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The Road goes ever on and on

Out from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone,

Let others follow it who can!

Let them a journey new begin,

But I at last with weary feet

Will turn towards the lighted inn,

My evening-rest and sleep to meet.

-- J.R.R. Tolkien

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[29 May 2012|11:22pm]
Hullo All! Crys here with my second char!

This is Jinx (or Alex if you insist on using a real grownup name). She's a snarky, distant geeky girl with a fixation on vampires and a great fantasy life. She's a free lance programmer who's recently arrived in Grey Haven due to some vampire council she's heard about. She's got a yucky disease she doesn't want to live with anymore and blahblahblah. It's always so hard to sum up a character in these things.

She'd love to meet vamps around town to obsess over and try to convince to turn her... She'd also love to meet others to play video games with, tabletop with, and generally hang out discussing their magic decks and latest exploits on WoW/Diablo III/LoL or whatever.

Anyway, yay. Hi.

[29 May 2012|11:58pm]

Yeah, I kinda disappeared off the face of the planet this last week too. For reasons. Mostly involving the fact that I had about eight hours of sleep all week. Plus holiday stuff- you know how it is.

BUT I'M BACK. And Hello to all the lovely new characters! If anybody wants to do anything with me, hit me up!

<333 Erin

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