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Jan. 10th, 2015



WHO: 14+
WHERE: Strikes & Skates
WHAT: Disco Night
WHEN: Friday nine p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
RATING: PG and above.
NOTE: For shops that are normally open that late, feel free to close to attend if you like/work out shifts with other characters working same shops. Essential functions like medical personnel will still be available if needed. This is an IC/OOC thread, but feel free to post separate threads if you'd like to write out a complete scene (hint hint).

MAC planned a Disco Night at Strikes & Skates. She might hate her job there, but she loves planning events! You can read about Roller Disco here. The music will be 70s themed so feel free to pick upbeat music from that time period when discussing the event/writing threads/posting journals. PLEASE remember to tag your character's name when replying.

Dec. 23rd, 2014


AJ & Albus

WHO: Albus Severus & AJ Longbottom
WHAT: Um, is that mistletoe?
WHERE: The holiday party.
WHEN: Forward dated to Christmas.
STATUS: Threading

Even after a few holidays in the village, Albus felt strange not having his entire family around, but it made him appreciate those with him even more. He spent the earlier part of the day bouncing from home to home to wish everyone a Happy Christmas before popping in at the Holiday Party. He noticed how awesome the place looked immediately. He'd have to offer his help next year. He stopped to chat with a few people before heading for the food. He helped himself to a heaping plate before scanning the place for more familiar faces. He spotted AJ and made a beeline for her. "Allie!" He called over the music.

Dec. 5th, 2014



"After all, to the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."

-J.K. Rowling

.......... )

Nov. 23rd, 2014


Albus & Astoria

WHO: Albus Severus Potter & Astoria Greengrass
WHERE: His and Jamie's cottage.
WHAT: Sharing some secrets!
WHEN: Backdated to Friday afternoon.

Albus invited Astoria to his place because he wanted to talk to her about something pretty embarrassing. He needed a female's opinion (a female he wasn't related to). Isabella and Autumn had been helpful, but he didn't want to bug them. Granted, Astoria was Scorpius' mum and he loved her like a second mother at home, but here? Astoria was close to his age and had been a good friend so far. He trusted her not to laugh at him.

"So this is my room," he announced. He swept a hand around the room, which was decorated with tons of muggle superhero posters and filled to the brim with books and comics. There were also sketches and scraps of parchment everywhere. "Er, I tried to clean," he said as he stuffed some things under his bed. He smiled sheepishly. "How are you?"

Nov. 9th, 2014


Happy Birthday, James Sirius!

[backdated to 11/5]

ALBUS woke his brother up by jumping on him, BUT don't worry. He has a full breakfast from the bakery complete with candles in the muffins. James received a hand-drawn card, several DVDs, and a gift certificate to Mike's Corner.

ARTHUR visited his grandson! He got him a bunch of trinkets from Smuggled along with a better gift that Nikki promised to help him pick out :p. No, really, Jamie also got a bunch of Quidditch stuff.

REMUS gave him a sweets basket, several books, and a gift certificate to Smuggled.

With the plot, my others really wouldn't know/realize so they offer a rain-check for when they remember!

Oct. 7th, 2014


Welcome to the world, baby Elijah!

SALLY is over the moon about the baby! She was in the waiting room fussing the whole time. She kept visitors fed and checked in on Melly/Gideon often. Elijah gets plenty of knitted hats, booties, and blankets. Think of things like this. He also gets this stuffed monkey. Amelia gets a spa kit and Gideon gets his favorite baked treat. There are also several meals charmed to stay warm/fresh for a few weeks.

ARTHUR is happy to get another family member so soon! He is extra excited to meet a nephew. The baby gets this bear (I think one of mine gave Alex the same one, but there are very few things with the word ‘nephew’ on it). The happy couple get crazy things from Smuggled with the words “mum” and “dad” on them.

DRACO is super excited for his godson. He took up residence on a sofa in the waiting room. Elijah gets this bear (see note above –finding stuffed animals with “godson” is difficult too). The stuffed animal is only one of MANY toys for the baby. Amelia and Gideon get his and her rocking chairs.

REMUS popped in and out regularly until Elijah was born. Baby Prewett! The baby gets books to grow into, clothes, and toys. Remus gives Gideon/Amelia a gift certificate to the various food places so they don’t need to worry about food for a while.

ALBUS was in and out until he got the chance to finally meet his cousin! The baby gets a pint sized art set that he can grow into and a few stuffed animals like this cutie.

ERNIE will not crowd the hospital, but he will visit once the family is home. He sent some cute bibs like this one

MAC will pop in once the family gets home. The baby gets adorable outfits and Amelia gets cute nail polish with a note that Mac will help her with her nails.

[I hope the links work! I am at work for a while longer and felt badly I hadn't posted yet!]

Oct. 3rd, 2014


Happy Birthday, Arianna.

ALBUS would have liked to visit Ari on her birthday. Either way, she received this plant pot (the aqua one), seeds, and a photograph of Albus/Ari together.

REMUS also would have liked to visit! Either way, she received several books he thinks she might like along with these wind chimes. She also gets a tea and chocolate basket.

SALLY is yet another who would have liked to visit. She gave Arianna a tray of home-baked sweets and this knitted set.

MAC is the last one who wants to see her at some point around her birthday! Either way, Ari received this dress with a note they'd find use for it. She also got a gift certificate to the clothing shop.

DRACO sent a potting scoop with her name inscribed and this plaque.

Oct. 1st, 2014


Welcome to the world, baby Alex.

DRACO waited throughout the whole labor. He found a comfy spot on the couch & visited Cressida as much as she wanted (or as little). He had these flowers delivered. She also gets this locket with space inside for Alex's photograph. Charlie gets a wallet with his name stitched inside and plenty of space for photographs. Alex gets this stuffed bear (although Draco has a stock of toys for the kid that he has been collecting for ages - clear a room!)

ARTHUR was there as much as possible, but he stepped out to spend time with Bill too. Alex gets this stuffed lion. He was there to give Charlie pep talks and brought food for everyone waiting!

ERNIE wants to see Cressida/Charlie/Alex, but will wait until they get home to avoid crowding them. However, he sent this flower/balloon display along with a baby basket (the blue one).

REMUS would have visited at the hospital if allowed! Charlie, Cress, and baby get these shirts. Cress gets these flowers. Charlie gets a tea basket with LOTS of caffeinated choices.

SALLY sent a spa basket for Cressida along with several meals charmed to stay fresh for several weeks. And don't forget the booties.

MAC sent these booties and these bibs.

MIKE sent a "gift certificate" that allows Charlie/Cressida to eat free for a month and this onesie.

ALBUS is OVER THE MOON about being a godfather! He was in and out of the hospital while he waited for the baby to be born. Alex got this bear. He also got a baby appropriate art set he can grow into and baby books. Cress, Charlie, and Alex got these.



ERNIE sends these flowers along with an invitation to dinner at a place of her choosing for whenever is convenient.

REMUS sends a book of evolved defense spells past Alice's current time, a sweets & tea basket, and an invitation to lunch.

SALLY sends this knitted scarf and a tray of Alice's favorite sweet treat.

MAC sends these boots (player's choice for color) and a gift certificate to the clothing shop (and a note she needs to go shopping with Mac).

DRACO sends these flowers and a card.

ALBUS sends a sketch of Neville, Hannah, and the kids (done from a photograph), which is placed in a hand-decorated frame.

ARTHUR sends several Smuggled items that he thinks are treasures.

Sep. 25th, 2014



MIKE: Mike wants to spend time with Rolf, but would wait until Rolf got to celebrate with Luna/the boys. Rolf gets free food for the week, but also gets a wizarding equivalent of a "toolbox" designed especially for those who work with animals. Oh, and there is alcohol.

ALBUS: Albus gives Rolf another "issue" of Muttman along with this & this.

ERNIE: Ernie sends a basket of sweets and a general gift certificate.

REMUS: Remus sends a basket of assorted teas and chocolate and a gift certificate to the pet shop.

Sep. 19th, 2014


Happy birthday, Hermione!

REMUS sends Hermione several books he thinks she might like and a sweets basket.

ALBUS sends her a sketch of something she'd like (player's choice). She'll also find this little guy. The note says Al knows he took a risk with getting the pet and if she doesn't want one, he will find another home for the little kitten.

ERNIE sends a gift certificate to the book shop and a knitted hat/scarf set he purchased at the clothing shop.

MIKE sends a card and Hermione eats free at Mike's Corner for a week.

ARTHUR sends trinkets from Smuggled that he thinks are awesome, but probably really aren't. He tried!

DRACO sends these and sweets.

[Remus/Al/Ernie/Arthur would have gone to any sort of celebration for Hermione as well]

Sep. 18th, 2014


[After Alice discovers her milkshake, a cheesy star balloon and a chocolate milkshake cupcake mysteriously appear on Albus' desk next time he gets up.]


There is no reason to thank me, I enjoy celebrating your awesome with you. You're the best!


Sep. 17th, 2014


Sent to AJ

[This is waiting for Alice when she gets back to her room at the castle. It is charmed to stay fresh/chilled for 24 hours.]


Thanks for sharing the first. This one is all yours.


Sep. 16th, 2014


Owls to Family & Friends

Albus sends a copy of the graphic novel he is currently working on. If you would like to be included in this 'friends & family' ward, you are! The note says:

Dear _____,

Hello! This was my news! This isn't one of the novels that gets published (I don't think anyway) since I started it here, BUT I didn't want to share one of those with you. They don't feel like mine yet. This one? It is mine and I want you to have a copy. It is not quite finished, but that is alright.

I love you!


Sep. 4th, 2014



MAC planned a special evening for Colin. She arranged for them to spend a night at the inn on 9/4 so she could kiss him right at midnight. She wore this that night. Instead of a fancy dinner, she ordered pizza, wings, and alcohol. She gave him this cute bear along with a new fancy camera. The strap has his name on it.

DRACO hung out with Colin the night of 9/5. He brought a birthday cake, films he knows Colin likes, carry-out from Mikes, and their staple (ice cream and alcohol, thank you). Dennis definitely was invited for movies/food if he wanted (but not privy to the ice cream/alcohol fun). If Colin wanted to go out after Dennis was in bed, Draco would have done whatever he wanted (even roller skating...). ETA: I left out the actual gift, oops. Draco gave Colin this and one of these, but pretend it is all on one chain. His name is engraved on it. He also got this pillow and sugar quills.

ERNIE sent a sweets basket along with film and a photo album. The note says Ernie wants to take Colin to lunch to celebrate at Colin's convenience.

MIKE sent a card. Colin eats free at Mike's for a week.

REMUS sent a tin of biscuits and a gift certificate to Smuggled.

ALBUS sent Colin a drawing of something he'd like (player's choice) and a book detailing all sorts of photography lessons.

[unless otherwise noted, the gifts are sent 9/5]

Sep. 1st, 2014


Narrative - Albus P.

WHO: Albus Severus Potter
WHAT: Facing the future.
WHEN: Monday afternoon
WHERE: The book shop.
STATUS: Narrative

He chose September 1st for a reason. )

Aug. 31st, 2014


Who: The whole town [IC/OOC]
What: Shenanigans Grand Opening.
Where: In front of Roxy’s new store!
When: Most of Sunday.

Read more... )


Happy birthday, Astoria.

DRACO sends her cake shaped flowers as well as this birthstone bracelet. He also liked Cressida's idea so let's say that is planned for sometime this week. He'd try to stop by at some point (he knows the shower is also today).

ALBUS drew/painted a picture of something that would mean something to Astoria (player choice) and also gave her these balloons. He'd try to stop by some point today for a hug.

ERNIE sends her a gift certificate to the clothing shop, several books, and these flowers. He invites her to dinner at her convenience.

ARTHUR sends some items from Smuggled. Think batteries, small toy robots, etc. He thinks they are awesome...

REMUS sends a sweets basket and gift certificate to the book shop.

MAC sends her several outfits from here (player can pick) (disclaimer: I didn't make this one).

Aug. 23rd, 2014


Dinner party - Al Potter & Regulus Black

WHO: Albus Potter & open until filled Regulus Black
WHAT: Enjoying the party.
WHERE: Malfoy gardens.

It would be a dream come true. )

Aug. 20th, 2014


Prank Plot - Albus Potter

Prank Summary )

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