12 August 2010 @ 04:19 pm
AWZ: My Turn (Richard/Roman, NC-17, Ficlet)  
Title: My Turn
Author: [info]sdk
Fandom: Alles was zählt
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Roman/Richard, Surprise Guest
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP
Length/Word Count: Ficlet, ~500 words
Warnings: Some D/s themes, a little bit of voyeurism, a lot of wrongness
Summary: "I'm only using you," Roman would sometimes say, eyes narrowed but with a sparkle that brought doubt to his words. "But you like that don't you? You like being my toy."
Notes: Written for the Wild/Steinkamp ficathon at [info]no7_awz and continuing my Locker Room of Lust theme. I'd like to blame someone, but I think this is the one time where it's entirely my fault. Maybe Rose's too, if only for listening to my crazy talk. <3
Disclaimer: The following is based on fictional characters that I don't own doing fictional things in a fictional world that I didn't create. No copyright infringement intended, no money's being made.

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