Oct. 19th, 2020



I've decided to do the same thing for november as last year: Write at least 100 words every day. But that really means every day. I think I'm not far enough plot-wise in any of my potential stories to have even the slightest chance of writing 50000 words in a month, and I know that setting myself up for almost certain failure is no motivation at all. 100 words a day is doable, even on a very busy day. On better days, I expect that I'll be writing a good deal more than that, but getting over the starting block is the thing that's most important to me.
Especially since writing-wise I'm actually oscillating between multiple stories, and additionally november is the time for baking Christmas cookies. After all they have to be ready for november 29th. And there will be lots of cookies, which takes quite a bit of time. This entry was originally posted at https://turelietelconta.dreamwidth.org/8492.html. You can also comment there using OpenID.

Oct. 14th, 2020


Writing, writing advice and decisions

I'm reading two books about writing.
I think I'm okay with stories that are short and sweet, but anything longer tends to fizzle out. Since I have no idea about story structure or literature theory, I've read up about it.
One book, "The heroine's journey", was very helpful to me. It was especially useful to understand why I gave up on other books, which tried to explain how to write the stereotypical "Hero's journey". The fact is, I don't like this kind of story. "Increasingly isolated hero wins on his own" is just not something I like for more than a bit of entertainment.
Instead, the "Heroine's journey" contrasts this with a plot where the hero gets increasingly networked and connected, and wins the day by bringing people together, finding compromises and working as a team. Which sounds much more like my cup of tea. Important is that the hero/heroine in the names pertains to traditional gender associations, and not to the sex of the hero.
The other book I'm reading is "Saves the Cat! Writes a novel." about story structure and beats. It is interesting and provides food for thought.

This food for thought in turn melted with different story ideas. Especially, I'm thinking about my "lesbian warrior princesses" story, and fleshing it out and plotting it. And thinking about starting NaNoWriMo with it. As a real challenge. Or whether I'll do the same thing I did last year: A mini-Nano, where I just write a 100 words minimum, each and every day in November. This target was very helpful to me last year, and 50000 words in November sounds very, very daunting.
Especially since I plan to take part in the Tatort advent calendar, which means at least one other story that has to be written and maybe edited in November (leaving a bit of time for me between writing and posting to better check it over.)

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Oct. 8th, 2020



I've been taking part in the summer challenge of the German 120-minuten-community auf LJ. I managed to write some things, and while they are first drafts, interested people can find links here: (Note: They are German!)

Original (currently named "lesbian warrior princesses", title subject to change ;-))
Tod im Wald
In der Höhle des Löwen
Erstes Treffen

Karl May/Winnetou:

nameless first part of a Sentinel fusion
Freund oder Feind?
Abschied (second part of the Sentinel fusion)

And the banners for the packages I managed to contribute to:

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