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Whalecome To FriendSpace!

August 2015

Hey there! Whalecome to FriendSpace! We are a Semi-AU Entertainment Roleplaying Community based upon a fictional website called 'FriendSpace' that is run by happy and friendly sea creatures that focuses on bringing members of the world together.

Now go find your friends and splash each other with happiness! Happy Splashing!

-The Happy and Friendly Whales of FriendSpace
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July 1st, 2015



I couldn't decide on a gif, so, I picked one featuring a cat. People love cats.


My hair's shorter than that now. No one can make fun of me for having emo hair. The struggle is real.

My name is Anthony Padilla and I'm the founder of Smosh. It's mostly Youtube based as far as brands go, but we have a banging website, a movie, comic book series coming out, and other cool stuff. Fun and funny stuff. Look us up.

I'm over in the Los Angeles, California, part of the US, if you're ever visiting around, give me a shoutout. I'm also a cat daddy. Which ties into this next bit.

I take way too many selfies and I am apt to use ~bad words~, so, if you're not cool with either of those, let me know now and I'll make a tiny attempt to spare your virgin eyes and or ears. I've met several of you guys before.

Head over here, to drop me a line.

Okay. I think it's time to actually start my day and get some food.

Have a good one!



Hello, people and creatures of the sea!


Hello, my name is Ian Hecox. Yes. H-E-C-O-X. Not Hecocks. Nope. Don't even dare to make a joke out of it. I am the other half of the Smosh team. I would say more about what Smosh is and what we do but Anthony (@[info]smishsmosh) had already got that covered.

Just like him, I live in Los Angeles, California in the US of A. But unlike him, I do not own a cat. I am allergic but I managed to survive living with him without dying because of said allergy. I do have a pet dog, however, which is pretty awesome. Her name is Daisy and she is my baby~ oh hey, look, that rhymed! But she is an awesome dog. She's a German Shepherd and she used to be a rescue dog. How cool is that!?

I curse a lot. And I probably say inappropriate things most of the time but yeah, tell me if you are uncomfortable with those things. I am supposedly the smarter one in this duo but sometimes, I can just be so bleh. Otherwise, I am quite nice and fun...or funny, if you will.

If you have anything fun in mind or if you just simply want to say hi, you may do so over here.

That is all. Thank you very much for your time.

I'm out!


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