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[26 Apr 2017|02:21pm]

I'm thinking about bringing this guy here in his late 20s, early 30s with a Jai Courtney PB so I'm posting to see where he could fit in. I'm completely open to suggestions!
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[26 Apr 2017|10:07pm]
Currently all characters in the second generation of Alec Curtis's family are held or in discussion. Alec and his (currently unplayed) wife are considered the first generation of his family, so his children are filled. If this changes we will let you know.

There are still some grandchildren spots in the family. Please ask here or in the dropbox about those roles.

We are very much looking for family for [info]aubreycurtis He currently has two children in play and there is room for at least three more. His wife is a black woman, so that should be reflected in his children, though the player has expressed a wish for a Joshua Jackson or Jonny Lee Miller as a son for him, and that would also be acceptable, but just one of them, please.

There are also several families with children slots available.

[info]mattcurtis and [info]meredithcurtis

[info]oliverwarren and [info]dearveronica are the main two with children slots currently.

Feel free to comment here or in the dropbox (on the mod journal) with any queries.

Anonymous comments are screened on this post.
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[24 Apr 2017|04:59pm]

Hello! Here is a new character that I'd like some help finding a place for. She's being developed along with her twin sister ([info]billiecurtis). I think they'd fit in fine as daughters (third generation) of one of the Curtis siblings, but since we don't have that whole second generation played, I figured I'd just post here and see if anyone wanted 'em. ♥
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Careers [23 Apr 2017|03:28pm]

Was looking for my own curiosity/character planning, so figured I'd throw this together.

(Grandpa) Alec Curtis - CEO of a number of small businesses and occasional investor
Alec Warren (The Younger) - Porn Star / Male Escort
Aubrey Curtis - Retired Medical Doctor
Beyla Curtis - Party Entertainer / Sexcam Girl
Daniel Curtis - Medical Doctor
Ian Curtis - Photographer / Model
Jacob Curtis - Partner at a Law Firm
Jordan "Tory" Curtis-Warren - College Student
Matt Curtis - Curtis construction company
Meredith Curtis - Medical Doctor
Mishael Curtis - Club Owner
Oliver Curtis-Warren - Construction supervisor and online porn producer
Sebastian Curtis-Warren - College Student and Musician
Veronica Curtis-Warren - Owner of the Parrish Art Museum
Zuberi Curtis - Medical Doctor
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Family Tree [22 Apr 2017|01:21pm]


I hope this helps, for those looking for lines! I think it's updated, at least based on who is currently in the active comm. ♥

The only one in the comm who isn't on the tree is Madeline, since I'm not sure where she fits yet?
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[21 Apr 2017|12:12am]

I created this Kate Winslet pb, but unfortunately her husband's player had RL and didn't end up joining. I'd like to do something with her, as I love Kate! She was to be the wife of one of the brothers in the first family, but honestly, I'm open to anything she'd fit for. She could be the wife of someone in the second family group, she could be part of the first family group, or anything else we come up with together. I really don't have anything set for her, though I am leaning to her having a partner, male or female, or even more than one partner, and if she's not part of the family she'll be married to the partner who is part of it. I'd also really love some children for her in game, no faces in mind there. For cliché reasons, I'd love a DiCaprio pb for something, too. Doesn't have to be her male partner.
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[19 Apr 2017|03:28pm]

Would love a Chord Overstreet pb (because seriously) for a brother or cousin for this guy if anyone is looking to bring in a younger guy.

Also more siblings in general - he only has one so far!
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Characters currently being sought. [15 Apr 2017|04:33pm]
Please note - the only playable characters are the Curtis family and their significant others - though the significant others need only be intended, they don't have to be in a relationship to be brought in but they should have one in the works.

If you have any questions, you can comment to this post or to the screened dropbox in the mod journal. Anonymous comments are screened on this post.

At present, we are not looking for any characters as Alec Curtis's children. They are all currently filled. There may be some significant others, and Aubrey Curtis's family is still very open - he has two children in play so far.

Characters we seem to have lost in the downtime/unexpected hiatus - we would like to fill these roles if possible. Let us know if you are still here or still interested in the role, as well. All of the roles below are currently filled, held or in discussion.

Or if you are a current player not at the maximum of five characters, if you'd be interested in any of these roles:

First family: Grandfather is pbed by Charles Dance. Looking for the grandmother if there is interest.

Eldest and younger sons (two characters) of [info]meredithcurtis and [info]mattcurtis Open to another child or two in that family as well.

All but two ([info]sebcurtis and [info]alecwarren) of [info]dearveronica (eldest daughter of family #1) and her husband [info]oliverwarren's children. Open to more there, both boys and girls.

Daughter-in-law (and her husband) of the first Curtis family. It may be possible to swap this out and make her a daughter of the family if the previous player is no longer interested, as well. Held.

Another daughter. She was to be played as a single mother of twins, but unless the previous player is still around and interested, she is an open book character wise. Would prefer this character to have a husband as the one above likely won't have one. Held, but the character has changed.

Another son, he had a wife in discussion as well. His pb was to be Michael Fassbender if anyone is interested in bringing him. I believe the wife's player is still interested in that role as well. In discussion. If this character is not picked up, the status will change.

There are also a set of twins (pbs Justin Hartley and Ioan Gruffudd), and I believe one of them is looking for an adopted child, but I'm not sure.

There is also the full family of grandfather #2 Aubrey Curtis (pb John Noble). He is looking for his wife, a black or biracial woman of colour, he has one daughter in game, but the children and grandchildren of his family are completely open. PB suggestions for his wife are available from him (his journal is [info]aubreycurtis) but otherwise he is very open on the pbs for the rest of his family.
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[15 Apr 2017|04:31pm]

Meredith is the wife of the eldest son of family #1, [info]mattcurtis, she's in a poly relationship with [info]dearveronica and [info]oliverwarren, Veronica's husband.

Looking for her eldest son, and possibly one or two other children in that family.
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[15 Apr 2017|04:21pm]

Grandfather #2, Aubrey, pb John Noble.

He is married to a black woman of colour - biracial is also fine. Looking for his wife, children and grandchildren in game. I have pb suggestions for his wife, though I am open to other options, but am very open on the other characters. Though his wife is black, I wouldn't mind one son where his genes won the lottery, so for cliche reasons I'd love Jonny Lee Miller or Joshua Jackson for that role.
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[15 Apr 2017|04:13pm]
This community is for existing players and prospective players to join and seek lines. It is open membership, so anyone interested can join.
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