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REOPEN [09 May 2009|06:52pm]

We Will ReOpen on Monday May 18th, 2009!!
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[06 May 2009|05:13pm]

So apparently my absence killed the game. I'm sorry guys. Life is unavoidable, as much as we would like to think otherwise. But I'm back now! And I'm looking to get the game going again. Let me know (email or messenger or something) if you're still in. Thanks!

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Off hiatus. [20 Apr 2009|01:38pm]
What an eventful month. Anyway, my chest x ray came back negative, I got to taste what a hospice nurse deals with, and got to attend a funeral. Joyous.

Anyway, I'm ready to hop back in. Did I miss anything?

Also, are Peter, Sylar, and Elle still going to do that doctor thread? Let me know~
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[25 Mar 2009|05:29pm]

so you know how people say bad things come in threes? well, i'm one problem short of a cliche. so with the death of my best friend's baby sister, I'm going to have to ask for a hiatus. a couple weeks, a month max, until life settles back into a normal pattern. then i'll be back with the same force and enthusiasm as i started with. thanks guys.

while I'm away Hanne is headmod. poke her for whatever you need. she doesn't mind. also, my characters are going about every day life/plot, so if you need to mention running into them or talking to them, etc. feel free. (the angela/noah thread can go as per his flashback from a couple episodes ago)

again, thanks you guys.
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[22 Mar 2009|01:54pm]

sorry i've been mia this week. i had some family problems to deal with, but they should be pretty sorted out... i think, i hope.

also i' gona be out of town the 4th to the 12th, probably without internet access.

-alicia (angela, daphne, charlie & caitlin)

[16 Mar 2009|09:06pm]

I'm really bad at the introduction thing, so I'm going to try and be quick so no one has to read too much. My name's Lauren and I'll be playing Noah Bennet thanks to the mods who were kind enough to put up with my e-mail issues. Aim-wise is usually no problem though and I'm on practically every night though the times vary since I'm usually the only one who seems to close anymore. Though I promise I'm friendly and open to plotting, or even just a casual chat. You can reach me on my general sn anonhotep; or (if it's done being a pain) you can e-mail me at ayan_fuji@yahoo.com.hk

I guess I should give a little blurb about Noah, right?

He's having a hard time settling into the role of stay at home dad and of course a little uneasy about Claire being so far from home, though he's trying to play it off. He knows his daughter is old enough to make her own decisions, but he still can't really avoid settling back into his old overprotective self..though he only means to do what's best for his family.
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[07 Mar 2009|11:07pm]

Okay, so I've been rolling it around in my head and I guess it's time for some community input. We need to find a way to 1. heal Charlie's head and 2. get Hiro's abilities back. So does anyone have any ideas? We've been tossing around the idea of using Adam's blood. Or maybe bringing in an NPC/OC with Linderman/Ishi's ability. And I was debating using Kimiko. But any other ideas would be fantastic. Maybe there's something I'm not thinking of that ya'll can come up with. :)
(Evolve | 2 Heroes)

[07 Mar 2009|01:51pm]

Just a little heads up, someone was looking to bring in Rachel so I've made some icons for her Here
(Evolve | 8 Heroes)

[06 Mar 2009|12:47pm]

I forgot to write one of these before because I was too focused on the upcoming Watchmen movie and all this other work-related bs. But yes, here is Maya Herrera who no longer has any powers and no longer cries at the drop of a hat. She currently lives in New Jersery and works as a waitress. She does still have feelings for Mohinder and is actually quite thankful she met Sylar even if she'd really like to kill him now. I'm open for various plots which include allowing her to be taken in by Danko and his team. I believe Sylar all ready did a pretty good job of making Nathan think she's dangerous and should be one of the first captured before he sets his sights on everyone else. The aim is still the same.
(Evolve | 29 Heroes)

Activity Checks [06 Mar 2009|09:24am]

Okay, it's that time again. This time we have three characters on activity checks. So poke one of the mods about why you haven't posted or post something. Inactivity removes are on Sunday if we don't hear something.

1. Lir - [info]remember_ground - The Haitian

2. Tara - [info]fisnet_gloves - Tallulah Jensen

3. Tarot - [info]claudereigns - Claude Rains

I'm going to toss up the friends button sometime today because we got a lot of new characters the past few days, but I'm waiting on one more journal name to add. :)
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[03 Mar 2009|02:33am]

Hey all,

As you may or may not know already, I play Mohinder Suresh and now the infamous Emile 'Hunter' Danko. He's quiet now but when Nathan needs him, he'll be there to start bringing the evolved humans down. If anyone is interested in a line I am on AIM under SmileYSoSerious or DoctorDoctor0h (My internet sucks so my AIM suffers sometimes, I may be on one name and not another just so you all know so you can add both :] )
(Evolve | 6 Heroes)

So yeah. [27 Feb 2009|10:52pm]
I have been so fail with this. >> Or maybe it's IJ's fault. I seem to get the glitchy times of IJ when I try to do things, like join communities and upload icons.

Anyway, belated hello! My name is Lisa, and I'm the resident Peter puppy. He doesn't bite, honest! A little about me: I work as a nurse in a long term acute care hospital, and though I usually work three days a week, the past few weeks have been overloaded with bonus shifts to help me pay off the car I just bought. So yeah, apologizes to everyone if I've been AWOL orz.

I do intend on adding everyone's screen names soon for plottage, though, so please don't be frightened by me? /o/;; My screen name is kakan ni ouen. I'm usually online 24/7, so if you IM me I'll definitely catch it when I get out of work!

[25 Feb 2009|09:26am]

Hello! I'm Ally and I'll be joining the game as the the sexiest ex, Heidi Petrelli. Of course I'll need to chat to random family members to see what their standing is with each other but other than that she and I are open to all forms of plotting. If you wanna chat my AIM is thisquietdream and I'm here most nights.
(Evolve | 9 Heroes)

[23 Feb 2009|10:36pm]

So I've still got another few hours left at work, and Elle's feeling playful tonight. Is anybody up for plotting, or threading?
(Evolve | 6 Heroes)

[23 Feb 2009|02:14pm]

Hit the Friend Button please. We've lost our Doyle :(

Also, I'm doing activity checks Friday. If you haven't posted, or replied to your open threads for a while (and you know who you are) you're at risk of being dropped from the game. K? K!

on a not modly note: Mohinder want to post with Daphne?
(Evolve | 2 Heroes)

more and more and more [17 Feb 2009|03:46pm]

Couple new characters! Mohinder & Caitlin. Also the meta community is on there if you haven't joined/friended it. Use the FRIEND BUTTON!!

also, on a grrr!mod note, a couple people still haven't posted ic since activity checks. you know who you are. i don't want to have to run activity checks again this weekend. :(

[15 Feb 2009|06:14pm]

Hello all! My name is Kira, and I'm here to pick up the mantle of everyone's favorite Immortal Messiah, Adam Monroe. This, of course, will require finding a way to make him immortal once more instead of a pile of dust on a hospital floor (so very unsanitary, that). Clearly we need someone with the power of deus ex machina wait, isn't that what the time travelers are for? in order to resolve this situation.
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oh noes :( [15 Feb 2009|03:00am]

Sadly, we have lost Frost to real life. Please run the Friend Button. If anyone wants Noah or Adam, feel free to put a hold on them on the character list now :)

[13 Feb 2009|05:22pm]

Alright. Well, thanks to somebody's bad influence, I've created a meta community. Got crack you want to play and not make part of the game? Post it at [info]metafugitives!

Also, fyi, because I didn't know and neither did Hanne, here's what meta means!!
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[13 Feb 2009|09:32pm]

Hello all, if I may introduce myself again and apologise profusely for my very long abscence. If anyone wants to plot with me, poke me on AIM and I'm fully willing to jump right in with all the creepy puppets and such!
(Evolve | 2 Heroes)

Uh-oh Mod Post [13 Feb 2009|02:49pm]

Firstly, Hanne & Rick are now in the Modly positions to help me keep up with stuff! Say hi. Ask them questions if you have some. They'll be helping with ads and adds and all that kinda stuff. So yay!

And now... it's time to be the mod of doom. I hate this part. But luckily you guys are completely awesome and I barely even need to do this. However... activity checks. I'm going to post them here on a Friday, on Saturday I'm sending out an email. If I get no response or no post by Monday night, then the offender will be removed. If I get one post and then nothing until the next activity check, the offender will be removed. Hiatuses and school are perfectly okay reasons to be away as long as you let the modlies know. (That said, Frost is a bit slow because of school, but she has promised to put Noah & Adam into play soon.)

So, that said and done, now I shall present the list. People on the list have until Monday to talk to one of the mods about their absence or make some sort of post. K? K!
1. thepuppetmaster - Eric Doyle (Johnny)
2. holistichero - Peter Petrelli (Lisa)


Also, Ducky, I know you haven't posted with Rosalie in a while cuz she's not really involved with anyone else yet, but just poke me and we'll discuss plot. I don't want you on this list, too!

Introducing... [13 Feb 2009|11:17am]

Hi, everyone! I'm Liritar, your resident Matt/Haitian. I'm open to plotting with anything, contact me at elfoftheriddermark@yahoo.com. I don't have internet at home, so sometimes my posting is erratic, and I get on AIM less often than I check my email. If I do happen to be on AIM, I'm OrigamiFanatic. Nice to meet you all.
(Evolve | 4 Heroes)

[12 Feb 2009|07:59pm]

Alright, so I'm a little slow and just realized I never did an introduction post. My name's Erin, and I'll be playing Elle Bishop (and possibly Luke Campbell if I ever find any icons). I'm online....probably more than is healthy, and am always up for RPing, plotting, or anything. Most of my online time is done at work, so the best way to get ahold of me is either PM or e-mail (Rswllgrl18@yahoo.com) but I'm usually up late, so you might be able to catch me on AIM Rswllgrl18.
(Evolve | 23 Heroes)

Howdy! [11 Feb 2009|06:57am]

[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Rain on the Roof ]

Hi! Thought I'd introduce myself...I'm Tara and I'll be playing an OC Company Girl- Tallulah Jensen. I'm ridiculously excited to be playing with all of you. Anyway. I'd love to chat and get to know people here, as well as talk plotty goodness. You can reach me e-mail wise at wrench.girl@gmail.com and on AIM at wrench.girl@gmail.com.

I'm a crazy technical theatre professional which means I have a crazy schedule where I'm working most nights and all days on weekends. The best times to reach me are Monday and Tuesday (days off), Wednesday and Sunday evenings, and all other days before 4 PM, except Saturday where I am incommunicado because I have two shows that day and am so exhausted by the time I get out I hardly remember my name. So...Yay. Once again, looking forward to playing with you all RP style.

(Evolve | 10 Heroes)

Important Mod Notice! [10 Feb 2009|10:50pm]

First, run the friend button. We have a Nathan!

But the original purpose of this post has to do with Modly Stuff! Frost has other obligations, so she's going to step down as mod so she can just focus on our lovable (and frustrating!) Noah <3 That means I probably need another mod. Basically to do ads and adds when I'm busy, to help me decide on applications, and possibly to update lists and answer questions. So if you're up for it, give me a poke and we can discuss! :)
(Evolve | 6 Heroes)

[08 Feb 2009|09:05pm]

Hey everyone! I would just like to introduce myself. I'm Rick and I will be playing Hiro Nakamura. I've been roleplaying since I was 13...so thats about 11 years of experience. I think i've actually been involved in other games with some of you, so if anyone has any ideas or just wants to chat i'm always up for some plottage. You can message me at XParselxMouthX on AIM or shoot me an email at kel_sar2000@yahoo.com

Can't wait to jump into some storylines. YATTA!!!
(Evolve | 5 Heroes)

Mod Post! [07 Feb 2009|11:28pm]

We Have New People!! Hiro, Claire & an OC Tallulah!!
Click Here For The Friend Button!

New People! Check out the contact list and make sure I have all your information on there and correct and make some introduction posts! Poke me if you have questions or want some plotty stuff!

Mod Post! [02 Feb 2009|09:06pm]

We have new people. RUN THE BUTTON!

So, I hope everyone saw the episode, cuz if not there might be spoilers. But since it's set 2 months after volume 3, we've got a lot of leeway. We're going to be playing what leads up to volume 4. If there's anything gamewide that you want to put into play, or anything you definitely didn't like and want gone, let me know. We'll take a group vote or something. For now... I guess everyone's going into hiding!

Pimp! We need new members and more characters!

and on a personal note... IS PETER RETARDED? He just walks right into traps all the frikin time.
(Evolve | 15 Heroes)

[02 Feb 2009|03:05pm]

Change of AIM: thegirlyousee
Poke me there instead of the old one if you need Daphne, Angela, Charlie or modly help! :)

Quick FYI [30 Jan 2009|09:17pm]

So just a quick note, kind of a reminder before we start. Please tag posts with the first and last name of the characters involved, the location (state, city, whatever is most commonly used), and the rating. Posts should be titled WHO, WHEN (date & time), WHERE, & RATING. (Phone calls, texts, emails, etc. should also be labeled with the Date & Time at least.) And then they should be cut if they're more than 1 paragraph long. (Daphne's first post is a good example of this!) Please try and keep up with all this, but I'm not a nazi about it. If you forget and I notice, I may poke you once. Any question and you can poke me on aim.
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