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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

4:01PM - Girls Today: Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ficlets and Drabbles
[info]fembuck wrote The Truth of the Matter. Narcissa/Bellatrix. NC-17.
[info]liliths_requiem wrote Remiss Redemption. Molly/Bellatrix. PG-13.

Anonymous at [info]fem_exchange wrote Altering Perceptions. Ginny/Luna. PG.
Anonymous at [info]fem_exchange wrote Healing. Cho/Tracey. PG.
Anonymous at [info]hp_yule_balls wrote Beyond Layers. Minerva/Poppy. R.
Anonymous at [info]hp_yule_balls wrote Egg-Shaped Love. Cho/Luna. NC-17.
Anonymous at [info]hp_yule_balls wrote Virgin State of Mind. Hermione/Luna. R.
Anonymous at [info]hp_yule_balls wrote Yes, Professor. Minerva/Hermione. R.
[info]accio_muse wrote i remember you with my soul clenched. Pansy/Luna. PG-13.
[info]sprawling_song wrote The Masculine Girls. Cho/Alicia. PG.

Anonymous at [info]harry_holidays drew I Can't Believe I Let You Talk Me Into This. NWS.
Editor's Pick! Anonymous at [info]hp_yule_balls drew Campfire. Pansy/Ginny. NWS.

[info]bluemd updated Seduced by a Veela with chapter 10. Hermione/Fleur. Mature.
[info]redbeargrl began A Dragon's Tale II: In Search of Merlin with Chapter 1. Ginny/Hermione. G.

[info]hp_spring_fling is a new spring fic exchange. See profile and rules here. Sign-ups are here.
[info]hp_springsmut is open for sign-ups.

[info]scyfane created some Fleur/Hermione icons.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

4:24PM - Girls Today: Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ficlets and Drabbles
~ [info]bunny_bites wrote several Lavender/Parvati drabbles. PG-13.

~ Anonymous at [info]harry_holidays wrote Blind Faith. Hermione/Ginny, Ginny/Luna. R.
~ Anonymous at [info]harry_holidays wrote The Masked Ball. Narcissa/Lily. R.
~ Anonymous at [info]harry_holidays wrote My Broken Heart Well Mended. Gabrielle/Luna, Gabrielle/Ginny. NC-17.
~ Editor's Pick! Anonymous at [info]hp_yule_balls wrote Grey Skies Changing. Luna/Fleur, implied Bellatrix/Luna. R, implied non-con.
~ Anonymous at [info]hp_yule_balls wrote If You Have to Ask.... Ron/Pansy, Pansy/Ginny, Pansy/Ginny/Oblivious!Ron. NC-17.
~ Anonymous at [info]hp_yule_balls wrote Katie Bell and the Queen's Stockade. Katie/Luna, Katie/Alicia. R.
~ Anonymous at [info]hp_yule_balls wrote Stargazing. Ginny/Luna, Ginny/Luna/Hermione.NC-17.
~ Anonymous at [info]hp_yule_balls wrote Taming of the Prude. Harry/Draco/Susan, Harry/Draco, Susan/Pansy. NC-17.
~ [info]iamisaac wrote Sweet Kisses. Luna/Ginny. R.
~ [info]ravenclawbest wrote A Really Bad Idea. Alicia/Angelina. Not rated.

~ Anonymous at [info]hp_yule_balls drew NB. Pansy/Ginny. NWS, BDSM.

~ [info]fanfics_express is having a Ginny-centric New Year's drabble exchange.
~ [info]fem_exchange assignments are due Dec. 12. Posting begins Dec. 15.
~ [info]femmefest is an upcoming spring femmeslash fest. See the comm for details.
~ [info]hp_springsmut sign-ups will open soon! More info at LJ here and at IJ .
[info]sappho_rpg is seeking a Lavender Brown.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

10:35PM - Girls Today: Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ficlets and Drabbles
~ [info]bitterfig wrote Hobby Horse. Andromeda/Bellatrix. R.

~ Anonymous at hpvalensmut wrote All She Ever Wanted. Narcissa/Lily. NC-17.
~ Anonymous at hpvalensmut wrote Fractured Innocence. Gabrielle/Luna. NC-17.
~ Anonymous at hpvalensmut wrote Medicinal Innocence. Pansy/Luna. NC-17.
~ [info]alwaysasnapefan wrote Justice and the Cat Lady. Umbridge/Arabella Figg. NC-17.
~ [info]alwaysasnapefan wrote The Price of Silence. Petunia/female!Snape. NC-17.
~ [info]bitterfig wrote Easter Egg Radishes. Tonks/Luna. NC-17.
~ [info]its_art wrote The Bet. Charlie/Tonks/Ginny. NC-17.
~ [info]kabal42 wrote Showgirls. Luna/Gabrielle. NC-17.
~ liseuse wrote Can We Have The Bill Please? Pansy/Hermione; other characters and pairings. PG-13.
~ [info]red_day_dawning wrote Security Troll. Millicent/Rosmerta. PG.
~ [info]tattooedsappho wrote Unexpected. Tonks/Hooch. NC-17.
~ zizi_dickinson wrote The Lesson. Bellatrix/Narcissa. NC-17.

~ [info]ebonyserpent drew Pink. Bellatrix/Tonks. NWS.
~ [info]freckles42 drew Wet Dreams. Pansy/Daphne. NWS.
~ lynnraines drew The Ones We Love Never Leave Us. Ginny/Luna/(Harry). PG.

Fic/Art Collaboration
~ [info]ragdoll wrote and [info]twilightsorcery drew From Out of the Past. Tonks/Hermione. NC-17 and NWS.

~ april_lirit updated A Prohibition Against Sodomy and Sapphism with Chapter 3. Hermione/various; Hermione/Ginny eventually. R.
~ dreiser updated Crazy Little Things with Chapter 8: Hannover's Hangover Helper. Hermione/Luna. Not rated.
~ jezebelmalice began Jezebel in Hell with Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Hermione/Ginny. NC-17.
~ meingeheimnis updated Aucune Defense Pour Toi with Chapter 18. Fleur/Hermione. PG-13.
~ zizi_dickinson updated Indecision with Chapter 14. Ginny/Hermione. R.

~ endingsexchange is a new exchange for femslash with happy endings. Sign-ups are here.
~ [info]fem_exchange has posted its masterlist, so if you missed these lovely drawings and fics the first time around, why not have a look now? :)
~ femslash100's weekly challenge is Gray.
~ hpvalensmut has begun posting!
~ secrets_out_rpg is now casting.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

8:44AM - Girls Today: Thursday, January 10, 2008

~ Anonymous at 3_ships wrote Things You Learn from Books. Hermione/Luna/Percy. NC-17.
~ Anonymous at dearsanta wrote What We Did on Our Summer Holiday. Lots of ships (het and femslash), including Ginny/Luna. PG-13.
~ Anonymous at [info]fem_exchange wrote All I Need. Cho/Marietta. G.
~ [info]brightflower wrote Comfort. Tonks/Ginny. PG.
~ [info]kabal42 wrote Angels Are Not Only for the Dead. Luna/Gabrielle. NC-17.
~ [info]redbeargrl wrote The Education of Pansy Parkinson. Pansy/Various. R.

~ Editor's Choice! [info]its_art drew Late Night in the Room of Requirement. Ginny/Tonks/Luna. NWS.

~ meingeheimnis updated Aucune Defense Pour Toi with Chapter 17, Part 2. Fleur/Hermione. PG-13.
~ zizi_dickinson updated Indecision with Chapter 6. Ginny/Hermione. PG-13.

~ femslash08 has an announcement about this year's fest.

You Might Have Missed This (Older Fic, Meta, and Art)
~ [info]cathybites drew Untitled. Hermione/Luna. NWS.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

1:44PM - Girls Today: Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2008

~ Anonymous in [info]fem_exchange wrote The World Spins Madly On. Hermione/Pansy. R.
~ [info]salmon_pink wrote Faithfully. Ginny/Tonks. PG-13.
~ [info]fembuck wrote The Art of Seduction. Bellatrix/Narcissa/Andromeda. NC-17.

~ [info]its_art posted Them Gryffindor Girls. Lavender/Parvati/Hermione. NC-17/NWS.
~ [info]r3dpanda drew Fleur/Hermione. Fleur/Hermione, G.

zizi_dickinson posted Indecision (Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5). Ginny/Hermione. R overall.

~ luna_exchange is a fic and art exchange for all things Luna Lovegood.
~ [info]merry_smutmas posted its master list (scroll down for the list of all femmeslash).
~ [info]harry_holidays posted its master list.

ein_myria has a rec list here.
[info]krystal_moon is searching for certain femmeslash pairings.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

12:54AM - Girls Today: Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ficlets and Drabbles
~ [info]bitterfig wrote My Pretty One. Bellatrix/Hermione, Bellatrix/Alice. R.
~ [info]bitterfig wrote Not Everyone Wishes for Peace. Bellatrix/War. PG-13.
~ peskywhistpaw wrote Silly Little Alice. Bellatrix/Alice. PG-13.
~ salmon_pink wrote Blues. Luna/Cho. PG-13.
~ salmon_pink wrote Guiding Light. Ginny/Hermione. NC-17.
~ salmon_pink wrote Locks. Gabrielle/Fleur. PG-13.
~ salmon_pink wrote Pine. Bellatrix/Narcissa. R.
~ salmon_pink wrote Twinkle. Tonks/Fleur. PG.
~ snowpuppies wrote Discovery. Hermione/Ginny. R.
~ snowpuppies wrote Eyes Open. Ginny/Luna with voyeur!Hermione. R.
~ snowpuppies wrote Naughty Girl. Ginny/Hermione. R.
~ snowpuppies wrote Unpredictable. Luna/Hermione. R.

~ Anonymous at [info]fem_exchange wrote A Way to Escape (Ordinary Days). Luna/Hermione. PG.
~ Anonymous at [info]fem_exchange wrote Dear Narcissa. Bellatrix/Narcissa, Bellatrix/Andromeda implied. R.
~ Editor's Choice! Anonymous at [info]fem_exchange wrote Enisle. Narcissa/Hermione. R.
~ Anonymous at [info]fem_exchange wrote Fantasy versus Reality. Ginny/Tonks. PG.
~ Anonymous at [info]fem_exchange wrote I Once Was Lost. Cho/Luna. R.
~ Anonymous at [info]fem_exchange wrote Misconceptions. Katie/Alicia, McGonagall/Hooch. R.
~ Anonymous at [info]fem_exchange wrote Rainstorms. Padma/Luna. PG-13.
~ Anonymous at [info]fem_exchange wrote Silence. Katie/Alicia. PG-13.
~ Anonymous at [info]fem_exchange wrote Two Women, Three Broomsticks. Xiomara Hooch/Charity Burbage. PG-13.
~ antyureff wrote The Shell and the Pearl. Gabrielle/OFC. PG.

~ Anonymous at [info]fem_exchange drew two drawings. Ginny/Tonks, Hermione/Luna. G.
~ Anonymous at [info]merry_smutmas drew three drawings. Cho/Luna, Luna/Ginny, Ginny. NWS.

~ redsnake05 began Circle with parts 1 and 2 and parts 3 and 4. Hannah/Luna. NC-17.

~ ~ femslash100's weekly challenge is purple.
~ [info]hp_traditions, a fic exchange based on the theme of "traditions" and open to femslash, slash, het, and gen, has opened for sign-ups. Please read the FAQ and rules!
~ harry_holidays has posted a still-anonymous masterlist.
~ hp_wintersmut has made all its gift posts public and posted a list of gifts so far.
~ pornish_pixies has a mod post.

~ hggw31 created a Hermione/Ginny vid.

You Might Have Missed This (Older Fic, Meta, and Art)
[info]misfit_ragdoll wrote Different for Girls. Tonks/Fleur. NC-17.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

8:50AM - Girls Today - Wednesday, 19 December, 2007

Ficlets and Drabbles
~ salmon_pink in femslash100 wrote Yellow

~ Anonymous in [info]fem_exchange wrote Patience. Luna/Ginny. PG-13.
~ Anonymous in [info]fem_exchange wrote Knitting Disasters. Pansy/Ginny. PG-13.
~ Anonymous in [info]fem_exchange wrote Unconventional. Luna/Ginny. PG-13
~ Anonymous in [info]fem_exchange wrote Conversations in a Madhouse. Luna/Bellatrix, Bellatrix/Morag, Luna/Morag. NC-17. Warnings: Noncon (impaired consent/drugging), bondage, blood/knife play, object insertion.

~ poor_medea drew Witch's Weekly Issue #237. Various, G.

~ meingeheimnis updated Aucune Defense Pour Toi. Fleur/Hermione. PG-13

~ In cased you missed it in the "Fic" section, fem_exchange has started posting.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

11:08AM - Girls Today: Saturday, December 15, 2007

~ Anon wrote The Claiming of (and by) Sleeping Beauty. Tonks/Narcissa. NC-17.
~ [info]redbeargrl wrote Lunar Reflections. Luna/Hermione/Ginny. R.

~ Editor's Choice! sweet_lemmon drew You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?. Ginny/Pansy. NWS.

~ fem_exchange has a mod post.
~ hp_springsmut sign-ups are still open.
~ hp_wintersmut has a mod post.

You Might Have Missed This (Older Fic, Meta, and Art)
~ [info]alisanne, [info]celandineb, and [info]twilightsorcery wrote and drew Something New. Luna/Padma/Parvati. NC-17 and NWS.
~ corvidae9 wrote Downpour. Ginny/Luna. PG-13.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

8:52PM - Girls Today - Monday, 10 Dec. 2007

I am very glad to be joining the GT team! Many thanks to [info]green_amber and [info]foreword for welcoming me on board!

Ficlets and Drabbles
~ a_pious_cruelty wrote Citadel. Ginny/Pansy. PG-13.
~ salmon_pink wrote Red. Ginny/Cho. R.

~ Editor's choice! Anonymous at [info]harry_holidays wrote Like a Halo in Reverse. Ginny/Tonks. NC-17
~ salmon_pink wrote Whiskey Warmth. Hooch/McGonagall/Sprout. NC-17

~ hp_springsmut announced that there will be sign-ups on Tuesday.

You Might Have Missed This (Older Fic, Meta, and Art)
~ [info]misfit_ragdoll wrote Different for Girls. Tonks/Fleur. NC-17.
~ [info]freckles42 wrote Liquid Courage. Angelina Johnson/Alicia Spinnet/Katie Bell. NC-17.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

7:39PM - Girls Today: Thursday, December 6, 2007

Apologies for the unannounced and rather unintentional hiatus. RL doth make fools of us all...

However, I'm pleased to announce that [info]girls_today is back. \o/ And I'd also like to give a big welcome and grope to our new editor, [info]freckles42, who will be joining us next week. ♥!!!

And now for the links! Due to time constraints, I only went back about a week, so please, PLEASE, drop us links if there's anything we should have a look at. Recs=love.

Ficlets and Drabbles

~ Anonymous wrote Claimed. Tonks/Fleur. NC-17.
~ [info]a_pious_cruelty wrote Lap Me in Enmity. Hermione/Lavender. NC-17.
~ [info]bitterfig wrote Firebolt and Celestial and Ginger. Ginny/Luna, Snape. R, abuse themes.
~ [info]icntoagun wrote Unforgivable. Bellatrix/Alice. R.

~ Anonymous drew Untitled. Hermione/Luna. NWS.

Fic/Art Collaboration
~ Editor's Pick! [info]alisanne, [info]celandineb, and [info]twilightsorcery wrote and drew Something New. Luna/Padma/Parvati. NC-17 and NWS.

~ Fem_Exchange would like to remind you that all fic and art is due 12:00PM EST, Dec. 12.
~ femitch is a community for Quidditch-centered femslash.
~ [info]hp_art_daily is looking for editors.
~ hp_quotathon, a quote-based ficathon, has begun posting.
~ [info]pornish_pixies has some announcements.

You Might Have Missed This (Older Fic, Meta, and Art)
~ [info]mentha wrote Little Girl Red. Luna/Luna. NC-17, DARK!FIC.

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

1:21PM - Girls Today: Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ficlets and Drabbles
• 1_bad_idea (IJ) wrote It Can't Be Denied. Hermione/Tonks. Adult.
• 1_bad_idea (IJ) wrote Letter to the Editor. Hermione/Luna. Adult.
• smilencheer (LJ) write Wishes. Pansy/Ginny. G.
• speckofinfinity (LJ) wrote What You Can't Forget. Hermione/Fleur. R.

• anonymous (LJ) wrote Deluge. Hermione/Tonks. NC-17.
• anonymous (LJ) wrote Love Is A Pink, Frilly Pillow. Pansy/Millicent. NC-17.
• ashirashadow (LJ) wrote Ma chat noir. Pansy/Fleur. NC-17.
• 1_bad_idea (IJ) wrote Always You. Hermione/Luna. Not rated.
• kiwish_beat (LJ) wrote 2 a.m.. Hooch/McGonagall. Adult.
• kiwish_beat (LJ) wrote Nurturing Hope. McGonagall/Trelawney. Adult.
• wook77 (IJ) wrote Beauty in a Moment. Parvati/Lavender. NC-17.

• ani_bester (LJ) drew Tonks/Fleur. PG-ish, but other pieces in the same post are NWS; scroll down to see the Tonks/Fleur drawing.
• bitterfig (IJ) drew 7th Cousins 5 times Removed. Molly/Bellatrix. PG.
• bitterfig (IJ) drew Dark Embrace. Bellatrix/Tonks. NWS.
• k_krum (LJ) drew Hogwarts Chicks. Luna, Ginny, Hermione, Cho, Pansy. NWS.
• k_krum (LJ) drew Why, hello! Ginny/Hermione. NWS.

• emotionalwench (LJ) updated Waiting for the Real Thing with Chapter 7. Hermione/Ginny. PG-13.
• fembuck (LJ) updated Absolute Gravity with Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6. Hermione/Pansy. NC-17.
• jumbled_words (LJ) updated Playing with Fire with Moth to a Flame. Cho/Angelina. Teen.
• lynsangelic1 (LJ) updated Image of You with Chapter 6 and Chapter 7. Hermione/Ginny. PG-13.
• orgasmicspork (LJ) concluded Tit for Tat with The End. Hermione/Pansy. NC-17.

• femslash100 (LJ) has announced its weekly challenge, Remainder.
• sitn_hpslashrpg (LJ) is a new slash- and femslash-centric 7th year RPG.

• ein_myria (LJ) posted some recs.
• iulia_linnea (IJ) has announced Round Three of the HP Random Facts Fest.
• luv_minerva (LJ) is looking for femslash recs.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

9:01PM - Girls Today: Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ficlets and Drabbles
~bitterfig wrote A Fleeting Touch. Cho/Fleur. PG.
~holidayonice wrote Glass Slippers. Ginny/Luna. PG.
~honeydewnuomizi wrote Leading. Ginny/Luna. PG.
~padmasamadhi wrote Oona and Curiosity and Satisfaction. Hermione/Padma, Padma/OFC. PG and Adult respectively.
~play_themusic wrote Scattered. Tonks/Hermione. PG.
~sweetcarolanne wrote The Thrill of the Forbidden. Gabrielle/Susan. R.

~augustepiphany wrote Pigwallager. Hermione/Luna. G.
~eeyore9990 wrote A Raping of Canon. Bellatrix/Narcissa/Hermione. NC-17, warnings.
~fembuck wrote Darling Pansy, Beautiful Day, and Absolute Gravity. Hermione/Pansy. NC-17.
~fembuck wrote Joy in Small Places. Tonks/Fleur. R.
~femmenerd wrote Choices, or Five Ways Hermione Granger Could Have Lost Her Virginity. Hermione/various including Hermione/Ginny. NC-17.
~lash_larue wrote A Teenaged Girl. Umbridge/Millicent. PG.
~moriath wrote In Her Place. Bellatrix/Narcissa. NC-17.
~ooosk wrote 1944. Druella/Daphne. NC-17.
~padmasamadhi wrote Arithmancy and the Single Dhampir. Hermione/Padma, Luna/Willow Rosenberg. Adult.
~redbeargrl wrote Damaged Goods and Damaged Goods: The Conclusion. Hermione/Ginny. R; see warnings on The Conclusion.
~wotchered wrote mourn the memories later (laugh now, alligator). Tonks/Bellatrix. Adult.

~bitterfig drew Lily and Rose. Lily Potter/Rose Weasley. PG.
~orgasmicspork drew Give In. Narcissa/Pansy. NWS.
~orgasmicspork drew Quit Resisting Me. Hermione/Pansy. PG.
~ships_harry drew Friendly Competition. Bellatrix/Narcissa. NWS.
~twilightsorcery drew Educating the Governess. Hermione/Pansy. NWS.

~originalpuck began Wandering Snorkacks with chapters 1 and 2. Ginny/Luna. PG-13.

~fem_exchange is open for sign-ups! Please read the rules.
~femslash100's weekly challenge is Demon.
~hp_springsmut has posted guidelines on how to join the community.
~moorandfen is having a Founders-centric fic and art contest.
~pornish_pixies has some updates about Six Apart/LJ policy.

~karli_meaghan created lots of icons.
~nema_rasa asks about interest in a female-character-centric archive.
~ojos11 created a rarepair-centric femslash archive at
~sew_my_heart created three Bellatrix/Narcissa icons.

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