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12th-Oct-2008 08:03 pm - Vampire!Fic
Title: Sun Child. Moon Child.
Character(s): A Vampire
Folklore Used: Vampire Lore
Rating: G
Summary: A vampire elder, muses on his life ... urrr, unlife.

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6th-Sep-2008 06:02 pm - Angel!Fic
Title: The Power of Watchers
Character(s): A Power/A Grigori (also referances The Nephilim and Elizabeth Báthory)
Pantheon(s): Christian/Vampire
Rating: PG
Summary: An exercise in perspectives. Goes from the POV of the Grigori, to the Power, and back.
Warning(s): The Grigori looks like a creepy pedophile for a second.

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24th-Jun-2008 03:48 pm - first post :)
Title: Shadows on a Rooftop
Rating: PG
Summary: A woman has an encounter from someone from her past.
Disclaimer: This is in no way related to any of my other works :)

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