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Date: 07-10-2008
Subject: Welcome to Gossip Girl
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As you should be well aware, this is my blog about the students of Adelphi University. The blogs are written by me but the information is provided by you. Please send your tips to tips.gossipgirl.au@gmail.com to see your juicy gossip make it on my blog!

I have the best gossip for you, but I'd be nothing without your tips! Have a cell phone (preferably one with picture messaging capabilities)? Have an e-mail address?

TXT or e-mail your tips to tips.gossipgirl.au@gmail.com and it'll probably make its way to the blog before you know it.

Here's a template for you to use, if you wish:

Who (the tip is about):
What ('s the juicy news?):
When (did this happen?):
Where (did this happen?):
Pictures (if you have any):
Your alias (if you don't want to be anon):

And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell...

You know you love me,

XOXO Gossip Girl

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