Aug. 17th, 2008


link round-up

An excerpt of the book by Ewan Wright. Marines call exaggerated displays of enthusiasm—from shouting Get some! to waving American flags to covering their bodies with Marine Corps tattoos—"moto." You won't ever catch Sergeant Brad Colbert, the twenty-eight-year-old commander of the vehicle I ride in, engaging in any moto displays. They call Colbert "The Iceman."

Picspam of the screening at Camp Pendleton, featuring the real marines and the actors who portray them.

Lt. Nathanial Fick reviews "Jarhead".

Aug. 13th, 2008


Interview with Stark Sands

Interview with Stark Sands (Lt. Fick) on Fratty Behavior on the ‘Generation Kill’ Set @

Aug. 12th, 2008


Add subtitles to your Generation Kill episodes


I just found a nifty tool for adding subtitles to the series. All you have to do is download and install the DirectVobSub filter for your Media Player (go here) and than download the subtitles here.

The subtitles file and the movie file should have the same name (except the file extension) and should be in the same place.

From my first impression the subtitles are good. Easy to read and pretty accurate so far. Enjoy!

Aug. 4th, 2008


Combat Jack: Episode Four Discussion

Thoughts! Squee! Rampant tattoo speculation!


Online Resources

HBO's Generation Kill Web Site
Warning: there is sound, which you can turn off by clicking on the speaker icon in the upper right corner. The icon does not appear until the page completely loads, unfortunately.

The Watcher at the Chicago Tribune
Nifty! Has pdf and word docs that HBO sent out to the press. Cast lists, maps, a glossary, and more. HBO's web site has the same info, but it is all flashplayer stuff and pretty inaccessible.

Internet Movie Database

Television Without Pity. Jacob is doing the recaps. He is competent, but sadly not slash conscious.

Livejournal Generation Kill community
Slash friendly, but the comm has selected the 14 and up option, limiting membership to those who are over the age limit, and who have filled out the date of birth field in their livejournal profile. Which I haven't.



Welcome to the Generation Kill Fandom Community.

This community celebrates the homo-eroticism and heroic woobie man pain of the actors portraying Marines in the HBO mini-series Generation Kill.

By celebrate, we mean writing fanfiction, posting photos, making icons, and general squee.

The community is not about the real men behind the mini-series, although Rudy Reyes has confused things by playing himself. But he's used to being admired, so it's all good.

The following is welcome at this community:

Episode discussion
Book discussion
Picspams and icons
Fanfiction, gen or slash: header and warnings required, and the fic must be behind a cut tag.

Not welcome: introductory posts, off-topic posts. They will be removed without warning. If you wish to pimp a related community, please contact the mods first.

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