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Friday, December 15th, 2017
9:17 am - Mod Post - Please read before joining

1. This community serves to offer you links to freebies (ie. nothing with a shipping cost...100% free!)

2. All entries are friends only so please join to view them.

3. I won't post any links to "freebies" that require you to refer friends and then first fill out their special offers (think freeipod.com, etc.) This kind of goes along with #1.

4. I highly urge you to consider using a secondary email address when filling out freebie forms. A lot of freebies do require you to sign up for a newsletter to get the free item. There is always the possibility you will get spam mail. I use an email address only for these freebie requests and all junk mail/newsletters go there. Make sure it is a legit email though because some freebie offers do require you to validate your email so you can get your item so you will want to check the email address. I really recommend not using your main email address!!!!!!

5. There are various websites and other places I use to find these offers and I check their comments and the sites first to see if these are legit before I post them. Some may slip through the cracks but I really try to make sure I'm not posting freebies that won't come through for you.

6. Please don't bring drama. Some of these links may not be free things that you like or you want. Just skip over them! They aren't always things that I like or want either but I post them because they may interest someone else. Some may be religious. These don't necessarily reflect my personal beliefs. I just post what I find so please keep that in mind.

7. Some of these offers may take weeks to come, others take longer. Please be patient. If you start filling them out on a regular basis and they start coming you will find yourself getting something in the mail almost every day!

8. Most of all, have fun! :)

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