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this is my sheepish/i fail a lot face. [Aug 16th, 10
10:21 pm

this is where i apologize for my huge amounts of fail: I'M SORRY.

life went a bit hectic and pear-shaped, as it is wont to do from time to time. but i'm back now, and i'm going to make a sincere effort to get back into the swing of things around here. IF Y'ALL WILL STILL HAVE ME. :D?

so. Kingsley and Narcissa are still kickin' it around these parts. i need to catch up with the plot posts and all that good stuff, but i do know that Kingsley is Rodolphus' magical aide. (hey there, Nikki, we need to discuss, perhaps? :D) and, uh, Narcissa is still a vain bitch. both are free for interactions/dramaz/lulz/WHATEVER.

... as soon as i finish watching my weekend tv i need to catch up on. >_>


[Aug 11th, 10
4:00 am


I am finally done with all my stressful school-things, and I vowed to get stuck back into this game. So, here I am! With Andromeda, Dorcas and Evan. As far as the Untouchables situation goes, Andromeda currently needs to get in contact with one BENJY FENWICK. He will be expecting an owl from her shortly, although she has absolutely no clue who he is, and has only received the bare basics. She's doing it as a favour to Dumbledore, whom she respects beyond all reason.

Dorcas needs contact with Rosmerta ASAP, and otherwise needs other plots.

Evan is okay - he has his DE bff and fiance Natalie. But yes. I would, though, like for interaction with any other Death Eaters in the game. :D Thank you!

[Jul 31st, 10
10:49 pm

Hello! It's Caolinn (Fabian) I will be gone from August 1-3. When I get back, I will get Fabian back to being active. I have been a  little loaded down with school work lately.

[Jul 10th, 10
9:38 am

Quick apology for being MIA last week. 100+ temperatures resulted in me logging on only to stare at the screen blankly while wondering why it had to be some damn hot and then giving up to go watch movies. After a good solid rain last night, it has cooled off significantly, so I should be more able to get my head back into the game.

[Jul 1st, 10
5:02 pm

Sorry for my absence. Our old isp had started placing bandwith caps on accounts and since we were not informed we used out alloted bandwith for the month rather quickly so we were cut off and moved to a provider with no caps. I should be back full force with tons of catching up to do.

[Jul 1st, 10
2:27 am

Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that I've changed my email to claimoooo@gmail.com because my google/gmail got compromised apparently. So, if anyone wants to get in touch with me, email me there, or I'm almost always on AIM too. :)

[Jul 1st, 10
12:56 am

Hi! I just wanted to let everyone know that Chelsea/Gideon Prewett's internet has been down for a few days. She just wanted to let everyone know that she hasn't forgotten about this lovely game. Chelsea is hoping that in the next few days it will be up.

So... [Jun 30th, 10
2:54 pm

So I supposed I should do an actual introduction. I was on hiatus from RP and therefore didn't really jump back into this until the game had started!

I'm Faith, and I am bringing the ever handsome (and bitter) Sirius Black. He works at Borgin & Burkes and lives in Knockturn Alley with his brother Reg. He's a purist (despite being disowned), doesn't understand anything Muggle (except what he's learned visiting Bellatrix), adores his cousin Bella (!!!! crazysauce), and is an all around jackass because he didn't have the good influences of the Marauders in his life. To read more about him, check out his profile HERE.

About me? I'm a 26 y/o professional, yet also a perpetual student. I am less than 200 days from my wedding (AAAAAH!!!!) to the man of my dreams (who, btw, has messy brown hair, glasses, & his name is James. Win.), and I live in the 2nd greatest place in the world - Chicago, which is second only to Italy in my heart (I have been a lot of places!) My CDJ is [info]immaletufinish and my AIM is gottahhavefaith. Ping me. Let's plot!

Also, this is my first time playing Sirius in years, so I've been a little timid getting back into his mindset. I promise that he's not timid in the least!

An Introduction [Jun 29th, 10
1:37 pm

Hello! I'm Anna, bringing you Remus Lupin. I'm a 20-year-old academic who cares too much about art history and Classics. I'm from Austin, but I go to school in Chicago. I collect rare books and old records, and if you sit still long enough, I will probably tell you about the Spanish baroque realists. Or Doctor Who. Or the GDR. I'm also probably the coolest person you know who has ever written a song about a red stapler. But if that's not the case, I would be very, very interested in meeting the others. I one day hope to be as awesome as Ron Swanson.

(I also enjoy sleeping, but unfortunately, I haven't done that much in the past several days, so I can't think of what else to say about myself. I know I do other things, I just don't remember what they are. My CDJ is [info]texmas and my AIM username is zomgprongs, so feel free to add me on either. Or both, I won't make you pick one. That would be very difficult to enforce, anyway.)

Remus Lupin ([info]boywhocriedwolf), on the other hand, is a 20-year-old squib who is largely indifferent to the magical world he knows he'll never really be a part of. He went to a very nice boys' boarding school on scholarship and is currently working two jobs - one as a research aid to a barrister, and one part-time in a book store. Once he's saved up enough money, he wants to go to university and study something impractical, like history or literature. He also really loves studying magical theory, but he tries to limit how much time he spends with this, since it's mostly sort of disappointing, reading about a bunch of things you can't do. Ultimately, since he's a squib with what he considers the option of remaining in the muggle world, he thinks he would prefer to do that.

Because he was bitten by Fenrir Greyback as a child, he does have the "virus," if you will, of lycanthropy, but because he is nonmagical and in fact, generally unaffected by magic, he does not transform. On and around the full moon, Remus just gets very ill, runs an incredibly high fever and starts behaving erratically until the sun comes up, at which time he feels exhausted, nauseous, and otherwise fine. As an explanation for his symptoms, his friends and relatives were all told that he has an autoimmune disease. And because none of the salves generally used on such injuries would work on him, his scars from the original attack still look remarkably fresh.

[Jun 29th, 10
3:07 pm

Okay, dudes! Patricia here again, with Andromeda Black this time. Yes, you read right. Black. A large focus of her personality this time around is that she never married Ted, and as a result does not have any children now. She's an absolute spinster at heart, and has yet to leave her family home. I'd love to get some plot in with her family, as they're her entire world, and... yes. :D butternutcrack is where I can be found. I'd also love for her to have some really close friends, preferably pureblooded (though I imagine it might be fun if she had a 'secret' halfblood friend. Testing the waters, if you will.) Thanks!

[Jun 26th, 10
7:28 pm

So, I'm actually not home now, nor is my bio up, but I wanted to go ahead and post in the OOC to say hello to everyone. Hi! I'm Katie and I'm bringing you Leo Ollivander. I'm a 28 year old new mom (He's 3 months old!), I'm not going back to work until September, I'm on a weekend trip around New York wine country with my husband of five years and we're both geeks. He's a geek too, so he understands. He was almost as excited as I was for me to get into this game. ^.^ I should be going out to dinner in a moment, but I wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce my character.

So. This is Olly. Olly is (obviously) my take on Ollivander. Most of your characters have probably met him at least once, seeing as he's older than dirt most people in game and has either made the wand they use, sold it to them, or possibly both. Friend to Dumbledore, or as much as anyone really can be, Olly is probably also friends with the other old-timer I've seen on the cast list. Moody, I'm looking at you. As far as everyone else is concerned, I'm not really looking for anything too specific other than possibly having a few youngins as friends/acquaintances and perhaps someone who he's training to take over the shop? Olly has no allegiance to either side so anyone is fair game, really. No allegiances whatsoever. *whistles*

I'm usually around on AIM at deepinthehigh, I always check my email (therapite [at] gmail [dot] com) and I almost never check my actual IJ here (also therapite. I'm really more creative than this, I swear). I am almost always around for plotting, chatting, or just saying hi.

Looking forward to get started! When I get home! =)

[Jun 22nd, 10
11:35 am


Sorry I haven't posted before now, but I've been really busy with real life things. Anyway, my name is Patricia! I'm a student from Sydney, Australia, and I'm bringing three characters to the game. You've got Dorcas Meadowes ([info]sacrod, the wannabe punk rockstar of her squib generation. Evan Rosier ([info]rozier), filthy libertine and the spoiler of virgins. And finally, there is the somewhat unfinished Greta Catchlove ([info]catchit), who spews fairy dust and farts rainbows. She's that sickeningly cheerful that you kind of want to punch her in the face. She's also kind of dumb. All of their profiles can be found in their journals, and I would probably write more if I wasn't kind of rushing it (what with the game opening and all already!).

I'm completely open to any kind of backstory and future plotting. Enemies/friends/acquaintances, whatever. ♥ I look forward to playing with you all! I can be found at butternutcrack on AIM.

Hiatus-ish [Jun 20th, 10
12:33 pm

I just wanted  to say that I am going to be on a brief hiatus from today until Tuesday night. Of course it falls right on the opening of this fine rp, but my friend invited me to the beach so that's where I'll be. I may be able to check this periodically and I can probably log on to aim through my phone. But, I just wanted to let everyone know.

[Jun 17th, 10
11:05 pm

Hello all! I am Caolinn and I will be playing Fabian Prewett. Poor little boy who has two older siblings that are not untouchables, so he knows all too well what he is missing. Thankfully he has his little brother Gideon to make him feel better. He's friendly and likes everyone except for the Pureblood crazies. If you have any plot ideas with Fabian just let me know! My email is icexhockey93@gmail.com annnd my AIM account is icexhockey93 (I have quite an imagination when it comes to usernames. :P). I will be happy to discuss anything regarding plot ideas with Fabian or otherwise. Anyways that's me! Hope to have lots of fun in the future with everyone.

[Jun 13th, 10
2:58 pm

Hello everyone, I'm Shell and I'm bringing in Severus Snape, the Untouchable. He's still broody and moody but he's also in love with Lily Evans and she knows it. They're living together which is cute and a twist I've never been able to find in any game so I'm rather excited for that. Since Severus has not gone to Hogwarts and knows nothing at all of magic he hates his parents and he worked very hard to get away from them. Instead of being brilliant in potions he's more of a chemistry master and right now he's working as a druggist at a pharmacy until he can go to university and get into the chemistry field.

My aim is writtingwithink and you can reach me there or comment here with plot ideas!

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