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Jun. 18th, 2008


Prince of Tennis: searching recs pages

I'm new to Prince of Tennis fandom, and I'm looking for good recs pages. My poison of choice is Tezuka/Ryoma, but I'll read other pairings as well.

So tell me, what are your favourite PoT recs pages?

May. 19th, 2008


[fic] hikago - rating pg - Five May fifths Hikaru didn't remember

Title: Five May Fifths Hikaru didn't remember
Author: Qem
Rating: PG for alcohol + language
Summary: It's not that Hikaru forgets exactly, it's just lots of stuff keeps happening.
Wordcount: Less than 500.
Authors Notes: Was reading some some posts today that I had no thoughts on in particular but did inspire a drive-by-drabble. XD Fixed it up a little with a few more details and thought I'd post it quickly. :)

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Apr. 17th, 2008


Get Down, Make Love - Captain Tsubasa Yaoi fanfiction (slight edit)

Fandom: Captain Tsubasa (soccer anime)
Pairing: Genzo Wakabayashi x Karl Heinz-Schneider
Title: Get Down, Make Love
Author: me ;)
Genre: Yaoi, one-shot, smut...
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,582
Warnings: Yaoi, explicit content, NOT WORK SAFE.
Disclaimer: I do not own Captain Tsubasa or the featured characters. If I did, they'd have a LOT more fun and would always have a can of Mary Sue repellent on hand (yes, both have been victims, poor dears...)
And 'Get down, make love' is originally a Queen song, covered by Nine Inch Nails (personally, I like NIN's version better..)
Summary: A hot one-shot with my favorite couple of the moment ;)
Author's Notes: This pairing is rare among fanfic in English. If you search, the only CT yaoi stories (and with this pairing) are written by me. You'll find some in the Spanish and French sections, but, again, very few with this couple. However, Japanese fan artists like this couple as much as I do; there's a lot of amazing work out there....But in this country, this anime isn't well known (the US isn't really big on soccer...); it's almost a best-kept secret here...Well, anyway - enjoy the smut :)

Apr. 1st, 2008

Prompts post is up for [info]porn_battle :D

Mar. 27th, 2008


Promotion: [info]yugen_no_ma

[info]yugen_no_ma (The Room of Profound Darkness) is a new InsaneJournal community created as a resource and fanfiction/art archive for fans of Hikaru no Go. You may post anything related to Hikaru no Go.

Everyone is welcome! Bring your fics, recs, art, icons, anything to do with Hikaru no Go. In addition, we are hosting a week-long drabble challenge to get things started!

Hope to see you there!

Mar. 19th, 2008


promotion: blind go

Just a heads up; Blind_go on LJ is having their fifth round.

Sign ups here:

Blind go is misspelled as bling by Qem "is a guess-the-writer challenge for Hikaru no Go, patterned along the lines of subrosa_tennis. Writers will submit fics that will be posted anonymously, and members of the community will attempt to identify the authors based on writing style."

This round you only have to write a min of 500 words. :)

Mar. 17th, 2008



*dying of laughter*

A prince of tennis badminton parody from gintama.

Mar. 13th, 2008


Geekery over profiles in PoT

So, I finally got around to reading the full translation of Yukimura’s 40.5 profile (*tips hat to Ai*), and the tarot reading at the end caught my attention.

This way to the geekery.

Feb. 23rd, 2008


[info]porn_battle is back again, thought I'd snag any of the prompts I recognised from sports series.

It'd be awesome if you link or post to [info]ganbatte_love any of your responses!

Eyeshield 21, Hiruma/Kidd, recuperating
Eyeshield 21, Hiruma/Musashi, "you're out of your mind"
Eyeshield 21, Hiruma/Rui/Megu, this isn't quite what I had in mind
Eyeshield 21, Megu/Rui, cross-dressing
Eyeshield 21, Musashi/Hiruma, don't get too cocky
Eyeshield 21, Sena/Shin, tackle into bed

Hikaru no Go - Hikaru/Yongha - playing with hair

Ookiku Furkabutte (oofuri) - Mihashi/Abe - Mihashi topping. =3

Prince of tennis, Oshitari Yuushi/Atobe, "... you're actually serious?

Stripe Blue - Heita Sekiguchi (catcher guy with glasses) / Ozawa Abo - twin swords being implemented in bed. :D

zIf I missed any, let me know!

Feb. 1st, 2008


[Fic] Lignin (YukiSana)

Title: Lignin
Author: Branch
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Yukimura/Sanada, Renji

Summary: Loosely based on the Five Stages of Love prompt. Yukimura and Sanada, over the years.

Seiichi nodded toward the rest of the club. "What do you think?"

Sanada crossed his arms, gazing across the courts again. "I'm glad you're here."

( Lignin )

Jan. 24th, 2008


Aha pic spam

Sorry for all the posts of late... Just wanted to try and get the comm more active...

This is something fun that I thought everyone could participate in.

.... PIC SPAM!

You know your favourite series, and I'm sure you'll have your favourite scenes... Want to share them with us? What are some of those random funny totally out of context screencaps that you like? What are some of your favourite manips?

I'll totally post a link to the thread (s?) for different series up here to make it easier for you to participate with your favourites. :D But bring out your banners and your icons and just let loose and have fun! :D

Please link to the /website/ of fanart if you want to share, unless you are the artist... And it might be better if your picture is larger than say... 500 by 500 that you link to it instead of embedding. ... but if you want to go crazy I won't mind - it's just the loading/page stretching for other users I'm concerned about.

Eyeshieldo Spam PILOT!
Prince of tennis spam
Wheee whistle!
Momo-chan greatest coach, or GREATEST COACH?
Moar Oofuri
Prince of tennis - no one will be running laps for this. rly
Canon Hikago
Prince of tennis - Sanada is hot, y/y?
Eyeshield, Sena/Shin UST IS FTW


Andddddddddddd moar icons.


Black Cat: 6
Bleach: 3
Cromartie live action movie: 2.
Fruitbasket/Furuba: 11.
Prince of Tennis: 28 (A couple were posted previously, most were not.
Total: 50

Credit: Adored and appreciated but not necessary; Chibati on greatestjournal, qem_chibati @ lj, qem_chibati @ ij.
Comments/Critism/Suggestions/Advice: Very welcome however these are icons from 2006 so I'd like to think I've improved since then. =/

Rating: PG13+
One of the icons makes a rude guesture.
Het pairing icons.
Slash pairing icons.


Coincidental that its a nice round 50 )

Resources: -for templates. -For talking about icons and techniques and etc.

Jan. 18th, 2008


[advertisement] hng_prompts

Just thought I'd pimp that Hng_prompts a Hikaru no Go drabble/oneshot community on LJ has come off hiatus.

Currently it's prompts are:
Drabble: tyrant, due 24 January
Oneshot: fox, due 31st January.

[ ]

They're talking about changing the rules, so to give your input there [ ]

And finally; absolutely no problems if you wanted to approach any of the prompts outside of the community and post them here.

Jan. 17th, 2008


Icons, behold the Tezuka rainbow. :D

Tezuka my favourite character? ... hmm dunno.
Number of icons: 10
Made by: qem_chibati
Comments loved
Concrit welcome
Credit appreciated but not necessary.

Behold the Tezuka rainbow )

Jan. 15th, 2008




7 - I'll Generation Basket
3 - Princess Nine:
2- Oofuri
2 whistle
1 Eyeshield pilot

Comments loved
Concrit/tips welcome
Credit appreciated but not necessary.:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Icons )

Jan. 14th, 2008


Fanfic: The Go board

Title: The Go Board
Fandom: Hikaru no go
Author: [info]qem_chibati / Qem
Characters/pairing: Goban/Sai forever! + Shusaku (Kuwabara Torajiro)
Length: this thing is only just UNDER NINE THOUSAND. D:
Rating & Warnings: Gen, Um. Death, but I think that one was obvious.

Jan. 13th, 2008


Sharing, screenshots

Take, do what you want, no credit necessary. though it would be awesome if you posted here with stuff!

Warning, some have only a few, some have a hell of a lot, some may unfortunately have subtitles or be low quality. For an idea of file sizes look here.

Eyeshield-21 - 15

Oofuri - 11 (All from episode 1 I think...)

Prince of tennis in general - (Actually I'm missing about 70 from the Rokkaku arc in here... ;.;)

Split into two:
Tezuka, Kaidoh, Echizen Jr, Echizen Sr, Inui, Fuji and The Cat: 190

Other: 152

Prince of tennis crazy gay boat movie ova thing - 26

Atobe's birthday special thing - 13

Prince of Tennis - first dream musical - 11

Princess nine - 130 (includes all the datashots which is why I started taking!)

Whistle - 52
Yakkitate!Japan (it was in two zip folders and I didn't realise until I uploaded one)

Jan. 12th, 2008


Review: I'll

Anime News Network
Title: I'll / Generation basket / Crazy Kouzo Basketball Club
Story & Art: Hiroyuki Asada
Sport: Basketball

Tachibana didn't like team sports - being forced to be the best but no longer play for fun was totally not his thing.

Hiragi was constantly being overshadowed by his family of basketball players and just becoming sick of the game in general.

In what was meant to be their /last/ game, these two meet and well, let's just say that an elbow to the face is involved.

These two characters go on to push and and shove at each other - ending up in the same school and coming back to basketball. Just so that one day they'll end up playing against the other guy.

To get down to the important stuff, the shipping this series has "the childhood friend", "the unlucky in love but total heart of gold", "the I kept my cigarette lighter for 10 years for you" set of teachers, and of course the one that most would be reading it for... /obviously/ "Two all star but non-team players that don't work well with anyone - but each other." :D

I think even the mangaka went in volume two, woah that was slashy, better play it down now. XD

It is a decidedly het series (there's some scenes that will totally make you go aww, I guarantee!), despite the slashy overtones and a couple of totally blatant BL reference. You will know them when you see them. XD

Story wise I've got the feeling I'm about to come to a bigger arc - the part of the story where the boys have to look up and see that there is something more... But so far I've really been enjoying to get to know the different characters and laugh along with their crazy madcap antics. XD

If your after a bit of fun snark and pretty visual action, this is a great series to check out.

ALSO! It features boys being complete and utter dorks.


I've mentioned that art wise I find this an extremely visually appealing series, it has some great scenes that have them battle out on the court, but my love of the art could be partially because it hits all my favourite arch type designs...


allow me to demonstrate with icons! )

Jan. 11th, 2008


FIC: The day before (Hikaru no Go, Touya/Waya, hard R)

Title: The day before
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Author: [info]sivullinen
Characters/pairing: Touya/Waya
Length: ~280 words
Rating & Warnings: Hard R
Summary: Written for Porn Battle, for prompt "Touya Akira/Waya, the day before". So, um. Just silliness with a blowjob.

The day before Touya Akira told Shindou Hikaru that he liked men...


Fun with polls

Just a bit of fun - tick off the series that you like or give me new fodder for the userinfo!
Poll #823 Bit of fun!
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Which of these series do you like?

View Answers

ace wo nerae
0 (0.0%)

ashita no joe
0 (0.0%)

ayane's high kick
0 (0.0%)

baki the grappler
0 (0.0%)

battle athletes
1 (11.1%)

bowling king
0 (0.0%)

buzzer beater
0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

captain tsubasa
0 (0.0%)

eyeshield 21
6 (66.7%)

ginban kaleidoscope
1 (11.1%)

0 (0.0%)

hajime no ippo
1 (11.1%)

hikaru no go
7 (77.8%)

initial d
4 (44.4%)


View Answers

0 (0.0%)

monkey turn
0 (0.0%)

mr fullswing
1 (11.1%)

one pound gospel
0 (0.0%)

ookiku furikabutte
5 (55.6%)

ping pong club
0 (0.0%)

prince of tennis
8 (88.9%)

princess nine
2 (22.2%)

slam dunk
1 (11.1%)

0 (0.0%)

3 (33.3%)

wild striker
0 (0.0%)

yakitate!! japan
4 (44.4%)

I know more! Which btw should totally be added to the user info


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