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[03 Sep 2017|09:56pm]

happy sunday funday, join us! 🌚
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[04 Oct 2016|09:28pm]

i just uploaded a new video because i became so inspired over the weekend after watching footy teams go hard at it to be crowned champions. if you have nothing to do, watch it
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father's day. [19 Jun 2016|03:36am]

happy father's day to all the dad's out there, its your special day!
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Customs or ims [19 Apr 2016|11:03pm]

If you were an emoji which one resembles you most? Or show me your most recent emoji. My most recent is 😂
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HAPPY NEW YEAR [01 Jan 2016|08:57pm]

So today I took a bath for the first time since last year. Refreshing. What have you done today for the first time this year 😂
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customs or ims? FRIENDS [20 Dec 2015|04:35pm]
show me your favorite thing about Christmas using pictures
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what're you doing this weekend? [10 Dec 2015|11:34pm]

[ mood | imma dj, it might suck tbh. ]
[ music | come spend your friday with us for a good cause! ]

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Random questions to keep me awake [25 Nov 2015|07:39pm]

What colour underwear are you wearing?
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who wants to be friends [01 Nov 2015|11:54am]

HALLOWEEN IS OVER WITH, show me your costumes 1, 2, 3 i was the ice queen
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IMS OR CUSTOMS? [06 Oct 2015|02:43am]

I love react videos. tell me how many you guess correctly do you know 90s music?
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Ims or customs [25 Aug 2015|10:05pm]

Whats the funniest/stupidest autocorrect you've made? Mine was today, i lassoed pig actually was supposed to say I passed out 😂😂😂
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Customs while my aim is dead 😡😡 [12 Aug 2015|09:56pm]

Could you live on fast food for the rest of your life??
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what it is??? (it's unlocked in case ur shy) [04 Aug 2015|01:01pm]

hi remember that sex update i told you beth and i were working on??? we are working on it and we want to know who has questions we can answer so ask whatever the fuck you want even if it's real weird. (weirder the better) so that this can be as fun for u as it is for us

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Ims ? [10 Jul 2015|07:52pm]

Happy birthday Jessica Simpson :)
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Lazy Sunday ims customs?? [14 Jun 2015|09:36pm]

What are you doing with your Sunday?
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SCAVENGER HUNT? [11 May 2015|06:49pm]

okay so this is kind of just a maybe thing right now, IT'S IN PRODUCTION AND WE'LL SEE HOW IT GOES, but basically i was thinking it'll go like this: after i set everything up i'll make a post that has a starting clue and that's" witchy werecoyotes are fast, but demonic skype bullies are faster" or something i don't know that's just an example and then that would lead to the lovely shelley hennigs journal where in her f/o would be ANOTHER CLUE that says "forget about left shark and go right to this girl(even though she's one of the boys)" and it would be katy perry.

idk it's just an idea but if anyone wants it i'll do it and type out the directions in a better way. i'll also award the first person that returns with all the clues figured out a cute graphic with a crown awarding them king or queen of the scavenger

SO if you want to play, be a clue, volunteer to make something for the winner, or do all three let me know here! i'll keep the comments screened just in case THANKS GUYS!!
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hey ya'll [19 Apr 2015|09:13pm]

i'm alive! cause i know ya'll missed me
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sadly no question to ask [15 Apr 2015|09:24pm]

this is my better half )
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Ims or customs anyone [22 Mar 2015|09:37pm]

Where's your hiding place when you're feeling down?
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customs pwease [24 Feb 2015|11:20pm]

hey ya'll. i'm so sorry, i've been super busy with my shows in vegas. i have a little free time now, so lets get the chatter rolling.
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