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[31 Jul 2012|07:28pm]

who: Bryant & Jacob
what: First date
where: ????
when: Tuesday - night, 31 July, 2012

Seriously dude.. don't panic, you've been on a dozen first dates. )
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[15 Jul 2012|12:25pm]

who: Dorian & Mari.
what: Out for a drive.
where: Unknown locations, Dorian is driving.
when: Sunday, July 15, 2012.
With your feet in the air and your head on the ground... )
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[28 Jun 2012|01:28am]

who: Iain Cynwrig & Gertrude Borg
what: Moving Day for Gertrude
where: From Gertrude's to Iain's
when: 30, June, 2012

how many centuries since you've climbed a balcony )
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[22 Jun 2012|11:03pm]

Who: Piper and Gabriel
When: Saturday 23rd of June
Where: Gabe's place
What: Art stuff, hanging out, maybe smoking.

A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession )
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[20 Jun 2012|10:52am]

Who: Roxy and Gabriel
When: Wednesday 20th of June
Where: The gym and then a diner
What: Food and new found friendship

Just look and see and you will find )
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[19 Jun 2012|12:17pm]

who: Gertrude & Iain
what: Day off from coffee means sleeping in book stores.
where: Iain's shop
when: Wednesday, 20 June, 2012

Day's off are real?? )
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[19 Jun 2012|12:07pm]

who: Gina Weber & Open
what: Slow day at work.
where: Puragtory Tattoo
when: Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seriously going out of my mind here people. )
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[18 Jun 2012|06:51am]

Who: Hannah and Kaidan
What: Father daughter conversation over dinner
When: Friday the 15th
Where: Kaidan's place

There's something you should know. )
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[12 Jun 2012|02:08pm]

WHO: Austin & Marcus
WHAT: Random date/hang out/Marcus does have his own place right??
WHERE: Austin's house. (No seriously does Marcus have an apartment?)

Our four month anniversary is next week. )
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Mod Post to come in the next day or two.
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[11 May 2012|01:55pm]

Who: Summer and Thackery

What: Applying for a job

When: Friday 5-11-12 morning

Where: Animal clinic

Today was the day Summer was going to head down to the animal clinic where Thackery worked to meet with the head vet. She really wanted to get this job. Not only because it was her dream. but being closer to Thackery and sharing such a passion with him made it so much more worth it. Of course, If anything were to happen between the two of them, she would make sure it stayed outside of work and never came in with them.

She dressed nicely, but not over dressed and put her hair up in a cute pony tail. She thought it might be a good idea to take Sunshine out with her. Maybe she would be able to meet some of the other rotties that Thack had mentioned. And it was a plus that Sunshine loved him. Summer assumed it was because he was so good to both of them and his passion for animals. Dogs knew these things about humans. She grabbed the leash and tossed it into the front seat, she wouldnt be neededing it until they got there anyway, Sunshine followed Summer anywhere she went. Such a well behaved dog she was. "Come, shine!" She yelled as she held the door open for her puppy to follow. She locked up her apartment and opened the back door to let the pup in. It never worked that way though, Sunshine liked the view of the front seat and quickly upgraded. Summer laughed. "My mistake" she said as she closed the door and ran around to the drivers side.

They pulled up outside the clinic and Summer got butterflies. It was the same feeling she got when she quit Dorian's shop. Only this time happier.
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[13 Apr 2012|01:56pm]


WHO: Austin & Marcus[info]austin_slave1[info]marcusk
WHAT: Sober date
WHERE: Austin's house
WHEN: Thursday, April 12, 2012

So wanna watch Big Bang Theory or Battlestar Galactica? )
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[13 Apr 2012|01:09pm]


WHO: Angel, Lex, & Roxy [info]lex_has_angel[info]lexmckinney[info]roxyfit
WHAT: Discussing sperm donation.
WHERE: Lex & Angel's home
WHEN: Friday, April 13, 2012

Its Friday Friday.. Gonna get down on Friday! )
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[22 Mar 2012|03:51pm]

who: Cleo & Shilo
what: Pizza and Beer
when: Thursday - night, March 22,2012
where: Their new house!
So are we going to run naked around the house yelling freedom on separate days, or just the bedrooms? )
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[11 Mar 2012|12:35pm]

WHO: [info]mad_marisol & [info]dorianjadams
WHAT: Dorian is coming to replace the mirror he punched out the week before.
WHERE: Marisol's apartment
WHEN: 03/11/2012
WARNINGS: This is Dorian & Marisol.. language, fighting, drinking, and sex might all be applied at some point during this log.

Strawberries, cherries, and a Angel's kiss in spring... My summer wine is really made of all these things.. Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time, and I will give to you my Summer Wine.. )
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[08 Mar 2012|04:53pm]

Who: Summer and Thackery

What: Friday 3/09/2012

When: All day

Where: Around Casa Grande

Nice to meet you )
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[08 Mar 2012|04:07pm]

who: Marisol, Thackery, & open to any visitors to Mari's apartment.
what: No pants day & food
where: Mari's apartment
when: March 08,2012
warning: There be no pants beyond this point.

Befor entering, please be advised stains on undies are to be kept covered. Jocks do not count, neither does going commando. There will be no pants today! )
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[04 Mar 2012|11:15am]

WHO [info]lex_has_angel, [info]lexmckinney, [info]hannahkayana, & who ever else feels like showing up at their doorstep.
WHAT Hannah is getting her hair done, Lex is hanging out with the boys, and basic domestic life.
WHERE Lex & Angel's house
WHEN Sunday, March 04, 2012
Lex, did you take my Saran wrap again? I need it for her hair. )
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[02 Mar 2012|06:10pm]

WHO [info]mad_marisol & [info]dorian_j_adams
WHAT Attempting to not kill each other and discussions of parenting.
WHERE Marisol's Apartment
WHEN Friday, March 2nd, 2012

I'm pregnant. )
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[28 Feb 2012|11:11pm]

WHO: Logan and Hannah
WHAT: A real date
WHERE: Somewhere in town
WHEN: Tuesday evening 28-2-2012.

Wait... so this is a date? )
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