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Aug. 4th, 2009


Lughnassadh is here again

Since Lughnassadh has come past now, I look forward to the 'harvest' season and I'm already planning next year's garden. Will definately do beans again. ;) Also going to need bigger space. :) *wink*

Jul. 8th, 2009


How do you honor Mother Earth?

I honor Mother Earth and Nature every day. I love to gaze out my windows in the morning at the back yard, I say a silent prayer of thanks when I hear the songbirds, I put seed out for them and suet cakes, I planted my veggie garden. I relax as I cut the grass in the yard. Yard work isn't work for me but a time of worship and relaxation.

I watch the moon and stars at night.....

How do you honor nature??

Jun. 14th, 2009


Green bean goodness!

*insert happy dance here*

I just mowed the back yard very careful around the thriving cucumber patch. I didn't realize they trail and attach themselves to the ground. However I have tons of lovely big yellow flowers which will soon become cucumbers.

The other side of the veggie garden are my green beans that are ready to harvest! HORAY!

*runs out to pick beans*

May. 17th, 2009



The garden is doing well. Maybe by the end of this summer I'll get a digital camera so I can take some pictures of the little garden. Some stuff didn't grow but that is alright as I have some more seeds to plant and most of the garden is doing great!

I love to go out to the back yard to see the benefits of my gardening and cannot wait for the first of the veggies to harvest and bring to the table for my family.

Apr. 25th, 2009


Veggie gardening!

I need to water the veggie garden for a bit but guess what we planted?? Tomatoes, onions, beans (two kinds), cucumbers, basil, catnip, and the lemon balm from last year! I have a lovely peace lily my boss gave me for secretary's day which I will repot. Irises are coming up along with some tulips the hubby planted.

You know what was really special? Elora helped me plant the garden. What a great mom and me moment. I know we'll have more.

Jan. 18th, 2009


Looking forward to spring planting

Things I want to plant this year: Carrots, salad greens, cucumbers, onions, and maybe potatoes. :) Basically it's the produce we use the most. LOL

There is a pagan chant used in our circles sometimes that is quite lovely. I'll look it up in my Books of Shadows and post it here soon.

Oct. 10th, 2008



Ok, my lemon balm moved inside well and is doing great! However I fear I'm losing my rosemary. I'll going to try to replant it as it may have grown out of it's container already, but I don't think it's the case. Perhaps it isn't taking to coming inside well. Needs more light? It's not dry or getting over watered. I checked that first.

have any advice for my rosemary??

Sep. 11th, 2008


Bought my first plants this past week

I'm trying to rescue a lovely large christmas cactus that was too dry, too rootbound, and getting too much light. It was left behind by my friend, Helene. Wish me luck. I hope to have blooms again by this holiday season.

I also bought some lovely rosemary and some lemon balm. I love the shape of hte leaves and the wonderful scent. I have plans to make some body lotion and some soap. :) It's a start.

Aug. 18th, 2008


So I'm researching

I'm learning all about composting. I'm watching the pattern of the sun during various times of the day at home in the front and back yard. I'm following the weather reports so I can keep track of trends. It's more than just planting for me. I want to get it right. Growning season is short now, but I inherited a huge lovely christmas catus from the previous owner of the house. The other plants are dead. I'm moving the catus to the Kitchen patio for care and I think it needs to be repotted.

Any suggestions on the best time to do this? Should I do it right away? Does it come inside before frost?

Going to plant in the spring for the veggie garden and herb garden.

Aug. 7th, 2008


Moved in!

We're moved into our new home now and still unpacking. Our housemates leave for their new home this weekend. It's been wonderful. [info]myfanwy_65 suggested I start with small plants and not with seeds given the length of the growing season I have left. Sounds like a good idea, so I'll be hitting the nursery in about 2 weeks.

Dear Husband was gifted with a brand spanky new lawnmower for his birthday and we love it. He mowed the back yard and I insisted on mowing the front yard so I could learn how. I never had my own yard before and I want to learn how to care for it. So mowing the yard will be a shared job I hope. I loved it! Granted the front yard is smaller but I had a ball. There is nothing like the feeling of being outside and puttering around in our very own yard. Elora was in the driveway with her orbital seat while I mowed so DH could get ready for work. It was great!

Jun. 10th, 2008


Ok, the herbs I will begin with....

I'm thinking some sage and rosemary, thyme, cat grass for the fuzzies, some cammomile (Egyptian if I can get the seeds, but German if I can only get that). What else could I grow?

Jun. 7th, 2008


Herb gardening

google searching herb gardening, I came to the associated press page. Then I remembered that our very own [info]myfanwy65 writes articles for AP. I knew she had published an article on herb gardening!

It's well worth the read!


We're getting a new home!

DH, Elora and I are moving by the end of June. We found a wonderful deal on a great apartment in Lawrenceville. Waiting on approval, but that shouldn't be an issue. I'm so happy. A little patio for plants and it looks like it gets full sun.

Time to think ahead about my urban garden situation. I think I'm going to do some box type of herbs for the kitchen on the breakfast bar. I am going to hang my office plant inside by the kichen as well. I would also like a potted tree of some kind.

Any ideas on how to keep my putty-tats out of the plantings?? *sigh* 3 cats and plants = trouble. The carpets are nearly white (eggshell color) so I don't want soil staines on the carpet. Needless to say I'll be keeping some woolite carpet pods in the kitchen under the sink. Already I'm thinking hairballs, soil from plants, water from watering the plants. Some trays under the plants will help for the ones that sit on the floors.

Ok, those of you who have lived in or do live in apartments now, and have critters, what do you do?

Jun. 2nd, 2008


My wee plant

I think the summer temps are too much for my plant. Will move it inside in my kitchen tonight. *sigh* I like plants outside so I'll have to plant some! :)

May. 31st, 2008


My little office plant

Took all the dead/yellow/burned leaves on the plant off last night and gave it another good watering. Hmmmmm, I'm wondering if the plant needs to be moved indoors. And where I can put it inside so kitties don't eat it.

It seems to need water an aweful lot and the leaves are burning easily. It's not getting direct sun but I'm wondering if the Georgia summer temps are too much for the poor thing. I think I'll move it indoors and see how it does since it *was* an office plant and therefore used to being indoors. ;)

In other news, my sister, [info]ferrellcat has had some birds move into her outdoor light fixture that the bulb is blown out in. She want to change the bulb to find a nest there and several eggs. Momma bird keeps laying eggs and some of them have hatched! One of the wee ones however in the hatching process must have rolled it's egg out of the nest and down into the fixture where momma bird couldn't get it. My sister's dog, Rosie, sensed this when my sis was letting her out for her personal business and being a scent hound (Rosie's a large beagle) she went nuts. So [info]ferrellcat looked and saw the tiny, scrawny, pink bird with its eyes still closed and barely any down, still covered in the goo from the egg. She gently placed the wee bird back into the nest and so far Momma is taking good are of it. The thing is Momma Bird is still laying eggs even though eggs are hatching. Interesting!

May. 28th, 2008


Snippet from my journal.

I think so far all of us in this group are on my flist (and if you're not, you should be), but I went ahead and snipped this paragraph from my latest journal entry. I think it's appropriate for this group.

Something happened this morning that seems like a sign. I bought an African Violet back in college off the $1.00 rescue almost-dead plants table at a grocery store. I think it was spring of 2005. Anyway, it was blooming, though pretty decrepit, when I got it. I've had that thing for three years, and there hasn't been another flower since. I have babied it and fertilized it and talked to it and moved it around to no avail. However, a few weeks ago my kitten Earl knocked it over and the flower fell out of the pot, along with a giant clump of roots which filled the entire thing. There were only a few crumbs of dirt. The plant, I had noticed, had at some point cloned itself a sister plant (they grow like other succulents, sometimes from fallen-off leaves) and they were crammed in there cheek-by-jowl. In true tough-love fashion I split the two plants up, tore up the clumps of roots, and re-potted both plants together in a pot twice the size. Now, for the first time in three years, one of the plants is blooming. Every plant is different (even if they're genetically identical like these two), so I have no idea if it was the abuse (some plants flower under stress) or the new dirt or the roomy accommodations or the new plant food I bought. I guess that's kind of a metaphor. Some people bloom under duress. Some when they're alone. Some when they're comfortably ensconsed with a companion. Some when they're simply given enough food and a good home. Who knows what makes us or our plants flower. All I know is I'm glad I had enough faith and patience to stick it out.

May. 26th, 2008


Hello and My Garden so far this year

Hello everyone. I am a friend of chimerawinds and followed her here from LiveJournal. I love to garden.

So far this year I have planted beefsteak, cherry and roma tomatoes, garlic, catnip, sweet basil, sweet marjoram, garlic chives, parsley, winter savory. I plan to also plant cucumbers and bell, jalapeno, chili, and habanero peppers. In my flower garden I have planted moss rose, dianthus, geranium, and azalea. The flowers are all in containers and the vegetables and herbs are in small beds. I can't wait to start getting fresh tomatoes!! Yum Yum!!


More Confidence

I have more confidence now to gardening...well, I should specify container gardening. :) There is a difference. Container gardening however can be just as rewarding (I've discovered) as a full garden. Especially when you live in an upstairs apartment. We'll be moving into another upstairs apartment by the end of next month. Elora will a tad bit older as well, so I hope to expand my little urban garden and have her help me. Besides various herbs, I'm not sure what'll grow just yet, but I'm doing research. The office plantbaby is doing well since I discovered the 'right' amount of water for it.

Happy Gardening no matter where you are. :)

May. 23rd, 2008


Storm's coming in

I noticed my plant is looking yellow in the leaves. Is this a sign that it needs water? It's been raining some lately so I haven't looked but perhaps the rain isn't hitting the patio. I'm going to look at it and check. It could also be recovering from transplanting shock maybe. I think I'll be moving it indoors tonight however. I need to find out what kind of plant it is so I can post questions and hopefully get some help. Going to take a leaf to the local nursery and check it out.

~edit: Not enough rain was getting to my plant so I watered it.

May. 22nd, 2008


Some words of inspiration

A friend and fellow IJer said some truly beautiful words about gardening and how it makes her feel. I couldn't help but read the post to my baby daughter and my husband as even right now, it touched me so much. I can't remember reading anyone's post so lovely before.

It was a total inspiration to bring me closer to the Earth. I'm a Wiccan High Priestess and so I work with Earth energies all the time, but apartment living left me not doing much practical work with Mother Earth in a long time. So some cloth grocery bags, buying organic whenever I can, and rescuing an office plant to begin my lil' patio garden. In June we're moving to a larger apartment, so I plan on starting an herb garden and possibly some tomatoes next spring. Herbs in little pots right away so I can bring them in when it gets chill out. I want to do hanging plants so the kitties don't get into them. :)

I hope to create a little bit of paradise on my apartment patio.

Good Gardening!

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