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Here is the new asylum! I'm working on promotion gear, so it should hopefully be there in the info when you get to see it!
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I'm now leaving this asylum since the maintainer is gone. Bye!

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Just a taste...

Just 3 for today. They're some of my older ones, but at least you get a taste for what they're like. I'll have a whole bunch more coming when I get the time.

Don't forget to comment and credit. =)

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The Bri-Bri [userpic]
Graphicks Promotion Images

(This is a public post so that other people can promote [info]graphicks as well.)

I did not spend a lot of time on these, but at least it is something. I ask you to save these to YOUR computer and upload them on your own space. It is more efficient that way.

As for me, I never ask for credit, but I only ask that you do not claim them as your own work.
Make sure to read the rules in this asylum as well! :-)

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