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The Road goes ever on and on

Out from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone,

Let others follow it who can!

Let them a journey new begin,

But I at last with weary feet

Will turn towards the lighted inn,

My evening-rest and sleep to meet.

-- J.R.R. Tolkien

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ANOTHER ANNOUNCEMENT! [17 Jun 2012|08:13am]

It's become pretty clear that interest has dwindled and waned: there are crickets chirping around the new in game plot as well as a general fall off in activity. That's okay! We find other interests, and we move on. Instead of wasting a lot of time and energy on a plot that doesn't especially interest many people, I've decided to just cut things off. Consider Grey Haven a neglected GPSL! You can still make threads, and I (Kelly) will still be available on AIM if you ever want to play a scene with my characters or the NPCs I played, but GH is no longer going to be a priority for either of the mods.

Thanks for a great run, guys, and I hope you have fun at your next game/PSL/whatever is you're up to! I really enjoyed the stories we wrote together. Don't worry about this place getting deleted or anything like that - everything is going to stay exactly as is, so you can use your threads as examples for other games, etc etc.

Take it easy, everyone!

It's that time again! [16 Jun 2012|09:16am]

Time for another event in Grey Haven! The town has been plastered with posters for a good week, but now that the Gehenna Music Festival is officially starting? It looked very much like an ad company has swept through the town and drenched the place. There are banners on every lamppost, a flyer in every nook and cranny, and every hotel, bed and breakfast, lodge and resort are booked to the rafters. While the normal residents are just annoyed, the supernatural residents are wary: it's the first vampire summit in two decades, and after how badly things went last year, folks are just hoping to make it through unscathed.

Those in the vampire community (or with access to intel about the vampire community, like the Hunters) know that Vampire Queen Matilda Praetorian will be making her big speech tomorrow night, and everyone is abuzz with gossip about her passing the torch to her spoiled childe, Audrey Spencer. Not everyone is very thrilled with this idea, but nobody is going to argue with one of the two oldest vampires in existence. And that's where the even more worrying rumours come in: Vampire King Hiram Praetorian, Matilda's estranged brother, has made his return and intends to attend the summit.

So! There's a lot going on, and lots for you guys to play around with! Both Hiram and Matilda will be spending today/tonight just stalking around town as NPCs, which means they're both available for your characters to bump into. There's another shady character or two floating around, but for now, they're laying low...

You can use this post to discuss what you'd like to do with this event, and PLEASE let the mods know which NPCs you'd like to interact with!

What Kelly's Chars are up to while she is NPCing her brains out: )

[04 Jun 2012|09:08pm]


These fliers are going to be up all over town very shortly. It's announcing a music festival, but that's just a cover up for the vampire summit that will be taking place at the same time. This summit hasn't happened for 20 years because the vampires were banned after they tried to take over the town by pushing out the brokers and winning themselves into the office of Mayor. It was a disaster and some residents may still remember it. They are just now being allowed back, which will no doubt have the hunters on edge. The people of Grey Haven don't especially like this festival, but it brings in revenue important to the town's survival. Consequently, there will be a bunch of jerk vampires roaming around town and probably causing a ruckus.

Please feel free to let us know what you might like to see happen with this plot and how you might want your characters to be involved. Plot, plan and talk in comments to this post so we have everything in one spot.

[04 Jun 2012|03:32pm]

I have a computer again!

That is all.

SMALL ANNOUNCEMENT! [04 Jun 2012|11:50am]

Just a quick FYI and a little teaser. Isaac and Elisa Smith, NPCs turned PCs, are going back to being NPCs for the foreseeable future. They're still available for new AND current characters to interact with, and they've been added to the NPC page, but they have been removed from the character page as they are no longer PCs. Don't be alarmed! Everything is as it should be.

And as for a teaser, the next big game plot will be introduced very soon, and it will involve VAMPIRES! OoOOoOOo! Keep your eyes peeled for more information in the near future, and maybe start thinking about how your character might react if a whole shitload of vampires turned up and starting shitting up their quiet little town.

[02 Jun 2012|10:26pm]

Hey guys! Mod Kelly here. Just a quick note that I will be gone for most of the 'evening' since I'm going with a friend of mine into town, which is a 2 freaking hour drive because I live in a kangaroos back yard. You night owls might catch me, but I probably won't be around for scenes. Just FYI so nobody thinks I died!

[29 May 2012|11:58pm]


Yeah, I kinda disappeared off the face of the planet this last week too. For reasons. Mostly involving the fact that I had about eight hours of sleep all week. Plus holiday stuff- you know how it is.

BUT I'M BACK. And Hello to all the lovely new characters! If anybody wants to do anything with me, hit me up!

<333 Erin

[29 May 2012|11:22pm]

Hullo All! Crys here with my second char!

This is Jinx (or Alex if you insist on using a real grownup name). She's a snarky, distant geeky girl with a fixation on vampires and a great fantasy life. She's a free lance programmer who's recently arrived in Grey Haven due to some vampire council she's heard about. She's got a yucky disease she doesn't want to live with anymore and blahblahblah. It's always so hard to sum up a character in these things.

She'd love to meet vamps around town to obsess over and try to convince to turn her... She'd also love to meet others to play video games with, tabletop with, and generally hang out discussing their magic decks and latest exploits on WoW/Diablo III/LoL or whatever.

Anyway, yay. Hi.

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