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10th-Sep-2010 07:16 pm - Jack and the Beanstalk.
Title: Jack be Nimble.
Character(s): Jack/a Priest
Folklore Used: English/Christian/Jewish
Further Reference(s): Goliath/Og
Rating: G
Summary: Jack (of the beanstalk and giant killer fame) has concerns about his ability to actually kill giants, since the story of the beanstalk was greatly exaggerated.

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25th-Nov-2009 06:52 pm - The Three Worlds.
Title: The Three Worlds
Character(s): Falen/Noel/Azriel/Raphael (a cambion, a Nephilim, a demon & an angel)
Folklore Used: Christian/Jewish
Rating: PG
Summary: A cambion and a Nephilim hook up, and an angel and demon try to break them up.
Disclaimer: I blame this fic, in its entirety, on this post, which I found through the LJ comm. [info]spn_heavymeta.
Warning: Buckle up, kids, it's going to be a long ride.

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27th-Sep-2008 06:27 pm - Demon!Fic
Title: Samael
Character(s): Samael(Lucifer)/Lilith/Adam
Pantheon(s): Christian/Jewish
Rating: PG
Summary: The first temptation, from the POV of the tempter.
Warning(s): Samael is a creepy stalker.

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20th-Sep-2008 10:10 pm - Stingy Jack of the Lantern.
Title: Jack-o'-Lantern
Character(s): Stingy Jack/the Devil (or some lesser Demon)
Further Referance(s): Halloween/Samhain, Jack-o'-Lanterns, The Key of Solomon, The Star of David, and Deals with the Devil.
Pantheon(s): Irish Folklore/Celtic Paganism/Jewish Kabbalahist/Christian
Rating: PG
Summery: An origin story for Stingy Jack.

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25th-May-2008 04:58 pm - Mmmmm, Big Bads Who Have Appeared on SPN.
Title: That Went Well.
Character(s): Lilith/Azazel
Pantheon(s): Jewish/Christian Folklore
Rating: PG
Summary: Azazel was tied up for all of eternity, for misbehaving, and now tries to get Lilith to let him loose.

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