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Jul. 6th, 2012


On Hiatus

Hi All,

Due to real life responsibilities and time crunch, I will need to place the Friday Creative Challenge on hiatus until further notice.

Thank you for all your contributions.


Jun. 24th, 2012


Friday Challenge Prompt: Watermelon

Ah, sorry my lovelies, due to RL interference, this week's prompt is posted late. You will get to have up until the Saturday of week after next to submit your Friday challenge. I will be more prompt in the future.

For this week, the theme is the fruit of the summer: Watermelon. Have at it!

Prompt due: Saturday, July 7

Jun. 15th, 2012


Challenge Reminder

Challenge submissions for the prompt Heat is due next Friday.

I look forward to your entries! ^_^

Jun. 8th, 2012


Friday Challenge Prompt: Heat

Well, summer is in full swing (unless you live in the southern hemisphere), and there is always one thing that you must have in summer: sweltering summer heat.

So, how do you deal with the rising temperatures. Do you stay home and turn on the AC? Do you dive in a pool to escape the heat? How about some cold drinks? This is the theme of this week's challenge, so get those creative juices flowing! ^_^

Prompt due: June 22

Jun. 1st, 2012



This is a prompt reminder that entries for the prompt Squall is due next Friday.

Happy creating! ^_^

May. 25th, 2012


Challenge Prompt: Squall

Thank you all for your lovely participation. This week's prompt continues with our summer theme: Squall.

Yes, squall. No, not that Squall, this one:

a sudden, violent gust of wind, often accompanied by rain, snow, or sleet.

For me, summer has always been about summer squalls, one minute there would be sunshine and the next a torrential storm. So this week, I'm asking you to get creative with this prompt. Let me see how you deal with summer squalls.

Prompt due: June 8, 2012.

May. 18th, 2012


Prompt Reminder

Remember, the prompt Summer is due next Friday. Happy creating!

May. 11th, 2012


Challenge Prompt: Summer

Ah, we are gradually approaching mid-May and with mid-May comes summer months. Slowly the days are growing longer, the temperature becoming warmer, and the grass ever so much greener.

What are your summer holiday traditions? Eating watermelon? Going to the beach? Staying home and playing through all the games you've been saving up? Or is summer filled with the headache of babysitting children who no longer have school to occupy them?

Go nuts, have fun, and enjoy the prompt!

Prompt due May 25th.

May. 5th, 2012


Technical Problems

Hi All,

It has come to my attention that my challenge prompt for last week has mysteriously disappeared. Taking this into account, we will restart the challenges (again) this coming Friday.

I apologize for not realizing my snaffu earlier.

Apr. 21st, 2012


Challenge Reminder

Next week is due for the prompt: Taxes.

I look forward to all your entries. :D

Apr. 13th, 2012


Challenge Prompt: Taxes

It's that time of year again, time to do taxes. So this week's challenge prompt is Taxes.

Last prompt had only one submission, so I look forward to your entries this time round. Keep participating!

Prompt due date: 4/27/12

I will post a reminder next Friday.

Apr. 7th, 2012



Prompt: April is due next week.

Hope you have your creative juices flowing. ^_^

Mar. 31st, 2012


Challenge Prompt: April

Ah, challenge issue is late! Apologies! (I've been held up in the hospital is my only excuse!)

April is almost here. There's so many things happening during this month. Spring Break. April Fools. Ridiculous amounts of tests.

So, what will you write for the start of the new month?

Prompt due date: 4/13/2012.

I will post a deadline reminder next Friday to help you keep the deadline in mind.

Mar. 16th, 2012


Challenge Prompt: Spring

As March slowly marches by (*shot*), spring is coming every so much closer. In a few more days it will officially be the first day of spring. As such, let us celebrate the coming of spring as the revival prompt for Friday Challenge.

Remember, you now have two weeks to turn in something. I look forward to your creative projects!

Mar. 14th, 2012


Friday Creative Challenge rules modification

Taking into consideration the feedback I've received so far (please continue to give feedback whenever you feel you need to in the Comments and Suggestions post), I will stop tracking progress on the community. If you feel that you would like me to start again, please leave feedback!

In addition, challenges will now be issued bi-monthly instead of weekly. This should give you two weeks to finish the challenge. As such, the deadline to finish will be returned to Friday at noon, PST two weeks from challenge posting.

The restart will begin this Friday. If you have any concerns regarding the up coming challenge, please post here.

Mar. 8th, 2012


Looking for more feedback

Since only one person is interested in the continuing of Friday Challenge, there is very little reason to restart issuing challenges. However, in the interest of keeping this community going, I'm going to put a couple of questions out there to see if there is anything I can change up to increase participation.

1. Would you be more willing to participate if challenges were issued bi-monthly instead of weekly?

2. Would you feel more comfortable participating if you could reply anonymously?

3. Would you still feel motivated to participate if there is no participation board tracking your progress?

4. Would you feel more motivated if the participation board tracks participation in a different way?

5. How do you feel about introducing a "leveling" system into the participation?

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Mar. 4th, 2012


Re-start Friday Creative Challenge?

Due to personal IRL reasons, I've had to suspend my activities in Friday Creative Challenge. However, I am now back to more regular access. Are members interested in re-starting the challenge rounds? Or have you lost interest in the past few months?

Jan. 6th, 2012



Due to pressures in real life, I will be taking a two week hiatus. Apologies and thank you for understanding.

Dec. 30th, 2011


Set 3 Prompt 4: Resolution

(Due to personal location, the next few week's prompts will come in early. However, you will still have until 12:00pm PST on Saturday to get your prompt responses in for them to count.)

It's that time of year again. Out with the old, in with the new. Time to celebrate the coming of a New Year. There will be feasting and fireworks and of course, the ever present New Year's resolutions. Will your resolutions involve participating more in the Friday Challenges?

Come one and come all, let's get this New Year started!

Dec. 23rd, 2011


Set 3 Prompt 3: Countdown

It's that time of the year. The last week of December is soon to be upon us, the New Year is soon to come and we all know what that means:

Countdown to the New Year!

This week's theme, countdown! And don't forget you have 24 hours grace period to post up last week's contributions!

May you have a fulfilling end to 2011 and a prodigious start to 2012! Mwah!

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