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January 13th, 2009

gaslightmods @ 07:50 pm: Trouble at the docks (Open to everyone)
Aside from any light cast from the ships, the airship docks had little in the way of illumination. The only gas lamps were around the perimeter, where there was less danger of accidentally igniting one of the vessels. The moon, three-quarters full, hung high in the air. It was well on towards midnight, and the city was quiet.

The flames were the first sign that something was wrong. They lit up the northeast end of the docks in a brilliant flash, then dimmed to a steady flicker. The good news: the ship that had been engulfed was a hot air design, meant to carry a light cargo and very few passengers. The bad news: the ship's frame was certainly flammable, and fires could always spread.

The crews docked around the burning vessel were the first to respond. The Captain of the Zephyr and two of his crew went to investigate, while the first mate of the Titan ran to alert the fire department. Shouts echoed, startled, and then cut off.

December 4th, 2008

brassarsenal @ 10:57 am:
January, 1867 )

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