Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Fic: Cardinal Rules, Ginny/Fred/George; NC-17

Title: Cardinal Rules
Challenge: written for like_charity
as part of the [info]hpfamilyfuncest exchange.
Author: [info]dead_sexydexy in [info]dexy_demented
Rating: NC-17
Form: Smut fic
Word Count 5,690
Characters: Ginny/Fred/George
Summary Fred and George need a guinea pig to test their sex potion wedding gift for Bill and Fleur… Ginny turns out to be the "Ginny Pig" of choice.
Warningsincest, implied Fred/George, het. threesome, wanking, nipplegasms, sandwich sex, loud sex, messy sex.
Disclaimer: The Potterverse is not mine, I make no money from it, I don’t intend to harm it or anyone else.
Thanks to [info]mauvaise_etoile for the super beta and to [info]conspiratorsb and [info]belladoragirl for the read throughs and suggestions. Any remaining errors are mine. (Oh geez, I already found at least one where I failed to delete one of their notes to me… tis deleted now, but not in the exchange version. eep!)
Comments: are most welcome.

Cardinal Rules
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