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The Road goes ever on and on

Out from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone,

Let others follow it who can!

Let them a journey new begin,

But I at last with weary feet

Will turn towards the lighted inn,

My evening-rest and sleep to meet.

-- J.R.R. Tolkien

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[26 May 2012|06:48pm]

HELLO I am back from the dead! But not really. In reality, I am just really bad at life in general and so have come back to ask for your forgiveness. Also apologies. I am done with finals and school for the summer, so I will be slowly going back and maybe replying to old posts in the comms. And maybe continue spamming the OOC comm with gifs...because that's what I do!

So! Does anyone want an extra helping of Ying?! Because she wants you. (Also if you are kind enough to update me on what has been going on, that is fine, too.)

I can't sleep, so hi! [25 May 2012|12:53am]

BB here with character number five.

This is Aggie. She's a werewolf and a hunter. She was a werewolf first but as the clan's omega she was abused by her peeps pretty badly. When an attractive, older man appeared to take an interest in her she kinda fell for him. She was in her teens at the time and he was in his late twenties so he saw her and still sees her as a kid sister type. Also, by take an interest in her, I mean he was a hunter gathering intel on her pack to assess what kind of threat they posed. Once the pack found out about the hunter and Aggie, George (none other than Beth's [info]patrols) found out exactly what kind of threat they could pose. Thankfully, Aggie and George got away.

For her trouble, George got Aggie a job as a hunter. Their skill sets compliment each other so they've pretty much worked as partners ever since and have been called into Grey Haven to provide extra muscle.

Hit me up for plot!

Hey ya'll! [24 May 2012|08:10am]

This weekend is MisCon! Missoula's Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. George R. R. Martin, Patricia Briggs, Diana Pharaoh Francis and some other authors are going to be there. My bookstore is going to have a booth there so I'm working it the whole weekend. Tonight after work I have a few things that Must Get Done and then tomorrow I work a long day and may end up hanging out after, and the same kinda goes for the whole weekend until Monday evening when I hopefully get to go home at a reasonable hour.

SO. I'm not saying I won't be around at all, but I might be around less. In case of BB withdrawals, please feel free to comment and suggest scenes that you absolutely must RP with me when I get back or feel free to surprise me and start something and I will reply ASAP. ♥

Thanks! (Nancy, Mirah, CJ & Mneme will be back soon.)

[22 May 2012|01:23pm]

Hey all, I'm so, so very sorry that I disappeared immediately after joining. Long story short, life critted me over 9000 and it was a lot less than fun. Things are wobbling unsteadily back onto their track now though and I would love to get involved with all of you lovely people in some marvelous RP.

I'd love to plot/play with all of you, so feel free to hit me up (please, no really, please).


[21 May 2012|09:16am]

Mod Kelly here, with another character to toss into the mix! Gilly Shoat here is a Rawhead and Bloody Bones who's been taken advantage of as a both a living home security system and a trespasser body disposal unit. She was recently rescued from her life of servitude by a Broker & Guild raid on her owners establishment, and she's been brought to Grey Haven in the hopes that she can be rehabilitated. One Tom Reed may or may not be tapped to foster her! Though she won't be immediately available to interact with, once she's settled in with Tom, she'll definitely be out and about, exploring Grey Haven and getting into trouble. Check her bio for more personal information: otherwise, you can find out when your characters interact with her!

[19 May 2012|04:14pm]

I'm sure hunters coming to Grey Haven will pose no problem at all. Nope. None.


[19 May 2012|10:14am]


Just wanted to drop a quick note that I'll be away for the better part of the weekend. I'm going South to visit my parents and siblings and see my adorable nephew. I will be back tomorrow night and I will try to do replies tonight after everyone goes to bed. For some reason they don't like me spending my time with them on the computer. I can't figure it out... *shrug* Have a good weekend, guys!

ANNOUNCEMENT! HUNTERS! [19 May 2012|06:51pm]

It's official! Hunters are now in the game! I am very sorry for the delay, but better late than never, haha! All the basic information on Hunters is here, so just follow the link to get the details. But what, you may be wondering, are Hunters doing in Grey Haven? Simple! Malcom, unimpressed with how out of control things got with the whole Avatar situation, has decided to establish a chapter of the Guild in Grey Haven. The Guild (as you just read in the handy link above, I'm sure!) are Broker sanctioned and funded Hunters, and unlike the Information Brokers, these Hunters are available for player characters! That means, GASP, you!! There are five slots open for Guild Hunters, and three slots for non-Guild Hunters (only two, actually, thanks to a brand new character! RUN YOUR FRIEND BUTTON). Keep in mind that race limits still apply! That means that if you app a Hunter that is also an Infernal (for example), that would count as both an infernal AND an non-guild Hunter! The focus of this game is supernaturals and humans, and we don't want them getting too outnumbered by people who want to murder the former.

We have a new NPC running the guild (the man in the icon!), Mister Silas Hank, the Guildmaster. You can take a look at his backstory on the NPC page, and maybe take a peek at [info]the__runaway's history as well...

The Guild reports to the Information Brokers, which means their HQ is effectively Grey Haven Media. They are self-suffienct, salaried individuals who are expected to find their own accomodations and to take their work seriously. Although they are under strict orders to not consider anyone under the Haze as a supernatural, it's only natural that this move builds a little tension between the Information Brokers and the rest of the community. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask them here! This is considered a minor event, and while there will be no big announcement or group thread, the gossip will spread like wildfire. In essence: it's pretty reasonable for your character to know about this happening, even if they don't know all the details.

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