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Freki is a community for the members of the former Freki pack that lived in Shadow Falls. The Freki Pack is a cohesive unit in which most members get along well. The former pack Alpha, Tennyson does not stand by and allow submissive wolves to get bullied, nor does he stand for unnecessary in-fighting among pack members. The Freki Pack exists largely in a harmonious manner. They abide by the rules and do not change humans without pack permission. Most members get along, although there are the occasional skirmishes and hierarchy shifting. Following the disappearance of Tennyson, Duncan Brooks was appointed as Alpha male, and Cole Maitland as Beta. A number of pack conflicts and issues led to the dissolution of the pack. Currently, the members are reuniting with consideration of becoming a pack again.

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[04 Apr 2013|01:27pm]

Who: Lucy and Cole.
When: 4/4; Evening.
Where: Cole's room.
What: Talking. Things.
Rating/Status: G for now/Incomplete.

Sideways )

[03 Apr 2013|06:40pm]

Who: Tennyson West and Basil Hawthorne.
When: March 26th. After sunset. (Backdated!)
Where: The House. The soundproof study.
What: Tennyson needs to see Basil Change to try and figure out the problem. The Change for Basil is not pleasant.
Rating: Low.
Status: Complete.

The Change )

[27 Mar 2013|07:55pm]

Who: The Freki Pack.
When: Wednesday, March 27th. AKA the night of the full moon.
Where: Outside the house. Out back and in the woods.
What: A cook out and then a run/hunt as a pack.
Rating: Probably on the low side.
Status: OOC/IC post. It is broken into two parts - the cook out, and the run/hunt. Players can post what their characters were doing at those times so everyone knows what went on.

Full Moon Rising )

[27 Mar 2013|10:27am]

Who: Cole Maitland and Jensen Leth.
When: March 21st. Late afternoon. (Backdated!)
Where: The kitchen.
What: Cole finds Jensen the vegetarian having a stare down with a hamburger. Jensen meets another Beta. Pizza sauce is made. Talk of being werewolves.
Rating: Low.

Vegetarians don't eat hamburgers )

[25 Mar 2013|09:28pm]

Who: Tennyson West and Basil Hawthorne.
When: March 24th. Afternoon. (Backdated!)
Where: Ten’s study.
What: Lamaze. Well no. Breathing and talking about the pain. And about fancy ketchup and hot dogs.
Rating: Low.
Status: Complete.

Starting the process )

[22 Mar 2013|08:45am]

Who: Jensen Leth and Teage Anderson.
When: March 22nd. Morning.
Where: The Den.
What: Hanging out in the morning. New wolf stuff.
Rating: Low.
Status: Incomplete.

Coffee and morning TV )

[21 Mar 2013|06:46pm]

Who: Lucy, Basil, Open.
When: 3/21, late at night.
Where: Dance Studio.
Rating: G.
Status: Incomplete.

So twinkle lightly. )

[21 Mar 2013|09:36pm]

Who: Tennyson West and Basil Hawthorne.
When: Backdated to March 20th.
Where: The house. Outside.
What: Ten meets with Basil to talk about the past year. And Basil’s problem.
Rating: Low.
Status: Complete.

Worry )

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