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Code Ragnarok: Genesis Apr. 6th, 2008 @ 07:02 pm
Last year I wrote a story for Nanowrimo containing two of my favourite things.
Furs and Zombies. XD

I’ve finally started editing it and chapter one is now posted on [info]lucid_daydreams

Clearly the story will have a lot of blood and it is rated Teen because of that.

So here it is: Code Ragnarok: Genesis - Chapter One .

Feel free to point out any mistakes be it spelling grammar or big honking plot holes. ^^;;

Prompt submission post Jan. 15th, 2008 @ 02:31 pm
So to restart some interest in this asylum I’m going to start doing prompts.

If you want to suggest your own prompts please reply to this post. (Replies will be screened.)

New Prompts will be posted on Tuesdays between 1.30 and 3.00 pm UK time.

This week’s Prompt is:


Gives the asylum a Phoenix Down Oct. 23rd, 2007 @ 07:32 pm
It’s journal’s been rather quiet for a while now. So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in challenges.

I was thinking of regular prompts (Either weekly or monthly) to encourage people to draw, write, sculpt ect.

So can I have a raise of hands to see who thinks this is a good idea?

Poll #547 Furry_Ficpic Prompts?
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Should Furry_ficpic start using regular prompts

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Yes Weekly!
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Aug. 20th, 2007 @ 02:16 pm
I said I would make a post if I changed any rules here.

It’s not really a change but I’ve added a note to the Profile page saying that Fursites and sculptures are allowed.

I also want to thank and welcome everyone who’s joined so far. ^_^

Aug. 12th, 2007 @ 05:09 am
Place: Paradise City
Titles: As the prompts; I haven't named the whole story yet.
Author: Red
Themes: NIGHTS 20. Sleepwalking, CRIMES 28. Trespass, THRILLERS 22. Scream, ANGSTS 27. Together
Character: Acetyl Diamorphos, AKA 'Cet
Rating: R to NC-17 in various places.
Claimer: This is an original setting and these characters are, in fact, mine. Dirty city moments. Adults only. May be triggering to other piquerists, dacnomaniacs, and to the morally sensitive. Otherwise, proceed.
Summary: Acetyl goes on the prowl, and his methods prove to frustrate the living hell out of those who follow in his wake. This is the EXPLICIT VERSION. If people would prefer I post a version that could safely be rated R, I'll try to cut it down, but in all honesty I'd rather not unless the community/mod(s) determine that it goes too far, in which case I'll definitely cut it back a bit.

Also, it's been a long time since I wrote something, I know ... I'm making myself write, to get back into the habit, back into practice, et cetera, and also to do a little low-level venting.

In short, I'm pretty sure this didn't come out well, but I'm honestly too tired to tell at this point. :p Hence, critique it as thoroughly you feel like, and I *really* appreciate any help I get. I'll do my best to reciprocate, natch'.

These technically form one story as a whole, but each was written in response to a separate prompt. They weren't written in the order presented, but they happened to flow together so I put them together; the flow might be a little strange, and if the tense shifts from one to the next that's why. Do point out incongruous tense breaks tho' if you feel like getting that detailed. I would greatly appreciate it.

Sleepwalking )
Trespass )


Scream )


Together. )
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» (No Subject)
Warning: You can't see anything but I wouldn't look at them in work just to be safe.


This is Midnight and for some reason I keep drawing her in pictures that involve near nudity, and ribbons?
» (No Subject)
(I'm not sure if this is appropriate, but I know the Secret of Nimh is something that a lot of us "old skool" furries are big fans of. I apologize if it shouldn't go here.)

User BJ_Snobear of FurAffinity (the artist formerly known as Sherwood, I believe) posted in his FA journal about The Secret of Nimh.

Unbeknownst to me, apparently the folks at 20th Century Fox have been planning a 25th anniversary re-release of The Secret of Nimh, digitally enhanced, with special features including a commentary track by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman.

And now it's available!

I bought the earlier DVD release, and while it's perfectly fine for viewing and enjoying, you can tell that it didn't have any kind of digital enhancing. It's still far better than what you could get on a VHS (if you're lucky enough to come across one), so I got it a few months back. But I'll definitely be getting this two disc special!

As well (and maybe not as interesting to the furry folks), The Last Unicorn has also been re-released after digital remastering! When I went out to buy The Secret of Nimh on DVD several months ago, I saw that this was available too, and almost bought it. Buuuuut... the DVD version available at the time is a very poorly created copy. Terrible color, soundtrack, etc. So I didn't bother buying it.

Now they've remastered it and apparently the color and sound is excellent. They did do some content editing on it though... apparently the word "Damn" used as a curse is edited in a couple of spots (frankly I probably would have never noticed if someone hadn't told me so, it's been so long since I watched it), and apparently they use a different singer for a song than the original. But from what I read at Amazon, it's many, many times better than the previous DVD release that was available.

If you're an older furry-type like me, or if you're just a fan of nostalgia animation, you might want to get a copy of each of these. These come from an era when animation was truly an artform and not just a medium to create cheap, crude humor aimed at the most juvenile of adolescence. When people talk about the difference between a "cartoon" and an "animated film", these movies are an example of the latter.

Don't get me wrong, I saw Shrek and Over the Hedge and Ice Age, and yes they're cute and I enjoyed them. But in my opinion, they can't hold a candle to classics like these.
» (No Subject)
Place: Paradise City
Title: Somebody
Author: Red
Critiques: PLEASE. Always. As thorough and unsparing as you can manage without crossing the line to viciousness.
Theme: THRILLERS 02. Blood
Character: ‘Cet Diamorphine
Rating: PG-13/R ... not much onscreen this time.
Claimer: This is an original setting and these characters are, in fact, mine. Dirty city moments. Adults only. May be triggering to other dacnomaniacs and to the morally sensitive. Otherwise, proceed.
Summary: Still struggling a little, but not quite as much. Songprompting helps a lot. I never hear that word in the Agent Orange cover as what it's meant to be ...

Somebody to ...  )
» Thank you!
Is just wanted to say a huge Thank You to everyone who has joined, posted or even if you are just watching.
So thank you:

Well since I made this place I should contribute shouldn’t I? ^_^

Well I have one long fantasy/sci-fi Furry story on FictionPress.net called The Chronicles of Lowerground, I’m currently on chapter nine, so you could have a look if you want.

Or you could look at this picture of the main characters.
Or you could look at the same in Chibi vision. XD
» (No Subject)
First post to anywhere other than my journal. So glad that there's a furry asylum now! *waves* Here's a fic I started a long time ago and trying to tempt my muse out of hidding...

fic: Shadow of the Moon
rating: 18+
characters: Romulus, Rosco
a/n: slowly making my way into the world of original fiction.
warnings: violence, possibly gore, maybe a little angst, furry, slash, anthropomorphic creatures!

disclaimer: what the hell am I saying?!? I own Romulus and Rosco! So no taking without asking!!!

shadow of the moon )
» (No Subject)
So hell, why not. All reposted from [info]30_somethings

Place: Paradise City
Titles: As the prompts.
Author: Red
Theme: NIGHT 23. Strangers 04. Flicker 07. Fountain
Characters: Shawcross (black tiguar)
Rating: R
Claimer: This is an original setting and these characters are, in fact, mine. Dirty city moments. Adults only. May be triggering to other dacnomaniacs and to the morally sensitive. Otherwise, proceed.
Summary: Shawcross has a bad evening. Or good, depending on when you ask him. Three hundred-some words in three places across town.

Strangers )

Flicker )

Fountains )

Place: Paradise City
Title: As the prompt.
Author: Red
Critiques: Always. As thorough and unsparing as you can manage without crossing the line to viciousness.
Theme: NIGHT 03. Escape
Character: ‘Cet Diamorphine (krros)
Rating: R to NC-17; graphic violence, ‘bad words’
Summary: I haven’t been able to get anything but this stuff to come out of my head lately. Really struggling with this for some reason even though I really want to write. In short, this’ll probably need serious ripping up. Go for it.

This is why I usually stick to drabbles. )
» Mod post
So after finding out there was no furry/anthro comms asylums on Insane Journal I decided to make one.

And to start this place of I though we could have a little contest. I can't customise a journal very well, and as the only Furry Asylum on the site we need to look our best.

So the contest is to make a nice layout and default icon to reflect what this site is about, furry Art and fiction.

Of course if you just want to post pictures and stories rather than layouts that's good too, it is after all what this place is for. ^_^

Here's to what will hopefully be a productive asylum.

Here are the rules. )
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