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help get [info]ginnycest off the ground

1. Please spread the word about this comm. Thank you for plugging!

2. Please add some content. Due to all the recent drama, some Ginnycest has vanished, locked down, or moved. If you have fics/art, old or new, do please post them or link them at this comm. Recs are good too!

3. We need icons. Can anyone help? Feel like making a few Ginnycest pairing icons? (The Ron/Ginny and Bill/Ginny icons I'm using today were made by superciliary at LJ last year. There's also Charlie/Ginny, Fred/Ginny, and Percy/Ginny: huge ship icon collection.)

4. Introduction time! *g* Comment on this post to say hello and meet like-minded people.

Are you a reader, writer, artist, beta, lurker?
What's your favorite Ginnycest pairing?
Any Ginnycest bunnies, fantasies, wish-list items?
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Welcome to Ginny-flavored Weasleycest!

These are the pairings you'll find here:

Ron/Ginny, Fred/Ginny, George/Ginny, Percy/Ginny, Charlie/Ginny, Bill/Ginny, Molly/Ginny, Arthur/Ginny. And any combinations thereof. Non-Weasley characters okay in threesomes -- e.g. Ron/Hermione/Ginny, Harry/Ron/Ginny, Lucius/Arthur/Ginny.

Why a Ginnycest comm?

Because Ginny deserves attention. In general Weasleycest comms, she can get lost amidst all the brother!slash (not that I have anything against that -- I love Percy/Ron, Twins/Ron, and Twins/Percy in particular). And if the twincest can have its own communities, why not the Ginnycest? *g* This may never be a very big comm, but I'm hoping it will be a friendly place where we can thoroughly indulge ourselves.

So welcome everyone, with all your Ginnycest fics, fanart, icons, recs, fic-search requests, bunnies, meta, ideas, observations, whatever. Have fun!

Community rules: please read. )

Comments? Questions?
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