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HP: Flatmates - Possibilities (Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione; R; Ficlet Series)  
Title: Flatmates: Possibilities (Part 5/?)
Author: [info]sdk
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione (eventually Harry/Draco/Ron/Hermione)
Rating: R (for this part.)
Length/Word Count: 769 words for this part.
Warnings/Content: descriptions of bondage, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and other sexual acts
Summary: It was some of the best sex Harry and Draco ever had, but they didn't talk about it.
Notes: Written for [info]adventdrabbles and dedicated to the lovely [info]torino10154 who requested some Harry/Draco/Ron/Hermione an embarrassingly long time ago. Happy Christmas, bb! <3
This will be a series of 8-9 ficlets that will eventually have a Christmas theme, promise! Unbeta'd, so please forgive and/or point out any mistakes/errors you find!
Disclaimer: The following is based on fictional characters I don't own doing fictional things in a fictional world I did not create. No copyright infringement intended.

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Link to Part 2: Flatmates: Breakfast
Link to Part 3: Flatmates: When in Doubt, Fake it
Link to Part 4: Flatmates: Caught

Flatmates: Possibilities

They didn’t talk about it, not once, though that fact didn’t stop Harry from continuing to torture Draco with fantasies about the goings on in the next bedroom over. It became one of their tools to spice up their sex life, like the scarves Harry sometimes like to bind Draco with, then tease him with his fingers and tongue until Draco was begging to be filled, or like the feather Harry occasionally brought out to play, charmed to flutter against the most sensitive parts of Draco’s body at the merest touch until Draco was a quivering mess of need. Now, particularly when Granger and Weasley were at their loudest, Harry would describe in exacting filthy detail the dirty things his flatmates got up to, almost as if he were peeking through a window into their room. And sometimes, even when they were quiet, Harry would position Draco on his hands and knees facing that shared wall and command Draco to imagine Weasley and Granger watching while Harry fucked him.

“Look at them,” he’d whisper, palms sliding along the curve of Draco’s back, “They’re watching you, watching how much you love taking my cock.” Draco could almost see them there, Granger sitting in the vee of Weasley’s thighs, rutting against him as his hand pushed up her skirt and disappeared beneath soaked knickers. And Draco would come undone with that vision of Weasley bringing Granger off to the sight of Harry fucking him. It was some of the best sex he and Harry had ever had.

But they never talked about it.

Draco imagined sometimes how the conversation might go. Isn’t it a bit odd to be getting off fantasising about your flatmates? he’d say, and Harry would remind him, they weren’t just flatmates, but his best mates and Draco would say that possibly made it more strange. Harry would laugh then and offer to stop if it made Draco so uncomfortable. The problem was, Draco didn’t want it to stop, but he didn’t want to tell Harry how much he liked it either.

And then he imagined if Harry brought it up, it would probably be teasing at Draco’s expense and Draco would say, Wouldn’t they be traumatised if they knew? and Harry would get this mischievous glint in his eyes and say, There’s a reason why Gryffindor is known as the adventurous house. That would bring up a possibility too thrilling--no, too horrifying to consider, so Draco decided it was best that they didn’t talk about this thing they did at all. Even if it was a bit odd.

But one night after a particularly long bout of fucking that hadn’t included the extra spice of Granger and Weasley’s love life, Harry brought them up just as Draco was about to succumb to the peaceful sleep that came with afterglow.

“You know, Christmas is coming up,” Harry said as he cuddled up to Draco’s back. He slid an arm around Draco’s waist and tugged him closer.

“I hope you’re planning on getting me something spectacular,” Draco said. Never mind that he hadn’t given a thought to Harry’s gift, but Harry didn’t need to know that.

“Mmhmm. It will be,” Harry whispered. He darted his tongue out and licked the shell of Draco’s ear and Draco slapped the hand that rested on his waist.

“Enough--you’ve worn me out for the night.”

“Just a preview, for later.”

Later was promising, and Draco’s tired cock did twitch at the thought, but he wasn’t sure he could stay awake any longer.

“But actually...I wanted to ask, any idea what you’re getting Ron and Hermione?”

Draco pulled away enough so that he could twist his head to look over his shoulder. “I have to get them something?”

“Don’t look so sour,” Harry chided. “You’re friends now, right? I think it would be nice.”

“Hmph.” Draco settled back down into the comfort of Harry’s arms. “They better have a gift for me, then. And it had better not be one of those horrid jumpers.”

Harry laughed at that, then kissed the back of Draco’s neck. “I don’t think that’s what they have in mind, so don’t worry.”

“You know?” Draco nearly twisted around again, but he didn’t want to appear overeager, especially for a gift from a Weasley.

“I might have an idea. But I’m not spoiling it. It’s a surprise. Now get some sleep.”

“Mmmhmm,” Draco said absently. But he remained awake long after Harry dropped off, his mind racing with possibilities.

Link to Part 6: Flatmates: Christmas Eve

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I've been enjoying this very, very much. Thank you!
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Oooo, and there are so many possibilities. :D Deliciously hot, bb. Harry is just too sexy for words. Yum.
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Oh, Draco. You know, something tells me that they'll be giving a gift that keeps on giving. *g*
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