Jan. 10th, 2010


Valentine's Day Fic Exchange!

We are now taking signups for the Valentine's Day Fic Exchange!

Signups will run from today until January 6thSign ups have been extended to Jan. 15th. You can sign up on GE's Owl Post forums.
Hurry, there isn't much time left to join in.

The rules:

1. Fics must be at least 1000 words
2. The Giftee we assign you has written what they want for a reason Cheesy please try to honour that.
3. No complaining about your assignment (we will match you to the best of our ability)
4. Fics must be in by the tenth of February
5. Don't sign up unless you intend to write a story because it isn't fair to your recipient if you pull out!
6. Beta's are a must! Unbeta'd fics will be rejected
7. All stories must comply with Granger Enchanted submission rules
8. All stories must be submitted to enchantedadmin@grangerenchanted.com
9. Your story is a secret and you may only tell your beta about it! (It's more fun to be a secret so please do not tell friends, groups etc of your prompt)

The templates!!!

For the gift you will be writing:
Pairings: (What are you willing to write)
Ratings: (Your maximum rating)
Squicks: (What disgusts you and is an absolute no no in terms of what you will write)
Kinks: (What gets your broom flying)
What you will not write: (Included is pairings (even minor background pairings), situations etc

The Gift you want to receive:

Pairings: (Three pairings you want to receive)
Ratings: (Your maximum rating)
Squicks: (What disgusts you and is an absolute no no in terms of what you want to receive)
Kinks: (What gets your broom flying)
What pairings do you not want: (List all the pairings you do not want to see, including minor pairings)
Prompts: (List three to five prompts, ideas, situations you would like to see) Be as detailed as you woud like because the more details your Author has the better they can write for you)
Friend: List one or more friends our author can go to for advice on your likes/dislikes

When submitting your fic please use the GE template (pretend you are posting it yourself, you need to include the follow:-)
Author's Notes: (leaving out any actually name references)

Jun. 1st, 2008


Challenge Responses

Here's the listing of the responses received so far for the Diabolical Death Eater Challenge on Enchanted!

Diabolical Death Eater Challenge )

May. 3rd, 2008


1st Pure Arrogance Prompt Challenge!

Just like our sister site Enchanted we are running a Prompt challenge for all our wonderful authors!

So I present to you... The Arrogance of Purebloods! )

BONUS: A little banner so that you too can pimp the challenge!